How to Get Free WordPress Theme From Themeforest

Free WordPress Theme

Today’s article is about “How to Get Free WordPress Theme From ThemeForest”. Looking for a new theme for blog or website? Did you know you can get a free theme from ThemeForest? Don’t you have enough money to purchase it? It’s pretty simple, you can download theme or plugin for your website or blog. You just need to concentrate on our article and the way we do.

WordPress Theme is a free online tool allows you to easily detect what WordPress theme a site uses. Additionally, it will also detect what WordPress Plugins are being used. in this article, we’ll show you how to get it for free, but it can be done on some themes not all, however, it’s quite hard for users to get free themes, but they are all not a full version and as well as you won’t have permission to change or add whatever you want. That’s why we wanna help you in this process. keep reading and following our step.

Get Free WordPress Theme From Themeforest

To get free WordPress theme from ThemeForest, You need to download an application which can help you to download it easily. What’s HTTrack? HTTrack is a free and open source Web crawler and offline browser. HTTrack allows users to download World Wide Web sites from the Internet to a local computer. By default, HTTrack arranges the downloaded site by the original site’s relative link-structure. The downloaded or “mirrored” website can be browsed by opening a page of the site in a browser.

HTTrack website copier

Steps How to Download

Step #1: First of all you gotta download HTTrack on your PC. Install it let it be open.

Step #2: Now visit Themeforest, and Choose which theme you want to download. for better confirmation, we’ve examined it on Canvas Theme. Canvas theme is about 17$.

Step #3: Click on Live preview, when the theme opened Right Click on the page and click Inspect.

Live Preview Canvas Theme


Step #4: Now on the section of elements take a look and search for SRC, Right click and copy it, and paste it into the new tab, then you’ll see Theme Web which is showing the availability of the theme.


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Copying URL

Canvas Theme

Step #5: Now Copy the URL of the theme or the SRC, Then open the application of HTTrack, click next and give a name for a theme, press next, now paste the URL on the empty box.

Paste URL

Step #6: Choose the option of ” Please adjust connection parameters if necessary. then press FINISH to launch the mirroring operation.

HTTrack Steps

Final Step: In this step, you’ll see that theme is downloading, it depend on your internet speed, when downloading finished, find the downloaded file and enjoy the theme.

Theme Downloading

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So above article was about how to download WordPress theme from ThemeForest for free. Once again I want to mention the can work on some themes not all, hope you’ve got something from this article, if you’ve faced any issue please inform us, we’ll respose you ASAP. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and visit our website every day.


  1. blankKushank Reply

    How to upload the downloaded theme to elementor…it is showing style.css file is missing….can you tell me please ?

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