Learn Excel Basics in Microsoft Office Excel 2016

Learn Excel Basics Microsoft Office Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel 2016 is the most beneficial and Important office package in the world. Get started with basic tasks in excel or to learn excel basics such as opening a workbook, entering and formatting data, calculating data, and trying some quick analysis features. They are some examples of basics task in Microsoft Excel. In previous articles, I explained approximately all about Microsoft word. Between Microsoft word and excel has some different but mostly the tabs, the settings, the options, are the same. In Microsoft office when you open a new document, you call it document. But in Microsoft excel you open a workbook. Here you need to enter and format date, calculate data, and some quick analysis features and extra.

Introduction of the Workbook Window to Learn Excel Basics

Step 1. Through to Excel workbook you have two parts of commands, First parts are on the top of the window, which contains more commands than the second part. And the second part is on the bottom of the window. The first parts Contain sex tabs, and sometimes by inserting a picture or a template one or two tabs will add among the other tabs. And the second part contains sheets page layout and page zooming. As I explained about Microsoft account, in excel is the same word, you can use your account and save your workbook in your account. But Mostly Microsoft excel contains calculate data due to that the tabs also contains formulas, charts, and functions.

Learn Excel Basics Microsoft Office Excel 2016

The Main Menu

Step 2. Microsoft Company made some ready templates for office applications. These templates are called Online Template, and for each package of office, you have templates. Here in Microsoft excel also you have online templates for the different part you have different templates. Through to the templates table, charts, and styles are ready just you can insert your own text and numbers. By clicking on your template you can automatically download that to insert your own text.  The Online Templates let you quickly and easily make your workbook to do not waste your time for that.

Learn Excel Basics Microsoft Office Excel 2016

Use Online Templates

The Amount of Specifications and Limits of a Worksheet to Learn Excel Basics

Step 3. On the below of your workbook, you have sheet list, at all, you can make unlimited sheets in one workbook the limits depend on the memory of your computer. Here I want to tell you about important specifications and limits of worksheet and workbook in Microsoft Excel.

  • Open workbook, limited by available memory and system resources
  • Total memory of rows and columns on a worksheet, 1048576 rows, and 16384 columns
  • Page breaks, 1026 horizontal and vertical
  • Total number of characters that a cell can contain, 32767 characters
  • Sheets in a workbook, Limited by available memory (default is 1 sheet)
  • Colors in a workbook, 16 million colors

Learn Excel Basics Microsoft Office Excel 2016


In Microsoft Excel, you have a lot of useful options which are used for official projects, accounting, library, and again more. In the future articles, I will explain each of them that let you how to make your projects, how to make a library, and extra. Through to excel, it’s possible to make. Here you can learn about Microsoft word, and Here you can the other videos in youtube channel. For any question write down and comment.


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