Use Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel 2016

Use Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel 2016

I this article, you are going to learn that how to Find an exact word or number and replace it with another one in Microsoft Excel 2016. In worksheets with lots of data, when I want to look for something, I sometimes have trouble finding and replacing a specific word or phrase with another one that I know is in there somewhere. The find and replace Feature can help by searching the word or phrase for you. I had explained this feature in Microsoft Word 2016 too. There is no difference between find and replace in word and excel. But on the type of document and workbook, we have some differences which are known. Here you can use advanced search options to replace text. Jump right to a specific spot, or pick other ways to narrow your search.

Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel 2016

Step 1. To find an exact word or phrase in your Excel workbook, click on the option Find & Select. Here you have lots of options and you can click on one of them to do whatever you want. Now click on the first option, here on the new window you have the find and replace option in the same window. If you just want to find something click and type the word or phrase, and find one of them or all.

Use Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel 2016

Here you can find your word and find that, if there are a lot of that word you can click on Find all.

Step 2. Through to this step you can use more options to find & replace the exact word and phrase in your worksheets. When you click on Options, you see some new options that help you to find the specific word or phrase in a specific place. Here at first, you can select the following options:

  • Formats: – formats help you to find a text with a specific format and characteristic  such are number, alignment, font, border, fill, and protection
  • Within (sheet or workbook): – this option let you search the world in all workbooks or just in one worksheet.
  • Search (By rows, By column): – when you have any table of contents, and you want to search something entire that table here you can select that you want to find a word or phrase in rows or columns.
  • Look in: – here you have three other options such are formulas, values, and comments. You can look and find your word from one of these options

Use Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel 2016

Replace the Incorrect Word with the Correct one

Step 3. In this step, you can use the replace option to remove useless words or incorrect words. And put the correct one in the same place. Here at first type, the old word or phrase then go to replace and type the new word or phrase. Then you can find and replace them. Here you can use the same options of Find, and you can replace one of the world or all of them.

Use Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel 2016


Its all about that how to find & replace a word or phrase in workbook or worksheets of Microsoft Excel 2016. In this article, I focused on those important points that need to be explained. And by using these options you don’t need to read all the content. To find the words to change them or remove them. Microsoft excel gave you this opportunity to find and replace your words automatically and quickly. If you have any question write down and comment it. Thanks for following us.


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