Apple iOS 13 Concept Theory “Release Date & Features”

Apple iOS 13 Concept Theory "Release Date & Features"

As you all know that iOS 12 has been released in 2018. According to my research, I have come with a theory for both iOS 13 release date and Features that is close enough to be true. And it is called “Apple iOS 13 Concept Theory”. In this theory, you will have every little bit of explanation of what features will be in iOS 13 and the release date.

According to my research, the devices that will be rejected for iOS 13 will be the same as for iOS 12 but this time iPhone SE and 5S will be dropped from iOS 13. I have to say that this two iPhone was such a great iPhone and it lasted 6 years. When iOS 12 was released the devices underneath iPhone 5S wasn’t illegible for iOS 12. And this time we have whole lots of new iPhone like iPhone X, X MAX and more. So clearly, iPhone 5S will not be illegible for iOS 13. But hey it is just a theory, an iOS theory. If iPhone 5S was illegible for iOS 13, I would be a bit surprised because iPhone 5S would be surviving the 7th year of its life.

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Apple iOS 13 Concept Theory "Release Date & Features"
Apple iOS 13 Concept Theory

Apple iOS 13 Concept theory “Release Date”

The release date hasn’t yet been confirmed by Apple. But it is confirmed that it will be in the middle of this year “2019”. There is a theory that iOS 13 will be released in this September 2019. You might ask why September, let me explain to you how iOS 13 will be released this September. We all know that Apple has consistently been changing iOS devices but the biggest changes only occur once a year. iOS 10 was released in 2016, iOS 11 was released in 2017, iOS 12 was released in 2018 and iOS 13 might also be released in 2019.

The past released iOS versions have one thing in common that they all have been released at a particular month “September”. Now why September, it is because September is the month when WWDC mostly occurs. It will be the perfect time for Apple to introduce their biggest changes and devices. The Beta version might also be released before the WWDC. The beta version might be released in June 2019.

Apple iOS 13 Concept theory “Estimated Features”

This first thing that comes to mind when thinking of iOS 13 is the home screen. The home screen hasn’t been redesigned since iOS 7 but hopefully, this time Apple might redesign the home screen. Other devices except for Apple, has the kinda modern layout design. Like, Samsung has a weather report and other android devices have a search bar. There is a 30% possibility of redesigning iOS home screen. First of all, Apple doesn’t want to change the home screen because they want to keep it as classic as possible. There isn’t much explanation about the classic look of Apple devices but Apple might want to keep the home screen clean and classic.

The second feature that Apple might change in iOS 13 would be “Map”. In iOS 12, we got to see some massive changes and one of them was the application “Map”. The updates in iOS 12 for the application Map, was its look. The application Map showed a full-edged pool, building, pathways, and accurate shaped lakes but that update was only for San Frances co bay area. In iOS 13 the application Map’s update might be for the hole America and Uk. I can definitely say that in iOS 13 the application map would have an update wheater it is big or tiny.

There are also some small changes that Apple might bring within iOS 13, like the notch, control center and many more. The whole concept here is that iOS 13 will be a massive change for iOS devices.


Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this article about “Apple iOS 13 Concept Theory “Release Date & Features”. Overall it was all just a theory, an iOS theory. Hope you guys have gotten something from this article. I will try my best to find out as many goods articles as you want. In addition, if you have any problem, suggestion or request you can say, just by commenting in the comment section. Thanks for being with us and do not forget to subscribe and also, visit our website every day, because we post new articles every day.

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