How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

In this article, I am going to show you how to install Mac OS X El Capitan on PC. Check how to install Mac OS X El Capitan on PC using UniBeast. In our previous articles, we have shown on how to Install Mac OS X El Capitan on VirtualBox, How to Install Windows 10 on Mac with VirtualBox, How to Upgrade Mac OS Yosemite to El Capitan, How to Dual Boot Mac OS X El Capitan with Windows 10. Check below for our previous related article links. Now, if you have visited the link and read the articles, then you know how to do them, and they are easy if you follow the same steps. So now, we’re going to learn a little about how to install Mac OS X El  Capitan on PC. It is an article that you can find a lot on Google and the internet but most of them are not working with our systems, and there is no support for them, but in this article, I am going to show you how to install Mac OS X El 10.11 on PC with some more instructions and guidance.

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How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC

  1. Create Bootable USB Installer for Mac on Windows 10
  2. Boot with Your bootable USB Installer
  3. Boot with Your System Boot Flag
  4. Choose Your Language for Mac OS X El Capitan
  5. Create Partition for El Capitan with Disk Utility
  6. Install OS X El Capitan on Created Partition in Step
  7. Perform a clean installation and setup Your Mac OS X El Capitan on PC

Step #1. Create Bootable USB Installer for Mac on Windows 10

The first step you should take is formatting your hard drive before you install El Capitan on Mac. And create OS X 10.11 El Capitan bootable USB Installer on PC or create bootable USB for Mac on Windows, before skipping this step. If you prefer doing install OS X El Captain on PC, then you must do step 1 carefully because it’s the primary step that you begin to process. Click on the Heading Link, go and follow step by step to create bootable USB installer for Mac on Windows.

Step #2. Boot with Your bootable USB Installer

Now plug your bootable USB Installer into your PC that want to install Mac OS X El Capitan on it, then press the boot Menu Button from your keyboard(F12, F10, F8, F2) depending on your System, it can find then do a Google search, after that enter Boot Manager then select the bootable USB Boot Installer and hit enter.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

Boot Manager

Step #3. Boot with Your System Boot Flag

Now Select “hd (0.2) (10.11) El Pwn Version” And Hit enter to go forward. If it doesn’t boot directly, then use some boot flags to boot (Boot Flag’s are under the shot).

Install Mac OS X El Capitan

Boot With Flag

Boot flag’s

ALL AMD Boot flag’s:

: /amd -v
: /amd1 -v
: /amd2 -v
: /amd64 -v
: /amd32 -v ( this is actually 64 bit kernel )

To use hp kernel : /hp or /hp1
To use haswell kernel : /haswell

For Nvidia Graphics ( GTX 600 series – Titan Series ) nv_disable=1. After boot installs Nvidia Cuda drivers for Mac manually.

If it doesn’t boot try to combine these boot args:

npci=0x3000 , npci=0x2000 , USBBusFix=Yes , cpus=1 , PCIRootUID=1, IGPEnabler=Yes or IGPEnabler=No, GraphicsEnabler=Yes or GraphicsEnabler=No

If the list above doesn’t work comment us below or do a google search for your problem.

Step #4. Choose Your Language for Mac OS X El Capitan

Now after Booting successfully with the boot flag. So USB installer should take you to choose Language page, then Select your Language for El Capitan and click on the Arrow button to go forward.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

Choose Your Language for Mac OS X El Capitan

Step #5. Create Partition for El Capitan with Disk Utility

Here you will need to partition a Disk for El Capitan. So Now Click on Utilities > Disk Utility.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

Create Partition with Disk Utility

Now select a free empty partition or create a new partition and go to Erase section. Type your Disk Name for El Capitan, then select the format type to “OS X Extended (Journaled)” and click on Erase button.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

Create Partition on Mac OS X

Step #6. Install OS X El Capitan on Created Partition in Step

So after Creating an “OS X Extended (Journaled)” Partition for Mac OS X El Capitan, then close disk utility then click on Continue > Agree (Terms of the Software License Agreement).

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

Agree with the Terms of the Software License agreement

Choose the Partition that you created in Step #5 and click on Continue.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

Install OS X

After you click on, continue then the USB Installer will install OS X El Capitan on the disk partition that you created in step #5, and it will automatically restart after 10 Seconds, or you can do it manually.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

Restart to Complete Installation of Mac OS on Your Partition disk

Step #7. Perform a clean installation and setup Your Mac OS X El Capitan on PC

So after your PC automatically restarted. Then go to Boot Manager and boot from Bootable USB Installer then Unplug or Remove the Bootable USB Install from your PC. After doing these then Select the OS X Extended (Journaled) partition that you created in Step #5 and hit enter. Now follow the article below to Perform a clean installation of El Capitan or Set Up Mac OS X El Capitan on PC.

Done Installation

After performing a clean installation and Set up your Mac OS X El Capitan on PC then you should see your final result.

How to Install Mac OS X El Capitan On PC?

Mac OS X El Capitan Installed on PC

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This was all about, how to install Mac OS X El Capitan on PC. If you faced any problem, tell us below by comment, feel free to tell us. We’re waiting for your suggestion.


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  1. blankRossen Roussev Reply

    I’m trying to install on Lenovo T440s, but not successful. Laptop always reboots to a screen saying ‘no operating system found. press alt/ctrl/del to reboot. Tried all of the boot flags above, but still no success.

    Has anyone been successful to install on a Lenovo T440s and if so – what flags and BIOS settings have been used. I’ve followed the USB install to the letter, but am stuck on being able to boot.

  2. blankBasic Reply

    Hey bro,
    I have tried all the steps and many others things from the internet, but getting this message again and again that, ‘mac os is already installed on this mac’.
    Tried to format the hard drive through disk utility also changed the time, but nothing working at all, please please please help me.

  3. blankAarya Harkare Reply

    When i ran it in v mode , the process stopped at this

    000003.405657 evh1@: AppleUSBEHCIPCI::AquireOSOwnership: unable to take control from bios

  4. blankAarya Harkare Reply

    Hi I am using a sony viao with i3 and 2gb ram, while booting , i get the first screen with the apple logo and progress bar and the progress bar gets stuck at 100% and nothing happens after that. What can i do ?

  5. blankMuddassar Reply

    sir i am installing mac os El capitan on my dell laptop.when i am installing the mac on laptop,when it shows the language section to select the language for my mouse and keyboard both doesn’t works, kindly help me,how can i resolve this problem. thanc you sir

  6. blankAfdal Vhaleandra Reply

    ALL AMD Boot flag’s:

    : /amd -v
    : /amd1 -v
    : /amd2 -v
    : /amd64 -v
    : /amd32 -v ( this is actually 64 bit kernel )

    To use hp kernel : /hp or /hp1
    To use haswell kernel : /haswell

    My Notebook : MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro
    Spesification :
    Intel Core i7 6700HQ (Base 2,6 GHz/Turbo Boost 3,5 GHz)
    Intel HM170 Chipset-based
    16 GB (2X 8 GB) DDR4 @2133 MHz
    IGP: Intel HD Graphics 530 & Discrete: GeForce GTX 970M 3 GB GDDR5
    128 GB SSD & 1000 GB HDD @ 7200 RPM

    Tell me Boot flag for me, thanks before !

  7. blankAmirhossein Reply

    I hawe this system
    Intel pentium G620
    Ram apacer 4GB
    Graphic Asus GT430
    Hard 500 GB (Empty)
    I can go to clover page and set all of boot flags for example _x _f cpus=1 nv_disable=1 ………
    Bot don’t work and restart in apple logo and show this
    Panic (cpu0 caller 0xffffffb000326346): “zone_init: kmem_suballoc failed”@/library/caches/…..
    I need to dmg file to write usb with transmac bot when i bought max os x el capitan’ send me a dvd 9 ,in dvd9 a file with rdr format and a program to write rdr rdr file a part with clover ver 2.3k and install el capitan partition.i write in 16gb usb and connect it in back panel of pc in usb 2.0 work and i go to clover and set boot args bot restart when i see apple logo and show the word (i write word in upside of my comment)
    Help Me Please

  8. blankNitesh Reply

    Sir i was unable to boot mac os x el captain by the help of chemelion bootloader due to some problems. I had the mac os x sierra copy which i downloaded from the link provided on wikigain.
    I used the clover bootloader of mac os sierra bootabel usb. To boot mac os x el captain from another bootable usb that has mac is x el captain as the chemelion bootloader was not working.
    I boot into clover and provided boot arguments at. -V -x along with other boot arguments that were already assigned in cloverboot argument. U was successfully able to get the apple icon after some random codes.BUT when the bar below apple ucon was extending. ,the apple ucin suddenly changed into. STOP icon and i was unable to do anything.
    Please provide a solution.
    My pc specifications
    MODEL HP 110 -401il
    Processor. Intel R pentium j2900. @2.4 ghz. Quad core
    Ram. 2 gb ubgradable to 8GB
    STORAGE. 500 GB


  9. blanknk Reply

    my dextop computer has 2 gb of RAM and intel j2900 processor. when i tried to install mac os x sierra on my pc .it says that the version of mac os not supported on this plateform. so i searched in clover and i came to know that clover has identified my pc as MAC PRO 3,1.
    Then i searched the web and found that sierra is not supported on mac pro 3,1.



  10. blankMoss Reply

    I don’t understand Step #7. Step #6 was installing it on the computer… Are you saying that after we install OS X in Step #6, we have to install it again?

    I just skipped Step #7 and it booted from the SSD just fine.

    So how do I get wi-fi and bluetooth and the keyboard and trackpad working?

    I’m assuming I need t get the correct drivers and install them?

  11. blankSai kiran Naik Reply

    I have tried to install in my laptop( Acer Aspire E1-522) but after i click on external in clover it restarts again . I have tried many boot args but the same problem occurs so could u help me

  12. blankfero Reply

    sir, my PC desktop specifications are Intel i3 4150, 4 gb ram ddr3, motherboard model dh87mc and 1 TB hard disk. I installed Mac os sierra in this PC using windows 10 to create bootable USB from Mac os sierra raw file. everything is fine but graphic drivers and sound drivers not installing. I tried so many kest but still not working. my graphic card is Intel HD 4400 3 mb. please help me to install graphics driver. thank you

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      Watch and get help from this video tutorial:
      Sorry, but now I can’t guide to for the graphics issue, but soon I will create an article for that.
      UPDATE: Sorry, the links are removed from YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  13. blankROHIT PUROHIT Reply

    HI im try to install this in amd sempron i ill try all the boot flags but it will not work and every time my pc was restart so please give me some suggestion as early as possible

    1. blankrohit gupta Reply

      PROCESSOR I3 6098

      this is specification of my pc. what you think is it compatible for osx 10.11

  14. blankShivam Sharma Reply

    My system has following specifications:
    1. Intel Core i3 processor
    2. Intel HD graphics
    3. 4GB RAM
    4. 1TB hard disk
    I tried all the amd boot flags, then combination flag, then nv_disable=1 flag. But still showing error while starting. Please help.

      1. blankPaul Winster

        hello sir we hav same problem i remove the old hard drive insert a new one but didnt work is threr another way? Plss help Me Thanks

  15. blankBraulio Reply

    Installing went through successfully for me, my only problem is now getting drivers to work (network, audio, etc). Is there a guide in order to do this? I have successfully installed on M-90 lenovo desktop and a T430 Laptop

  16. blankBraulio Quincoses Reply

    Setup works great but when I get the option to choose a disk to install the OS to, it only shows the USB that I booted from and not my 1.5TB HDD, not sure why the OS isn’t recognizing the disk since it is recognized by the PC as connected

  17. blankCapt. Baha AK Reply

    Hi, first of all, thanks for all helps.
    My situation is, i am stuck somewhere beetween from step 3 to step 4. I have created bootable flash and boot the laptop fom it. I saw the option of boot. I have selected hd 0.2, then came the grey apple logo on white background. The darker grey bar started filling up slowly slowly… then it has stoped… Near the half way…. it is end of my story. I have a hp laptop. You know… hp laptops very stupid devices. Especialy their bioses. Too limited option in there. For example cant adjust ahci or sometihng like this. Anyway. I’ve done my homework and try to do some research about my stiuation (i am forgeting how write this word, sory for that) as much as possible i’ve tried to set the some settings that neccessary. I have two display adapter on my loptop, one of intel hd4400 thing and the other is nvidia, as you may understand from my intel screen adapter i have i7 4th gen cpu. By these all information, can you help me? thanks in advance.

      1. blankCapt. Baha AK

        Thanx for your reply…
        I tried the way you suggested me and 10.12(sierra)
        here is the result:

        As i told you before i have intel hd4400 disaster thing.
        Naturaly i tried first 4400/4600 plist, but it has crashed boot process. Lots of weird letters words on screen… So i start to try every single one of plist one by one. At last, in desktop section hd3000 works… At least it is not crashing, i dont know. Anyway…
        With spacebar i chacked nv_disable=1 and -v and -s and select boot mac os x with god damn selected preferences/option… Tadaaa… Nothing has changed… Screen off , screen on… wellcome back to the old but gold friend “step 3”. It is waiting for me even there also too 🙂 “step 3” loves me so much i think. We gonna good friend with it… 🙂 But if you help me.. i wanna meet “step 4” face to face… Thanks in advance for your time… 🙂

      2. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        Hey dear, If HD300o worked then why you don’t go ahead If the mouse and keyboard don’t work then use external mouse and keyboard. let me know what’s your system specification?

  18. blankMohammad Reza S Reply

    I need this please help me! i did the steps but its stuck on apple logo (before installation).it goes to half the progress bar and then it stops. -v nv_disable=1 -s or -x didn’t help . plz tell me what to do.

  19. blankLantai Reply

    I have problems with my HP’s harder to connect with WIFI whether it should I reinstall the OS android or what should I do?

  20. blankNireh Reply

    Can I install EI Capitan On my PC ? or compulsory Required a Nvidia Graphics Card ?
    My PC specs,
    Intel i3 4150, Gigabyte B85M-DS3H – A,
    8 GB Corsair DDR3 RAM, Seagate barracuda 500GB, Intel Integrated HD 4400 Graphics.

  21. blankmahmoud youssef Reply

    I’ve got a problem type ”nootebook” (hp pavilion dm4)processor either (AMD) does not work with me there is an error screen What is the solution help me please

    1. blankMukhtar Jafari Reply

      This DMG file has worked on most of the devices but you are independent. You can try and not try.

      But I can’t grantee you that it always work. This dmg file has been created for el Capitan but it might not be derived from the original Install Mac OS X El

  22. blankMuzzammel Reply

    i followed your instraction and i boot my pen drive same way. but when it restart second time its not work. and i face couple of more problem that wifi dosent work, and when i restart my laptop and unplug the usb the mac os el capitan os gone. im using dell inspiorn 3542 model. please help me sir. it is very helpfull if you reply me as soon as possible.

  23. blankMuzzammel Reply

    i try to install mac os el capitan on my dell inspiron 3542, its perfectly installed but when i restart my laptop its gone. i also use windows 10. and i cant find wifi option. please help me sir.

  24. blankSam Reply

    I keep getting an error every time I try to boot OS X. Here is a screenshot of the error I get.

    I’ve tried Using USBBuxFix=Yes but it doesn’t work. My system is as follows:

    Intel Core i7-6700HQ, I’ve got Intel HD Graphics and NVidia GTX970M. I tried to disable graphics using the boot flag too but that didn’t work.

    Could you please help? Thanks

    1. blankSam Reply

      PS: I am using a bootable USB stick with El Capitan copied on it using TransMac. All my USB ports on this machine are USB 3.0.

  25. blankAmina Reply

    El Capitan is already installed on your Mac”. Any solution for this? I already tried your suggested solution but nothing seem to work. Pleaz HELP

  26. blankFrancia Reply

    Thanks for the tutorial but I’m stuck in step 5. It says that “OS X could not be installed on your computer. El Capitan is already installed on your Mac”. Any solution for this? I already tried your suggested solution but nothing seem to work

  27. blankKanika Reply

    In a boot mode.. when is click on El pwn version .Then it shows a “EBIOS READ ERROR: Device time out
    BLOCK 0x96228 Sector 0

  28. blankDanny nguyen Reply

    Hello, i’m having issues after booting into Mac os and after the loading bar reaches 100% I get the prohibitory symbol (stop sign)

    My specs are:
    Intel i5-6600k 3.5Ghz
    16gb DDR4
    Asus z170 Pro gaming

    already checked my bios to make sure Sata controller is on “AHCI”
    Boot/secure boot is on “Other OS”
    VT-d, “Disabled”

  29. blankMohit Reply

    I Followed Your Steps And Created Bootable Drive All Going Good But While Installing I Was Not Able To Find My Hdd For Installation. What Should I do?

      1. blankRohan

        Sir, All procedure is done . After partition in disk utility. When i click on EL CAPTIAN for installing it… it installed and come back to previous step…. What can i do now….

      2. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        This time when the OS X installed from USB Installer to HDD that you preferred then from clover or transmac bootloader then just select the OS X HD that you nearly installed mac on it.

  30. blankSpr00kz Reply

    okay Faiz Orz, thanx. i will just try any boot flag.

    do i have to format first my hdd before installing mac os? ‘coz it has already an existing windows 7 on it. i didn’t format it ‘coz if this mac os won’t work on my system, i don’t have to install again the windows 7.

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      Make you sure that you have a Bootable USB with windows 7 then in cause if you failed to install OS X then reinstall windows 7 again and if you want to install OS X then you have to create a partition for OS X to install it on that drive. So in this cause you will need to partition the Disk, mostly it happened to me while installing OS X, the system couldn’t create the partition for OS X because it wants to erase or clean the hole disk and when I did then I was able to partition the disk for OS X.

  31. blankspr00kz Reply

    hi! can my system run on Mac OS X El Capitan?
    Asus H110M-D
    Pentium G4400 @3.3Ghz
    HyperXFury 4Gb @2133MHz DDR4
    Radeon R7 240 2Gb
    500gb hdd

    what boot flag should i use?

      1. blankspr00kz

        oh! okay. how about UEFI configuration? any configuration should be changed before installing el capitan?

      2. blankspr00kz

        just like BIOS settings. new mobos have UEFI settings. haven’t u heard that? what mobo did u use when u install mac os in this tutorial?

      3. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        There is no guide for UEFI settings because you are going to boot directly from the USB Installer. It’s not the Unibeast way to make changes in the BIOS and then it will be able to boot up the clover menu.

  32. blankKlaas Vaak Reply

    Hi guys I have a HP EliteBook Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU L 640 @ 2.13GHz, Intel(R) HD Graphics, 8GB Ram and 300gb HD.
    I am using el pwn version USB made with Transmac but I can’t get it to run I booted with -v cpus=1 GraphicsEnabler=No and it crashes at the screenshot. Any Idea I am stuck

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      Try to boot using different boot flags like booting with nv_disbale=1 -v and depends on your system. other boot flags are mentioned in the article above.

    2. blankDarshan Mothreja Reply

      Your setup should made with legacy mode not UEFI with Unibeast and in Bios Settings enable Legacy and disable Secure boot and disable USB 3.0 then boot into clover and add Bootflags :- dart=0 cpus=1 nv_disable=1 -v
      use these 4 bootflags only with these i was successful to install.

      1. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        Yeah dear, the boot flag depends on the system. You used those 4 boot flags and successful to install on your system but it’s not the same with all.

  33. blankJithu Reply

    Setup not running, loading usb pendrive then it Mac screen load completed system will go shut down Choose your Language screen selection not appear, Intel i5-3450 cup@.10GHz, 8. Gb Ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 650, Bios setting change to AHCI

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      Yeah, the step creating USB installer works 100% on windows 10 but installing it on your PC depends on your system. IF it’s supporting mac or no

  34. blankhari prasaad Reply

    i have installed el capitan in my lenovo laptop,at 1st time it stopped at missing Bluetooth controller,after that with some changes in boot flags i went into the el capitan and using multibeast i have installed the necessary drivers and boot loaders.
    But now the problem is after restarting and selecting the drive its not going into the system,after some lines of codes its restarting,if i try some other boot flags its hanging at “debugger not configured hanging” error,so i m using previously used boot flags.

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      Now boot into the same USB Installer and when you get into the system, then edit and apply all the configuration on your system that you applied on your USB installer. Including config.plist and don’t forget to install and update your graphics driver.

  35. blankMarvin Reply


    I’ve been trying to install Mac on my T440S for a month, this is how it ended :

    Even if you manage to install it, everything won’t work at 100% because there not much drivers for you hardware.
    My advise, give up, or buy a Mac like I will do.
    Will try to install it on my desktop PC. (easier)

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      In cause, if you found that what’s missing and how to fix it then you don’t need a mac. but in some cases, the laptops aren’t compatible with the mac.

  36. blankDarshan Mothreja Reply

    I have a Haswell i5 4th generation processor I tried it with boot flag nv_disable=1 but stacked on apple logo.

      1. blankDarshan Mothreja

        Will these procedure helpful on my HP Laptop with Configuration (Want to install Captain EI)
        I have tried all the boot flags I am stucked on the black screen with content “************************_”
        and I have created Bottable USB with Unibeast in “Legacy Mode”
        Haswell processor type
        Processor Name Core i5 (4th Generation)
        Processor Variant 4210U
        Processor Brand Intel
        Clock Speed 1.7 GHz
        Cache Size 3 MB

        8 Gb ram

        Graphic card
        Dedicated Graphics Memory Type DDR3
        Dedicated Graphics Memory Capacity 2 GB Graphics
        Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce GT 840M

  37. blankDarshan Mothreja Reply

    I am not getting install Mac after booting into bootable pendrive. It enters into clover boot settings I have also set the nv_disable-1 after that I am getting options such as 1.External 2.NTFS 3.NTFS …… So on what to select next
    And on selecting on External it shows clover image only

  38. blankcharaf Reply

    I have a HP Elitebook 2540p i7-L640 8GB any idea witch on witch way i should boot? tried normal -v and -x…

  39. blankDarshan Mothreja Reply

    I want to install mac on my HP Pavilion 15-P077TX. I have read the hackintosh process of tony hackintosh but its to lengthy can you suggest me the easy way or I can use this above process.
    You can contact me or send me the process on my Email Id:-
    It would be glad to have a simple solution. Thanks in advance 🙂

      1. blankDarshan Mothreja

        There is Win 10 install in my Laptop can I Install Mac this Mac in another drive so that I can use it as dual machine if yes then I have 8 GB ram so i don’t think there might be problem of speed .

  40. blankHüseyin Reply

    Hi, thanks for article but everthing fine till apple logo with loading bar. Loading bar fills but then nothing happened? I stucked that screen. What is the problem guys? My notebook model is acer aspire 5739g (nvidia graphic card supported)

  41. blankHayden Reply

    I am getting a kernel panic when trying into to boot into the el captain boot loader. All files used from this video:
    When I don’t type a boot loader I get this kernel panic:
    When I type -v as the boot loader I get this kernel panic:
    This is a laptop install. Specs are below: Intel® Core™ i7 Quad Core Processor 6700HQ 8GB HyperX IMPACT 2133MHz SODIMM DDR4 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960M 120GB KINGSTON SSD 1TB WD SLIM BLUE GIGABIT LAN & WIRELESS INTEL® AC-8260
    Thanks for the help in advance guys. I’m very new to this!
    UPDATE: Sorry, the links are removed from YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  42. blankMarvin Reply


    I will try the installation tomorrow, and let you know!
    I’m just wondering if we’re “allowed” to do the update once the system installed ?
    There’s nothing about it.

      1. blankMarvin


        I have a Lenovo T440S with an i7 4600U.
        Unfortunately when trying to boot on the USB-flash, the screen get white with the apple logo on the center, then restart to the same point “Press Enter to start up Darwin/x86” :/

        I tried those boot flags :

        npci=0x3000 , npci=0x2000 , USBBusFix=Yes , cpus=1 , PCIRootUID=1, IGPEnabler=Yes or IGPEnabler=No, GraphicsEnabler=Yes or GraphicsEnabler=No



        Didn’t worked.

  43. blankDon Gish Reply

    Booting up the installer always crashes on my machine after about 2/3 is loaded, followed by the stroken sign.
    What do I have to type in?

    My PC:

    i7 6700
    DDR3 – 16GB
    256 SSD and 2TB HDD
    NO graphics card

  44. blankMike Reply

    Hello, I’m trying to install this Release on a Samsung R720 Laptop (4GB RAM, Transcend SSD 370S, ATI® Mobility Radeon HD4650 1024 MB GDDR3, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.2GHz), but after booting up the first stages, the screen turns black and the laptop reboots.
    I’ve also tried a couple of combinations of the advised line:
    npci=0x3000 , npci=0x2000 , USBBusFix=Yes , cpus=1 , PCIRootUID=1, IGPEnabler=Yes or IGPEnabler=No, GraphicsEnabler=Yes or GraphicsEnabler=No

    Can you help me, please?
    Here’s some screenshots …
    Thank you

    Boot process:
    Last sign of life:

    BIOS Settings (Phoenix):

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      Hi Dear Mike,
      I suggest you when the screen goes black then on that time use the HDMI port and share your screen with your TV or another screen by HDMI Cable it may work but if it didn’t work then your system Intel Core 2 Duo is not campititable with Mac OS X El Capitan.

      1. blankMike

        I’ve tried two HDMI cables on two different monitors and I couldn’t switch to the external screen, all FN-Functions work, except for this one and I have the suspicion that this feature (switch to external screen) is a software driven feature once a GUI is started. I remember I was able doing that when Linux was installed, but obviously durin boot while in text mode, this isn’t working for that Laptop. (For a Zotac zbox it DOES work). What I’ve also tried: Close the Laptop Lid as the Laptop turns off the internal Display, but that didn’t help either.
        I guess, now I’m out of options, or are there more things which I could try?

      2. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        Watch the video on youtube ( ) I have recorded the video on the external screen using HDMI Cable and this work and shows everything while it’s powered on and connected to my laptop. So, I think this do not need a software-driven feature.
        UPDATE: Sorry, the links are removed from YouTube. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      3. blankMike

        Well, as I said, I do not see anything on the screen. I think the issue I’m having is rather that in my BIOS I cannot set the SATA mode to AHCI and there is also no option in the BIOS to let UEFI boot first. I only can chose “Legacy support” on/off and that spoils the boot of the stick. Moreover I’ve tried the classic way with downloading Osx El Capitan from the App Store and installed it to the stick with UniBeast. Same story. In both methods, I cannot even see the first Clover Menu due to lack of the mentioned BIOS option. There is no BIOS updates for that Laptop. I think I have to give up on that Laptop.

      4. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        Yeah, it because you should choose legacy support while creating USB installer with UniBeast. and because of your processor is Intel Core duo 2, so it may not compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan.

    2. blankDarshan Mothreja Reply

      There is no Virtualization for Intel Core Duo 2 so I don’t think you can install Mac on your system even with VMWare/ VirtualBox.

  45. blankDBT Reply

    My Chipset is Intel Core i7-6700 so it is Skylake. However, I dont see the boot flag for my chipset, pls help

  46. blankJigar Reply

    my Hp Laptop configuration is amd A8 processor ,.1.5GB Dual radeon graphics card, 6 Gb Ram , win 10
    Is it Compitable??
    Please Reply i need to Run xcode as soon as possible on Mac.

  47. blankHarsh Reply

    I am trying to install OS X El Capitan on PC but my keyboard and mouse doesn’t work on the welcome screen

  48. blankRandy Reply

    I’m running on a amd fx-4350 and when I input the boot flag /amd -v it says that it could not find the kernel. And even without the boot flag it restarts. Please help!

  49. blankMarun Marun Reply

    I have ACER E1-531G, i have problem with install mac os , i use legacy bios, have installed win 10.
    my specif.: CPU: Intel pentium 2020m, GPU: Nvidia 710m. 4gb rama and 750gb hdd.
    I stuck on logo apple and half bar line, can you help me to install i need it for project it is important to me.
    Pls help !

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      Hello Dear Marun marun
      Sorry for late replaying but your CPU is Intel pentium 2020m and i think the probelm is with the CPU becuase OS X works best with i5 Or i7.

  50. blankmarin Reply

    I have Acer E1-531G and i try all this commands but noting, can you help me. I have stuck on line bar on half and dont move.
    My bios use legasy uefi. i have
    procesor intel 2020m, nvidia 710m, 4 gb ram. Can i install this somehow? Pls help!!!!

  51. blankRaDiN Reply

    Hi.i have a MSI lap top with
    CPU: Core i7 6700HQ
    GPU: Nvidia 970m 3Gb
    1.Can i use it on my Win10 (Vmware) or its better to install it seprate?For multimedia program (adobe)?
    2.Is it harm my Laptop to Run Vmware (mac) for 5 or 6 hour?
    Plz answer.tnx U

      1. blankAchilles902

        Still pretty new I have an and fx processor. With 10gb or ram Windows 7 is my main os what other details are key?

      2. blankAchilles902

        Amd system, desktop, Windows 7 is installed on a ssd and I have an empty 360gb sata Seagate I think that I’m trying to install to. I’ll have to check on other Info when I get back to my computer. Any other key points you need?

      3. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        No, it’s OK.
        For AMD processor the steping might be different my dear. These steps work for intel based system.

      1. blankMohamed

        One of my friends help me. He told me that tab is to choose and space is to enter

  52. blankBaoo Kombo Reply

    hi brother.
    i faced a problem when installing. my pc ends between step number 3 and 4. it loads but not reach to language installation page. please help me how to fix this problem.

      1. blankBaoo Kombo

        acer aspire e1-531 with hhd 360gb,processor 1.8 ghz 64 based processor and operating system, intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU B830

      2. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        try to boot and combine these boot args:
        nv_disable=1 ,npci=0x3000 , npci=0x2000 , USBBusFix=Yes , cpus=1 , PCIRootUID=1, IGPEnabler=Yes or IGPEnabler=No, GraphicsEnabler=Yes or GraphicsEnabler=No

  53. blankVishnu Reply

    i have an issue while installing OS X 10.11 on Windows PC can u help?

    after the -v verbose mode and selecting the language it isn’t showing back and continue options instead it shows OS X already installed restart

  54. blankSebas Reply

    Not work.Error USBSTS. Hchalted. restart….stop…restart….stop loop.but i succeeded to install EL CAPITAN , with fixed USB kext ,when I boot with these flags “GE = No -v -x ” reaches the apple icon and gives restart.Where would be the problem? tx!

  55. blankSebas Reply

    hi! works on amd phenom II x6 , motherboard- p5m97 pro , 8gb ram 1333mhz, intel ssd 330, video- r9 280x windforce 3gb 384bit.? Thancks

      1. blankSebas

        I tried to boot / amd – amd but can not find the kernel. I tried without AMD , with different flags , but they give restart “” npci=0x3000 , npci=0x2000 , USBBusFix=Yes , cpus=1 , PCIRootUID=1, IGPEnabler=No, GraphicsEnabler=No””

      2. blankSebas

        I tried another kernel amd. But have boot loop AppleUSBEHCI : restart Usbbus HCHalted 🙁

  56. blankheythem Reply

    I tried with old mac 10.9 and Created Bootable USB and lunch it. I stopped on #step3 after i clicked ob “hd (0.2) the screen turns black like turn on/off all the time!!! and can’t reach to the next steps

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      Hello Dear Heythem
      As I think you didn’t Configure your BIOS for El Capitan, Once please make sure that it’s all right.
      Then if no, let me know and I will try my best for guiding you guys. Sorry for late replying

      1. blankheythem

        Thanks faiz
        is there Extra instruction for motherboard “Asus B85-PRO Gamer” to make it work wih that Mac?

      2. blankheythem

        there’s update here
        I downloaded El Capitan 10.11 and that window appeared but it’s stop on that
        second trail: I opened it again and the after some progress the screen turned to black!!

      3. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        Hello Dear Heythem
        In the article i have some instructions for how to boot into Installer By Boot Flags. There are many Boot args Please once try them and they must work for you. like me when i want to boot into USB Installer then i use (NV_Disable=1) boot flag, well it disbale Nvdia gfx. But after installing OS X Then you need to installer the drivers like nvdia manully, if you use NV_Disable=1.

      4. blankheythem

        Hi Faiz
        need you to explain something I see flags with-without :/ should I write the symbol first?
        is flag “: /amd -v” refer to processer or graphic card beacue I have intel processer “Intel i7-4790 Haswell” and “AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series” Graphic card

      5. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        Hello Again Dear Heythem
        Yeah, USE Boot flag like: (AMD -v) not like (/amd -v) apply these to all but if you want to enter 2 boot flag’s then in the middle use /
        also, type (-v) at the ends of your boot flag’s to show the diagnostic messages, by this you will know that what’s your problem and what’s wrong with it.

      6. blankheythem

        Hi again
        1-I tried to write the whole line
        “npci=0x3000 , npci=0x2000 , USBBusFix=Yes , cpus=1 , PCIRootUID=1, IGPEnabler=No, GraphicsEnabler=No”
        2-the first time give me error but the second is start finally and I reached to that point “when Mac ask for restart”
        but after that I faced problem like before
        please let me know how can I fix this asap!

      7. blankFaiz Orz Post author

        hello Dear Heythem,
        I am so sorry for late replying. Due to some cause i coun’t be active nowadays. Now you’re saying that i am at setp 6 and you have installed Mac Form the USB Installer to The drive that you must created for Mac OS X El Capitan at step 5. Now this time boot from the Mac Drive that you created for Mac OS X El Capitan with the same boot flag that you USED to boot into USB insaller.

      8. blankheythem

        Welcome back Faiz I missed you
        I did like what you mention but the errors appears in that step I tried more than once don’t know how is that possible after I been that close!!

  57. blankLike Hackintosh Reply

    Thanks for your great article,
    Can you please follow-up with the post-installation guide? Specifically, USB is not working after installing USB-related kexts with MultiBeast.

      1. blankLike Hackintosh

        Thanks for your quick reply.

        I tried MultiBeast 8.2.1 which is bundled with USB installation options.
        2 (3rd Party USB 3.0, 7/8/9 Series USB Support) pass and 1 fails (Increase Max Port Limit).
        When I finish, reject USB and try to boot from Hard directly, login screen appears, graphics seems to be installed properly, but USB keyboard and mouse are not working at all. (Booting from USB and then starting system from hard is totally fine.) I use Legacy Boot (not UEFI) which I wonder this is a problem.

        I searched and checked a lot of articles, but it seems like MultiBeast 8.2.1 contains most of their workaround. (FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext)

        I use Dell Optiplex 7010, will you please check if this model doesn’t meet the requirements of El Capitan?

        ** At STEP #7, I think it’d be better to mention the installation requires 2 times of reboot.
        Also want to avoid confusion on these 2 things, selecting USB from BIOS boot menu and then booting from USB actually (Sorry, I might miss something).

        Thanks again!

      2. blankMukhtar Jafari

        You’re welcome dear Like Hackintosh. OK, we will try to search about this problem that you’ve.
        We’re happy that you have read all the steps carefully and share your idea with us.

  58. blankFirat dgn Reply

    I checked i have 3 port ;1 for install usb, 1 for keyboard and 1 for mouse , on Windows is working perfectly.

  59. blankFirat dgn Reply

    Yes now is working but now he show how to switch on the track pad and mouse and my mouse and keyboard is not working please help

    1. blankMukhtar Jafari Reply

      OK, now use an external Mouse and keyboard till the installation process should complete. After the installation, you have to install the drivers for Mac which we’ll cover this in an article, as soon as possible. Until that time, you must use external Mouse and keyboard.

  60. blankFirat dgn Reply

    Not work in my acer e1-572g Intel i5-4200U , Intel HD 4400 Graphics 4gb ddr 3 l memory i tested all bot flag any work just IGPEnabler=Yes but whit this my keyboard and mouse not work please help

  61. blankMuhammad reza Reply

    My laptop is Lenovo Y50 and I installed Mac OS X Yosemite by unibest, Is it possible to install by this method also. I can’t believe!!!!
    It was too interesting thnx for this great method

      1. blankFloyd

        +Mukhtar Jafari
        hello sir, how to install el capitan on my PC?
        1. Asus H110M-D DDR4
        2. Intel Pentium G4400 3.3GHz
        3. Kingston 4GB DDR4-2133
        4. ATI Radeon R7-240 2gb
        5. Seagate 500gb 5400rpm.

        do i need to configure the BIOS settings?

  62. blanktuber Reply

    I imagine the performance on a pc hardware must be as bad as Windows…
    why go all through the trouble if you can get for cheap a MacBook with Intel cup for 200/300 ?
    then you got the real deal!

    1. blankFaiz Orz Post author Reply

      dear tuber, you’re right somehow,
      but some laptops and desktops with Intel cup with SSD hard disk + graphic card, you can run Mac OS X with well performance on PC.

    2. blankMukhtar Jafari Reply

      You’re right dear Tuber.
      You can have the same performance if you install the bootloader. The Mac operating system is going to work perfectly.
      We will manage the article, as soon as possible. Be in touch with us.

    1. blankMukhtar Jafari Reply

      If your laptop is Lenovo so it has a small button beside the charger place. it’s called Novo button or one key recovery. push and hold that button then your computer will automatically start and the boot manager screen will pop up. If again you did not get, let us know.

      1. blankAlbe

        Hello, i have created the usb bootable but when i try to install it, after choosing lenguage it says
        OS X Could not be installed on your computer
        El capitan is already installed try to reboot
        The problem is i never installed an hackintosh on these pc, im on skylake on mobo msi z170a gaming pro

      2. blankMukhtar Jafari

        Once try this. “Fix the time and date before installing” or something like that. Here’s how to resolve while booted from the install disk:

        1. Utilities > Terminal
        2. Fix the date and time, e.g., date 101407002015 (i.e., Oct 14, 07:00 2015)
        3. Click Restart (sadly, there’s no other option to go back and try again)

      3. blankRuben

        I have the same problem on my Medion Desktop PC, it has a Intel Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5700 @3.00 GHz.
        It start up completly but at the installation manager it says that OS X El Capitan is already installed, so i changed date and time to what you said here above, but it doesn’t help.
        So I tried it now for several times but it still isn’t working. Do you have other options that I can try?

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