How to Install macOS Sierra on PC?

How to install macOS Sierra on PC

In this article, I’m going to show you how to install macOS Sierra on PC. Finally, Apple has just released the final version of macOS Sierra 10.12 on 20th September. So due to this, it took the time to manage this article. Installing a Mac operating system on PC is actually hard and is not working on all devices. Every company has its own device settings. So the settings are not the same. If you follow this article very carefully, again you might have to face any problem during installation. Because all Laptops or desktops are not the same. In our today’s topic, I’m going to install macOS Sierra Hackintosh on PC on Lenovo Laptop.

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Install macOS Sierra on PC

To Install macOS Sierra on PC, you should have macOS Sierra 10.12 final version or beta version. Now, I can’t give the link of the dmg file, but you can easily google search and find the dmg file. Also, it is free on the App Store, follow step 1 to download and create a macOS Sierra USB installer. All you have to download follow all the steps mentioned below to install macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC.

Step #1. Create Bootable USB Installer For macOS Sierra

In this step, you have to download and create a bootable USB installer for macOS Sierra using UniBeast on Macbook or create bootable USB Installer on Windows. This step will help you to Boot with the USB installer and create a partition for mac and finally installs the Mac from the USB Installer to OS X Extended (Journaled) partition. It’s a bit long, so due to this, we have managed 2 articles and different methods for it check the articles and follow step by step the article to bootable create USB Installer.

Step #2. Setup Parts of Your Motherboard’s BIOS or UEFI

Now after downloading and creating bootable USB installer for macOS Sierra. Then here you will need to setup parts of your motherboard’s BIOS or UEFI. This step will let and make the USB installer to boot into clover menu. It’s so important to do this step correctly and carefully because if no then without doing this stuffs, you won’t be able to go forward and make a Hackintosh macOS Sierra 10.12.

#1. Press the BIOS Menu Button from your keyboard(F12, F10, F8, F2) depending on your system if can’t find then do a google search or comment as below your systems details. For Lenovo laptops, press Novo button or one key recovery then select BIOS Setup and hit enter from your keyboard.

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

BIOS Setup

#2. Now from BIOS, Set The SATA Controller Mode to (AHCI).

How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC - macOS Sierra PC

SATA Controller Mode

#3. Then Go to Boot Label and Set the Boot Mode to (Legacy Support) and Set the Boot Priority to (UEFI First).

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

Boot UEFI Mode

#4. Then Exit and Save Changes.

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra PC

Exit Saving Changes

Note: This works great on Lenovo based Computer. And this may not work for any other systems. So due to this, we highly recommend you to do the below guides for your system.

  1. Load Optimized Defaults
  2. Set The SATA Controller Mode to AHCI
  3. Set the Boot Priority to UEFI
  4. Set OS Type to Other OS
  5. If your CPU supports VT-d, disable it
  6. If your system has CFG-Lock, disable it
  7. If your system has Secure Boot Mode, disable it
  8. If you have a six series or x58 system with AWARD BIOS, disable USB 3.0
  9. Save and exit.
  10. If your system didn’t boot automatically, then go to Boot Manager and select the Bootable USB Installer that you create in step 1, Manually.
How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

Boot From EFI USB Device

Step #3. Boot into Bootable USB Installer of macOS Sierra 10.12

After you get into Clover Menu then if your system has full intel supported then select the Bootable USB Installer. But if that didn’t work, then you need to enter boot flag for your system to boot into USB Installer. If you have trouble to boot from USB Installer, then comment us your problem below in the comment section and also check this article, to know how to boot correctly.

Now from Clover boot menu, select the bootable USB Installer (External) and hit enter.

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

Boot From USB Installer

Step #4. Choose Your Language for macOS Sierra

After Booting successfully with the boot flag or without then, the USB installer should take you to Language chooser page, select your Language for macOS Sierra and click on the Arrow button to go forward.

Step #5. Create Partition For macOS Sierra with Disk Utility

So after you have chosen your language, then you should partition the disk for macOS Sierra. This step will help you to install macOS Sierra from the USB installer to the drive that you are going to create in this step.

#1. To partition the Disk for Mac OS. Now click on Utilities > Disk Utility.

How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC - macOS Sierra PC

Utilities Disk Utility

#2. Now select your free hard disk drive and click on Erase tab. Be sure to select a free empty partition the partition is going to be clean and formatted for macOS Sierra.

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

Erase Free Disk

#3. Name the disk then choose the format to “OS X Extended (Journaled) “ and click on Erase button. If you are partition the entire hard disk, then be sure to select the Schema to “GUID Partition Map”.  Then your hard disk or drive will be cleaned and partition to OS X Extended Journaled.

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

Erase Free Partition Drive

#4. Make yourself sure that you get the message that erasing disk process completed successfully. Click Done and close disk utility. If you faced any kind of errors, then I highly recommend you to visit the link below.

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

Erase Process Completed

Step #6. Install macOS Sierra on Created Partition

#1. To set up the installation of macOS, Click Continue.

How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC - macOS Sierra PC

Setup the Installation of macOS Sierra

#2. Now click Continue then click Agree the I have read and agreed to the terms of software license agreement.

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

Agree to the terms of the Software License Agreement

#3. On the Install macOS page, select the partition that you created for macOS Sierra while partitioning for macOS and finally click Continue.

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

Install macOS on…

#4. Now, wait for USB Installer to Install macOS Sierra from it to the disk that you selected. It will take some time to complete, depending on your system. After it is completed, then it will restarts after 10 seconds automatically.

How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC - macOS Sierra PC

Restart to Complete the Installation of macOS Sierra on Mac HD

Step #7. Boot into macOS Sierra Partition or Disk (HFS)

When your computer rebooted, then it must automatically take you to USB installer clover menu. If no then boot yourself from Boot manager the EFI USB installer that created in step 1. After that on the clover menu, don’t make any changes because it will automatically boot into the disk that Mac OS is newly installed. If no then select HFS disk icon that named your Mac HD and hit enter from your keyboard.

How to Install macOS Sierra on PC - macOS Sierra 10.12

Boot From Mac HD

Step #8. Perform a clean Installation of macOS Sierra

Now in the previous steps, if you have installed macOS Sierra from the USB Installer to the partition that you created for macOS Sierra 10.12, then after booting from that partition that macOS Sierra is installed on it. Here it’s time to set up and performing a clean installation of macOS Sierra. Well, we have another article also this for further information visit the link below to perform a clean installation of macOS Sierra or keep following this article below to perform a clean installation of macOS Sierra.

#1. Choose your Country and click Continue.

Perform a clean Installation of macOS Sierra

Choose Language

#2. Choose a keyboard Layout and click on Continue.

Perform a clean Installation of macOS Sierra

Select Your Keyboard

#3. Now select your method to transfer information to this mac and click on Continue.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC Using UniBeast?

Transfer information to this Mac

#4. Enable location services and click on Continue.

How to Dual boot Windows 10 and Mac OS X El Capitan on PC ?

Diagnostics & Usage

#5. In this step, you have to Sign in with your Apple ID. If you have one, then create a free Apple ID to the article, how to create an Apple ID on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. If you don’t want to sign in with Apple ID or don’t want to create Apple ID, then Choose Don’t Sign in and Click on Continue.

#6. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.

How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC - macOS Sierra PC

Agree to Terms and Conditions

#7. Fill out the Full name,  Account name, Password, Hint and check the box of Set time zone based on Current location. Then finally click on Continue to create your user account for macOS Sierra, that will be installed on your PC.

How to Install macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC - macOS Sierra PC

Create a Computer Account Hackintosh

#8. Select the options for Diagnostics & usage and click on Continue.

#9. Wait a little while to Setting Up Your Mac. Then it will run to the desktop of macOS Sierra.

Finish Installation of macOS Sierra

After performing a clean installation and Set upping your macOS Sierra on PC then you should see your final result that, macOS Sierra has successfully installed on PC and enjoy macOS Sierra 10.12 on PC.

macOS Sierra 10.12 installed on PC - macOS Sierra PC

macOS Sierra Installed on PC

Post Installation of macOS Sierra

So now if you have successfully installed macOS Sierra on PC then you might face some problems after the installation, like sound and Wi-Fi isn’t working, no internet connection and the most important that, if you are unable to boot into macOS Sierra that is installed on your PC without the USB Installer then you need a post installation. Follow the article below, step by step.

If you want to get notified about the post installation of macOS Sierra full step by step guides and other upcoming articles to solve error while installing macOS Sierra on PC then just enter your email address below and get notified. Thanks for being with us.

This was all about, how to Install macOS Sierra on PC. If you faced any problem, tell us below by comment, feel free to tell us. We’re waiting for your suggestion.

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    My specs are:
    CPU: Intel i7 – 7700HQ
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    1. blankFaiz Orz Reply

      Apple ID might not work on the Hackintosh until you fix it. If it works then no, it will not create any issue. Yes, you can buy apps from AppStore, but first, you need to make it work with Apple ID.

  12. blankDennis Johnston Reply

    Hi, I followed the guide you had on youtube to install sierra on my hp laptop. I got it running and di an upgrade but now the pc boots and stays at the apple loading screen at 60 percent. Any suggestions?

  13. blankYash Reply

    I have a Core 2 Duo CPU and I’m getting this error –
    mac OS version not yet set n all.
    And I know Core 2 Duo is supported because I saw people installing sierra on this cpu.
    Please Help !

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    Why did you block me from your site?
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    First I want to Big Thanks for this source.. But I have a problem; I watched your youtube video and made same things. “except Congif file.. (I didn’t understand)”
    When I was boot from UEFI USB disk and selected “Boot from Mac OS X from USB” shows apple logo and restart laptop and same boot screen open..

    My Laptop is HP 15-ab110na..
    AMD A8 CPU with R5 GPU
    8GB RAM

    Thanks again..

      1. blankSinan

        No.. I didn’t understand that.. which is suitable for my configuration?? And where can I find that??

      2. blankSinan

        My Laptop is HP 15-ab110na..
        Processor: AMD A8-7410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.2GHz
        Memory: 8192MB RAM
        GPU: AMD Radeon(TM) R5 Graphics
        Sound: Speaker/HP (Realtek High Definition Audio)

        Do you need any things other??

      3. blankFaiz Orz

        Give a try to AMD Legacy, but I am not sure it will work on your laptop because it’s AMD and most of AMD systems aren’t supported by Apple, and it will not function without a kernel panic.

  18. blankIlyas Reply

    Hello I am using dell 5537 with c i5 4th gen
    with intel HD 4400 graphic integrated and Amd HD8670M dedicated
    None of my graphic is working with mac os sierra
    and wifi and audio also not working
    what should I do, please help me

  19. blankVem Reply

    i am using HP 240 Notebook Laptop. Through BIOS i am not able change SATA control mode to AHCI. but there no progress after boot through UniBeast Boot Loader. it just showing APPLE log

    1. blankFaiz Orz Reply

      The BIOS Settings seems okay but Have your placed your system config.plist file to your USB Installer? If no then do it because it will help to boot without errors.

  20. blankPari Reply

    what is the reason for the errors :
    * thread 0 crashed
    * mac os not yet set

    this happens after i boot mac os sierra from clover

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  22. blankDjuken Reply

    I have successfully installed everything but i have one issue. When i connect hdmi TV the sound does not works. In sound preferences i can see 4nos of digital-out(hdmi) and the speaker which is built-in to my laptop. Is the repeated devices the cause of this issue? How can i remove all those?

  23. blankAlex Reply

    Alohas to y’all..
    I would like to ask a question of Mukthar or Faiz. Can Sierra be installed on a Evga x99 FTK W with a 6850k and a gtx 1070 gpu?
    I have made the external usb exactly as stipulated yet get syuck on install from choices efi or sierra. Any response is appreciated. Thank you.

  24. blankAmit Reply

    It is stuck in black screen showing some text lines like
    Windows in uptime (in nanoseconds)
    Mac os version
    And syuff like.this

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    Hi folks. I’m trying to install on a HP Envy 700-410P. I5 Gen 4 ivy bridge. Stock graphics. Did the bios config, and tried the Nv_disable option, and it just comes back to the Clover screen.

    I did see some info on config files, but do not have access to a Mac. I used Win32 Disk imager to create the image on a USB drive. Anyone else out there have any success with this hardware I wonder? Am I stuck without access to a Mac?

      1. blankPixelriffic

        I do appreciate the response. After giving up on trying the image posted earlier in this thread, I spent an afternoon on Virtualbox, following a couple of different howtos, and never could get the virtual machine to boot Snow Leopard. I may have access to an old Mac Mini at some point. Might just wait for that.

        I said incorrectly said Ivy Bridge in my post, but on further inspection this HP appears to be a Haswell, with a H87 chipset and Intel 4600 graphics. Has anyone been successful with one of these or similar?

    1. blankFaiz Orz Reply

      Yeah, you can use this. First, you need to Download this and Win32DiskImager to create macOS Bootable USB Installer. Watch the full video tutorial on our Youtube channel:
      UPDATE: Sorry, the links are removed from YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. blankFaiz Orz Reply

      No, definitely you will not lose your laptop. If you failed to install macOS Sierra on your notebook then all you need to reinstall Windows again, and it will be normal.

  27. blankanimroy Reply

    Google drive link not working…
    I have ideapad 100 with core i3 and 4gb ram..
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  28. blankEthkay Reply

    Hello, all I’m getting after choosing boot from usb is two lines of text and ++++++++ line, then nothing happens, can’t get to step, where i can choose language
    Specs of my thinkpad edge e540 are
    i5-4210M @2,6GHz
    8gb of ram

      1. blankEthkay

        I tried different ways, creating bootable usb from Mac OS or on windows 10 (as mentioned in the beginning of this article) and with win32diskimager.
        My laptop won’t boot from installer, while desktop pc boots fine.

      2. blankFaiz Orz

        Have you placed your system config.plist file to your USB Installer? If yes then change the config.plist file and try another one.

  29. blankZarvis Reply

    I couldn’t proceed after selecting on clover.
    I got a ‘panic’ debugger.
    And the screen frozed with those few lines showing some return address.

  30. blankKirito Reply

    So I did everything right, but after the 10 the computer restarts and the new OS doesn’t not showed up, it only show me the USB and the clover thing.

  31. blankArkros Reply

    Hi, I’m facing a problem:
    After booting to Clover and trying to install Mac OS I get a bunch of code and after that​ it reboots to Windows. Of course I used a correct config.plist and used a nv.disable=1 and -v boot flags and it doesn’t work.
    My laptop specification:
    Lenovo IdeaPad 100 15-IBD
    Intel Core i3-5005U
    Intel HD 5500/Nvidia GeForce 920M
    BIOS setup was configed earlier, so there was nothing to change.
    I used the raw file from install from Windows machine.
    I hope for quick reply.

  32. blankmilad Reply

    hi and thanks a lot for your toturial
    i have the same issue that past comment says
    i have to use uefi with csm
    then in clover menu i can chose the boot from installer option but after that i facing lots of lines that end whit
    (( using 64-bit (smth) cache ))

  33. blankKhoa Nguyễn Reply

    Hi, I follow your instruction, however, I can’t get to the boot screen because I was stuck at the black screen with lines of code. Can you recommend me the boot flag should I get?

  34. blankKhoa Nguyen Reply

    Hi, I’m not able to boot the OS.

    it was appeared the +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    and then it popped many lines of code on a black screen, then it just stay like that forever.

    When I choose boot mode to legacy, it doesn’t even appear the clover. I have to choose UEFI with CSM to boot into the Clover. But neither way can walk me to the Apple logo.

      1. blankVaibhav

        OK so i tried but whenever i boot i’m stuck at system uptime in nanoseconds.
        i tried several methods and several boot flags but nothing seems to help
        Please help

  35. blankKim Chinh Reply

    I need your help . What happened to my toshiba satellite laptop.
    When I begin boot from bootable USB mac , screen stopped here and showed :
    ” can’t perform kext scan : no kext summarry
    Bsd process name corresponding to current thread : unknown
    Mac OS version :
    Not yet set …

    Please help me to go next step . Thank you very much.

  36. blankamol Reply


    ill try this method (Boot with Nv_disable=1 -v boot flags ) but cant go-ahead system stucking on +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ this position.

    what can i do?

    please help…

    1. blankHarkaran Singh Reply

      i request you to check bios again as ur cpu is 6th gen
      and please use only one raam stick.
      if still problem presist
      install via intel hd files and install nvidia files from their website and then plug your monitor to nvidia port. until till you complete setup use intel hd port

  37. blankamol Reply


    cant install macosx sierra stucking apple logo.

    my new pc configration
    intel i7 6800k 6 core
    gigabyte x99 sli motherboard
    ddr 4 2133 kingston 32gb ram
    nvidia gtx 960 ddr5 2gb gfx
    250 a data ssd
    cooler master smps 600watt

    is it compatible for mac os sierra

    please help me to sort out the problem

    thank you.

  38. blankkram Reply

    Hi cant proceed to installing MC OS Sierra.
    followed steps carefully and copied the correct

    please help, here’s my laptop spec:

    LENOVO g40-80

    CPU Type
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz

    *Intel HD Graphics 5500

    Graphics Chipset
    AMD Radeon R5 M230

    Installed memory: 8GB

  39. blankBernod Reply

    Hi, i´m trying to install at levovo yoga 2 pro with intel i7, intel hd4400 and ssd.
    but the efi install / boot stops at “prevent idle sleep list: IOdisplayWrangler+ (1)… .. i cant deactivate usb sleep in bios..
    can you help?

    1. blankFaiz Orz Reply

      No, it will not if you install it on empty partition or drive but if you select the whole hard drive and select clean then Yes defiantly it will delete all the DATA.

  40. blankKyle G Reply

    Everytime i try and put in a config file. Nothing happens, all i get is a black screen and +++++++++++++++++++++++++. I’ve tried all of the Intel HD graphics that are given in the RAR file but none of them seem to work. Im pretty sure its the fact i’m running 7th gen processing with Intel HD 620 graphics. I googled the config file for it but got nothing, Help please!

      1. blankjobanpreet singh

        Actually im using config.plist for 5500 nd already tried many boot flags but didnt succeed. Dont know what to do .

      2. blankjobanpreet singh

        Actually i had created a new config.plist by micing some old configs and it works great for me but now i cant use my keyboard and mouse after installing some drivers using multibeast.

  41. blankLeland Kinney Reply

    The when I just read a blog, I really hope it doesnt disappoint me approximately this place. Get real, Yes, it was my choice to read, but I just thought youd have some thing intriguing to express. All I hear can be a couple of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy interested in attention.

  42. blankBricco Reply

    i’m stuck at point #3 after i choose the keyboard layout he ask me for internet connection and ask me to set up manually ip adress DNS submask ecc , i entered the right values and he restart every time….Any idea?

  43. blankHarkaran Singh Reply

    Hello Sir,
    I want to install it on my system
    my hardware is
    Intel i7 4790K
    Motherboard – Z-97-A Asus
    16GB Corsair DDR3
    Nvidia – GTX 760
    the main consern is that which file should i select inside Pacote de as i am confused in nvidia gen1 gen2 and legecy
    Thanks for this awesome work.

      1. blankHarkaran Singh

        Update : Successfully Installed OS.
        Used Gen 1 Nvidia.

        Thank You
        Everything is working just my sound card asus xonar ds 7.1 is not working
        how can i fix it any help

  44. blankYupingSu Reply

    hello, my laptop is acer 4752g, and i folow your steps, finish installing osx, and then the first reboot, my laptop only shows Acer logo, and can’t start the OS. the i move away USB disk, and shutdown my laptop by power button, and start the laptop again, just show Acer logo and can’t start the OS. and i try to check BIOS setting, find that can’t log in the BIOS sheet. what can i do now?

  45. blankThijss96 Reply


    After installation I get stuck on the apple logo shredded horizontally. I got this when installing from USB but this disappeared after 30 sec. I am able to boot with -v and -s but it crashes after the internet setting. Any help?

      1. blankThijss96

        I don’t know if clover is installed on harddisk because when I leave BIOS in legacy I can only boot when the USB is connected. I did no clean installation and no post installation. Also, I did not use any boot flags when installing from USB boot (except for the ones which were already turned on)

      2. blankThijss96

        Besides that, when in safe mode: I’m not getting the usual clean installation. It moves to WiFi/Ethernet settings after keyboard settings, instead of transfer.

  46. blankThijs Steijaert Reply

    Hi! Please some help!

    I’ve been busy for 3 days with this and now I have come to the poijt where I succesfully installed from USB. But when booting the installed mac OS it gets stuck at an odd screen. The apple logo with the loading bar is schredded horizontally. This happend for a few seconds when booting from USB.


    Acer Aspire E1-531
    Intel Pentium
    Intel HD Graphics (using HD3000, 7 series, 1366/768 config.plist)

    So much thanks in advance

    1. blankFaiz Orz Reply

      Hello dear, So in this cause boot with the same bootable USB and boot flag that you used while installing macOS. But this on clover screen use the same options and select macOS disk and go ahead.

  47. blankVince Nicollo Arcega Reply

    I already created a bootable usb from windows 10. The first thing is I don’t know what to choose from hd 5000 etc from notebooks, I have Intel HD 400 soyears I choose hd 520 530 540 because it says there that I need to choose below from the numbers. Second is when I boot into the EFI USB Device, my laptop just stuck in Lenovo logo. I dont know what to do.

      1. blankVince Nicollo Arcega

        Intel® Celeron® N3710 Processor
        Operating System
        Windows 10 Home
        Integrated Intel® HD Graphics (HD 400)
        2GB DDR3

  48. blankOsama Usmani Reply

    Hi, i follow your steps and successfully installed macOS Sieraa on my Laptop but my Ethernet and Wifi is not working. MY Laptop Details
    Haier 7G-5H
    i3-1.7 GHZ
    4 GB RAM
    LAN : Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller (RTL8168)
    WIFI : Realtek RTL8188E Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC (RTWlanE)
    Please guide me to fix them.

  49. blankSanjay Soni Reply

    hello sir,
    i have some confusions like,
    How i can use macOS and my older windows10
    at same time. and
    after install macOS how use my Windows10 files and data.

      1. blankSanjay Soni

        About my pc
        RAM 4BG
        HD 500GB
        Intel core i3 proccesor
        2GB NVIDA GEFORCE graphics.

        My question is affter the doual Boot windows10 and macOS, how will be performance of computer?
        Will It became slower?

  50. blankMing Reply

    Can you please explain clear about Boot flags?
    Which option should I selected?

    Processor Intel Core i5-6500T Quad-Core
    Base Clock Speed 2.5 GHz
    Max Boost Speed 3.1 GHz
    L3 Cache 6 MB
    System Bus 8 GT/s Direct Media Interface
    Chipset Socket: LGA 1151
    Type: Intel Q170
    Memory Slots 2 x SO-DIMM 260-Pin
    Memory Installed: 8 GB
    Capacity: 32 GB
    Memory Type 1 x 8 GB PC4-17000 2133 MHz DDR4 SDRAM
    Graphics Type Integrated
    Graphics Card Intel HD Graphics 530

  51. blankMing Reply

    I have problem install macos. I choose Boot Mac OS X from install macOS Sierra, then text scroll down, after that it will go back to clover menu again. it keep doing over and over again.

  52. blankKaran singh Reply

    Do i have to erase my whole hardisk to install sierra ?
    becuase currently i have windows 10 and my personal files in my hardisk , i have 5 partitions , 1 partition is free and have 100gb , can i install it there , without loosing my windows 10 and data ?

    1. blankMukhtar Jafari Post author Reply

      Yeah, you can install it on that drive. But one thing you should now that your USB flash drive should be MBR or UEFI.
      For example: If you have installed Windows 10 with Legacy Bootable USB then your mac USB should the the same legacy. Otherwise, it will not work.

  53. blankjoko Reply

    hallo sir,, help me…
    i have HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-p245ne
    i installed but i cannot boot without usb boot sierra..i try install uefi or legacy boot loader but nothing . and sir can u help to choose proper driver for my lap please.. tq..

  54. blankMilan Kathiriya Reply

    Hey, I do as given instructions..
    Mac OS Sierra successfully installed..
    But audio, ethernet, wi-fi not working… I do twice and thrice and so on as per instructions but nothing happens..
    Also after first restart usb detection also cant works..
    Plz help

  55. blankBlueflame Reply


    I follow your instructions and get clover to boot. A bunch of text comes up and then it goes into a gray or white screen.

    Board GA-H55-USB3
    I5 650.

    Used the HD4000 and the HD4600 with no success. Any idea?

  56. blankCristian Lobos Reply

    Hey! I’ve been giving it a try to this method, and it works fine for me when i create the USB installer (I made it on a MacBook Pro, with UniBeast software), but when I try to boot on a PC Laptop (a Sony Vaio STV line) it loads the Clover Boot Menu, but it gets stuck while booting the USB, the screen fades to black, and doesn’t show more; anyway I connect an external display through HDMI, and it show some distorted image… do you think that maybe there’s something wrong on the USB drive, or it could be some incompatibility with the laptop? Thanks a lot in advance for your assistance!

  57. blankRICHARD Reply

    INTEL I7 5500U W/ IHD5500


  58. blankSina Reply

    hellooo.i have an asus k56cb laptop with intel integrated hd4000 and nvidia gt640m gpu. i made a usb installer with the windows 10 method and set the bios settings but when i boot the usb i get a black screen. i mean the clover doesnt load so. i tried with different config.plist but it didnt work. what should i do now?

    1. blankMukhtar Jafari Post author Reply

      Hey dear Sina,
      I think the problem is with the USB Installer, it didn’t bootable correctly. Try again and watch the video tutorial carefully, if didn’t work then let me know.

      1. blankSina

        I tried searching and troubleshooting for 2-3 weeks , and didn’t find anything useful. I think its related to the boot and it cannot boot so the black screen appears. I taught myself the clover stuff and now I know a lot. as I don’t have access to any mac I used the cloud clover configurator to edit clover. I put some boot flags and checked many options but still the black screen comes up. I got a debug from it and I see nothing bad in it but there is a line that says resolution 1366×768 not found. I made the installer again for few times with usb3 device but still the black screen. sorry for long comment and taking your time. whats your suggestion?

      2. blankHamza

        I have an Asys s46 laptop which pretty much same as yours except that it has nvidia 740m instead of 640m. Were you able to install mac os successfully in your machine?

  59. blankWateen Reply

    I have successfully installed…

    I faced problem at first like the efi drive wasn’t showing in windows due to which i wasn’t able to replace config.plist file so i used an ubuntu vm to open the efi drive and replace the config.plist for my system nvidia gen 2 now only post installation issues remain like wifi and ethernet not working

    i thank all the wikigain team for putting this awesome easy to use guide….

    keep doing the awesome work.

  60. blankBill Reply

    I have succesfully installed macOS Sierra and I have installed the ‘Customac’ tools (I also tried ). I opened my system settings and although all the .kext extensions are installed, they are not loaded (when it comes to Network extensions). Basically everything works well except for Ethernet / Wifi. Also, I have to boot using the USB stick. Without it I get a grub error saying ‘Unknown Filesystem’. Contact me for logs etc. I used the Nvidia Gen2 config for my GeForce 840M card and here is a link for my laptop specs; (scroll down for the specs).

  61. blankWateen Reply

    Cannot Boot Install macOS Sierra from clover boot menu get the following error
    OsxAptionFixDrv: Starting overrides for System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi
    using reloc block:yes , hibernate wake: no

    I have download the raw file you have provided and used the Windows 10 usb creation method

    My System is a dell inspiron 3542 laptop with the following specs
    i5-4 gen 1.70
    4 gb ram
    intel 4400 graphics
    nvidia gtx820m 2gb

    please help me out

      1. blankFaiz Orz

        In disk management right-click on the USB EFI partition and select Change Drive Letter and path then go ahead to add a letter to be shown in the Windows.

  62. blankJohn Q Reply

    I’m running a Lenovo Thinkpad e570, AHCI isn’t showing up in BIOS. There’s no option for changing the SATA controller. I get Clover to open, but when I attempt to install Mac OSX from Clover, I get stuck on a screen that ends with a bunch of “+”. Please help, i’ve been trying to figure it out.

      1. blankJohn Q

        I have used three methods to create the bootable USB, unibeast, following terminal code, and transmac. Unfortunately with these, I always get stuck at apple boot logo, after clover GUI. I get this message, “osxaptiofixdrv: starting overrides for system\library\coreservices\boot.efi
        Using reloc block: yes, hibernate wake: no

      2. blanknico

        I have the same problem. I also tried to use a newer version of Clover, but no changes. What can I do?

      1. blankChris

        My SSD will not show in disk utility. No options for AHCI in UEFI. Turned everything else off that was explained.

  63. blankChris Reply


    Yes I put the 5xx one in the USB installer. I even made unalocated space on my ssd for free space but still can’t find my ssd. Can see the USB no problem. 🙁

    I have a dell tablet PC 7275.

      1. blankChris

        This is where I’m stuck at

        I have half my ssd in Windows disk partition manager left the free space unalocated. Do I need to put that free space as a partition in windows disk manager and then install Mac OS

      2. blankFaiz Orz

        yes it should look like that. Use this article to know how to create new drive:
        Okay once do this if you still having the same problem then you need to apply this to your BIOS:
        – If your system has USB deep sleep disabled it.
        – Set the SATA Controller Mode to AHCI
        – USB Boot is Enabled
        – UEFI Boot is enabled
        – Enable Legacy Boot but set the Boot Priority to UEFI first
        – If your CPU supports VT-d, disable it
        – If your system has CFG-Lock, disable it
        – If your system has Secure Boot, disable it
        – Set OS Type to Other OS
        – If your system has IO SerialPort, disable it
        – Set XHCI Handoff to Enabled
        – If you have a 6 series or x58 system with AWARD BIOS, disable USB 3.0
        – Save and exit.

      3. blankChris

        I don’t have the exFat only fat32 and the one I have done.

        Also there is no sata controller in my UEFI to change to AHCI it is that system as default.

        I have a dell latitude 7275 it’s like surface pro.

        So annoying that it can find the USB plugged in but not my ssd

      4. blankFaiz Orz

        Hey dear Chris,
        I faced the same problem once when I have forgotten to set the SAta controller mode to AHCI when I enable AHCI then the problem solved. If you don’t have the Sata Controller then make you sure you set this options on your BIOS UEFI:
        1. Access BIOS/UEFI Setup.
        2. Load Optimized Defaults
        3. If your CPU supports VT-d, disable it
        4. If your system has CFG-Lock, disable it
        5. If your system has Secure Boot Mode, disable it
        6. Set OS Type to Other OS
        7. If your system has IO SerialPort, disable it
        8. Set XHCI Handoff to Enabled
        9. If you have a 6 series or x58 system with AWARD BIOS, disable USB 3.0
        10. Save and exit.

      5. blankChris

        I will try, I have looked through the UEFI numerous times as I had difficulty with the legacy side of it. But will look again for these options (which I don’t remember seeing) if these are not in my UEFI then what can I do? Is there other ways to load maybe an older version I know I tried “trans something” and that wasn’t working either.

        Ps thanks for your time

      6. blankChris

        Would this be in all UEFI’s and bios regardless of what machine? Or is there cases where these options are not there.

    1. blankChris Reply

      Got it booting and ready to install but it is not finding my internal ssd.

      I have no option for ahci in my bios.

      Using dell 7275 help please

      1. blankFaiz Orz

        Hey, have you placed your system config.plist to your USB Installer? If you didn’t then do it because it will help your to boot without any issue.

  64. blankJan Novák Reply

    Hello, Faiz Orz,
    thanks for your tutorial, but I have a problem.
    When I finish installation (it tells me, that it’ll reboot in 10sec) then computer restarts and nothing has changed! It boots up the USB and I’m looking for installation like I’d be at the beginning. I can do this over and over again.
    What do I have to do please? 🙁
    Thanks, have a nice day!

      1. blankJan Novák

        First: Thank you for your time!!
        Second: Yea, that’s a problem. I can describe my work…
        1. I finish installation, restart PC
        2. It automatically boots me up into the CLOVER menu
        3. BUT I have here only these options: Boot Mac OS X from install macOS Sierra, Boot CLover from EFI, Boot windows from legacy HD 1, Boot windows from legacy HD , Boot windows from legacy HD 2 (yes, same again).
        So that’s it. I don’t have here any option to boot installed system (except windows on my SSD).

        Btw.: When I boot that drive, where I have installed MacOS directly from my computer bootmenu, there is: No System detected on this HD.

        What am I doing wrong? 🙁 thanks again for your help and time!

      2. blankJan Novák

        ok, nevermind, i solved it out. I just had to clean whole disk again and formate it.
        And I’m in OS NOW!!! Yeah!
        Now the hard part… nVidia GTX970 drivers and Realtek® ALC1150 codec drivers don’t work.
        I’m just sitting here and trying everything I see on the internet to get these fixed.
        Could we please communicate through e-mail, if you hava a time for me? I would be really happy, if I could get it 100% working.

      3. blankFaiz Orz

        Hello dear Jan Novak,
        First Let me know the following question then I can guess what’s wrong.
        Did you partition your Entire Disk or a single volume?
        If you partition the entire disk did you select the Schema GUID partition map?(Disk Utility)
        Also, how did you Create your USB Installer?
        From your Computer BIOS, the Sata Controller Must be set to “AHCI”

  65. blankUday Reply

    Hi I am trying to install it on Acer ES 15 Core i3 6th Gen laptop . The Bios is default AHCI mode and I changed the boot format to Legacy. When I tried to boot it using USB it doesn’t run I am getting a screen which is similar as Bios screen and it has few options
    2)Select Language
    3)Boot Manager
    4) Device Manager
    5) Boot Maintanence manager.

    I tried to do few things i checked all the options but it doesn’t start installing OS. Can you please reply me and help me with it

      1. blankUday

        I used Unibeast to make USB bootable.
        I already tried it on PC which worked fine. Now when I am trying to Install it on Laptop I am getting the above error

  66. blankReuben Ng Reply

    Please Help! I’ve managed to boot into clover and start mac OS Sierra installer from the bootable USB. But once i get to the disk utility, it is not detecting my Internal hard drive. Only detecting my USB bootable stick. I have already partition out an empty drive from my main drive but still nothing. Please help me! Below are my notebook specs:

    HP Pavillion dv6 Notebook
    Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-3630QM CPU 2.40 GHZ
    8GB RAM
    NVIDIA GEForce GT 630M – 2GB

      1. blankReuben Ng

        I have checked all the options in BIOS including the hard drive but the options are very different from the Lenovo in your video. There is no SATA but only to switched which drive to boot first..please help.

      2. blankReuben Ng

        Hi, made some search on Google and found out that my laptop is ACHI enabled by default. If this is the case, why my internal drive not appearing on mac disk utility? Any ideas?

      3. blankReuben Ng

        I made some search on Google and found out that my laptop is ACHI enabled by default. So why my internal drive not appearing in mac disk utility? Any ideas?

      4. blankUday

        Hi I too was facing this issue previously. I solved this by deleting the drive completely I mean it should not be an active partition keep it has unallocated drive. Previously I was using Ubuntu on that drive so to make it unalloacted I tried to install Windows OS and during Hard drive partition I have deleted the drive and cancelled the installation and then started installing MAC OS. Hope this helps you

  67. blankGian Reply

    After I extracted the Raw file I don’t see the one in the video shown All I see is diskimage.hfsx and EFI System Partition.img

    1. blankFaiz Orz Reply

      After you have extracted the Raw file then use Win32DiskImager to create and write macOS Sierra file to your USB. get from this video and follow step by step.
      UPDATE: Sorry, the links are removed from YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  68. blankAnish Agarwal Reply

    When booting from the usb the setup gets stuck where it is constantly showing to connect an apple mouse. I am installing in windows 10 in a dell laptop.

  69. blankPriya Reply

    Transmac doesnt write sierra.dmg…… No bootable device show in boot menu… All bios settings can be set…. bt it doesnt show bootable device..

      1. blankGirish

        hi…i installed mac in window PC (VPCEH25EN) as your article , and it successfully installed but without usb it says “operating system not found”
        window 10 is also not working (which already installed in C drive)
        Please help

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