Can I Install Windows 11 on M1 and M2 Silicon Chip?

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In terms of performance and battery life the apple silicone chips (M1 and M2) are quite impressive running macOS Monterey and macOS Ventura. Apple has not only polished the hardware parts, but also has improved the operating system level. As impressive as it seems, macOS is not the answer for everything, there are times and places where you need to use a Windows operating system aside from the Apple silicon Mac that you are using. In the Intel based macs using a Windows operating system aside the macOS was really simple and still it is. But for apple silicon it is not as simple as it says, in fact you can say it is not even possible to install a Windows operating system aside the macOS.

No more Boot Camp Assistant in Apple Silicon Chips

The Intel Mac best processor are blessings that you can use to dual boot macOS and windows side by side. But with the Apple Silicon chips (M1 and M2) you have to say goodbye to the bootcamp assistant. It means you can’t use directly the Windows 11, windows 10 on your macs at all (As of today not Now).

Note: The Intel Based macs have access to the Boot Camp.

You may assume why Apple has removed the Boot Camp assistant support from Apple silicon lineup. Well, the answer is simple, because the silicon chips are based on the ARM architecture and at the moment Microsoft has not released an official ARM version of Windows.

Note: As of today their is not an official method like boot camp to dual Boot macOS (Ventura, Monterey) and Windows (Windows 10, and Windows 11).

Run Windows 11 in M2 Mac

It is true that there is no longer Boot Camp in M2 and M1 Mac and you are no longer able to use windows directly into your computer. However still there is a way that you can use the Windows operating system itself on your Mac, the answer is virtualization application.

Virtualization is a great method for using any operating system on your computer. Since it is a virtual environment, it is going to use the resources of your computer virtually too to install and test different system that you are trying to use. Like Microsoft apple does not have a virtualization software but there are the third party companies that have created virtual machine software that you can use to test windows 11 directly on your M2 Mac.

Frankly speaking, there are many popular virtualization software such as Parallels desktops, UTM, VirtualBox and VMware Fusion. At the moment I have only tested installing windows 11 on parallels desktop 17 which works quite well and you are not even facing the issue of TPM chip too.

The same rules are applied to the UTM virtual machine software too, in fact the UTM is an open source virtual machine specifically built for mac that you can use to test and any Operating system. But at the same time parallels desktop 17 is not free and you have only 14 days to test it, after that you have to purchase it right away.

In any case, I have already covered a step-by-step article of how to install windows 11 on Parallel desktop 17 in M1 Mac and UTM.


I sure hope that Apple should add the boot camp assistant support to the Apple silicon series too. It is true that Microsoft is a bit slow to develop a stable ARM version of Windows. But still there are users who are already using the Windows ARM edition beta, based on that I sure hope apple should add the boot camp assistant support. Or at least add another feature that users could use to dual boot.

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