How to Create Bootable USB Installer for Mac OSX on Windows 10?

In our previous topics, we have told you that how you can create a bootable USB flash drive for Mac OS Using Unibest & DiskMakerX, perform a clean installation of Mac OS, and upgrading Mac OS Yosemite to the newest and update to date version El Capitan. In this article, you are going to learn that how to create bootable USB for Mac OS in case you don’t have Mac computer. If you don’t have Mac computer so don’t worry about it. Because we will show you how to create bootable USB Installer for Mac OSX on Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10.

Also, you’ll get some information about “TransMac” software. What is “TransMac Software”? From where to download? How does it work? You need the following materials to create bootable USB Installer for Mac OSX on Windows 10 operating system.

  1. Download TransMac
  2. Download OSX El Capitan
  3. USB Flash Drive

What is TransMac Software?

TransMac from Acute Systems is Windows software that can copy and manage files and folders on Apple drives and devices, including Mac-formatted hard drives, flash drives, and other storage devices, as well as open and burn disc images and .dmg and .sparseimage files. It’s shareware that you can try for free for 15 days. Recent updates include an improved open file dialog, speed enhancements, and Windows 8 compatibility.

TransMac for Windows can open Macintosh format disk drives, flash drives, CD/DVD/Blu-ray media, dmg, dmgpart, sparsebundle and sparseimage files. Features: create, compress and expand Mac dmg disk images, built-in CD/DVD burner to burn ISO and dmg files. The new version is also compatible with Windows 10.

Create Bootable USB Installer for Mac OSX Using TransMac

To create bootable USB installer for Mac in order to Install Mac OS X El Capitan on Windows, on Mac or on VirtualBox, you have to create bootable USB flash drive. Let’s get started that how to do it.

Step #1. First, you have to download TransMac software for Windows and install it on your computer. The Installation process is very easy and everyone can do it without any problem. Once you’ve installed then you will see the screenshot below. Right-click on the flash that you want to create bootable for Mac with TransMac software then choose “Restore with disk image“.

Choose Restore with Disk Image

Choose Restore with Disk Image

Step #2. Now, a warning message will be shown to you. Click “Yes“.

Create Bootable USB Installer for Mac OSX with TransMac

Create Bootable USB for Mac OSX with TransMac

Step #3. A new dialog box will pop up, click on the three dots then choose your Mac operating system .dmg file.

Choose Mac OSX El Capitan dmg file

Choose Mac OSX El Capitan dmg file

Step #4. After choosing the Mac OS dmg file, click “OK” button. This is going to take around 20 to 35 minutes.

Restoring OSX File into USB Flash

Restoring OSX File into USB Flash


It’s done now! Your USB Flash drive is ready for installing Mac operating system on Windows or on Mac itself. If you have any question regarding this article or our previous topics, feel free to put a comment on this post. Thanks for being with us.

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