Get Paid Apps & Hacked Games Free on iOS 11.4 2018

Get Paid Apps & Hacked Games Free on iOS 11.4 2018

In this article, I will show you how to get paid apps & hacked games free on iOS 11.4 2018. This is 100% legit and working method without Jailbreak or human verification. Downloading paid and hacked apps are very hard to find. Many people even pay lots of money to hack a game or to download a paid app. You might think that no one needs to download them for free but you are wrong. Many people need to download them for example gaming YouTubers. They need to download the games to improve their YouTube channel.

You were able to download paid apps and hacked apps on iOS 11, 10 or 9 but the new version of the iOS had come and this time you can’t download paid & hacked apps. Downloading paid apps from app store can cost you lots of money. For example, Minecraft, Extreme halls of FAM’s and many more games. Every Gaming YouTube channel needs to download all kind of game to develop their channel. If they do not have any money so, they could not improve faster. Usually, in iOS 11 and 10, we used to use tweak app, Appvalley or Tutuapp.

In this new iOS version, any of those apps don’t work anymore. Hacked games or paid games are enjoyable to play with.
iOS 11.4 beta 2 has been released a few days ago and they have blocked many apps and website from which you can download paid apps & hacked games free. There are many new updates on iOS 11.4 beta that is against downloading paid apps free and downloading hacked games. The iOS 11.4’s security is very tight; it won’t let any unknown profile to access the setting or access to the Phones administration.

Get paid apps & hacked games free on iOS 11.4

In order to get paid apps & hacked games free on iOS 11.4, you need to download an app named IPA Library. IPA library is an app from which you can download hacked games and paid apps free without jailbreak. IPA Library is an online library with packs of iOS IPA files, including a few of the most popular modified apps, such as Spotify++ and Snapchat++. You can also download hacked apps from other tweaked apps like Tweak box, Appvalley, Vshare and many more. You might think that you can download hacked apps from these apps also but why I should download hacked and paid apps from IPA library. Downloading paid apps & hacked games from IPA library is more secure and faster than other apps like Tweak box, Appvalley, Vshare and many more.

If you want to get paid apps & hacked games free on your iOS device you need to have an internet connection, browser and then just follow the steps down below.

Step #1. Go to the website ( to download IPA library. When you get to the website, you can see a blue button written in another language. Tap that blue button and then you will a small popup. Tap allow and it will take you to the setting to allow access and to install the profile on your Phone.

Get Paid Apps & Hacked Games Free on iOS 11.4 2018

Download IPA library

Step #2. When you open IPA library you will see three options.

  1. Apps: Paid apps and the apps that you can’t find an app store. You can download all of them for free.
  2. Games: Hacked and Paid apps that you can download for free n your iOS device.
  3. Download Manager: Download manager shows you all those apps and games that’s installation is already complete. It is like managing your download or installation that is complete.

Just search for the app or game that you want to download. Then tap on their icon to start installing the app or game.

Get Paid Apps & Hacked Games Free on iOS 11.4 2018

Install Paid Apps & Hacked Games From IPA library

Step #3. When the installation is complete, if you try to open the app or game you will fail because you have not allowed the app to access your device. Once tap on it to see the popup. When you get the popup, look for the developer’s name because it will help you find the profile faster.

Get Paid Apps & Hacked Games Free on iOS 11.4 2018

Not Trusted Enterprise Developer

Step #4. To allow access you need to go to (Setting, General, and device management). Look for the profile’s name that matches the developer’s name from the popup.

Get Paid Apps & Hacked Games Free on iOS 11.4 2018

The setting, General, and Device Management

Step #5. Once you find out the profile tap on it. Tap on trust and then trust to allow access.

Get Paid Apps & Hacked Games Free on iOS 11.4 2018

Trust The Developer’s Profile

After that, you can open that app or game that you have downloaded from IPA library. With this simple app, you can download your favorite apps or games for free on any iOS device.

Get Paid Apps & Hacked Games Free on iOS 11.4 2018

Enjoy Using The App Free


It is the best way to get paid apps & hacked games free on iOS 11.4 2018. Hope you guys have got something from this article. I will try my best to find out as many goods articles as you want. In addition, if you have any problem, suggestion or request you can say, just by commanding in the command section. Thanks for being with us and do not forget to subscribe and also, visit our website every day, because we post new articles every day.

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