How to Insert and Use Functions in Microsoft Excel 2016

How to Insert and Use Functions in Microsoft Excel 2016

Functions are great options for time-saving to calculate your data in worksheets. In Microsoft Excel we have a tab of formulas, here we can find some essential formulas and functions for data. We use the formulas and functions to easily and quickly calculate our data in our worksheets. Here in Microsoft Excel, we have a rich library of functions in different ways, deferent data. Each function is an easy way or a formula used for calculating. Actually, functions are used in-state of formulas when using formulas are too long or complicated for our data. All functions have been organized in categories to be used easily. Such are:

  • Financial Functions
  • Logical Functions
  • Text
  • Date & Time
  • Lookup & References
  • Math & Trig

And more functions.

Insert and Use Functions for our Data

Here in the library of function we have lots of functions that often we use them in our office or worksheets. But, here our first option let us search and insert function directly from the library. To do that just click Insert Function. In the new window you can type a brief description of what you want to do then click go, then you can find the function that wanted or the function which is similar to your function. Here to find easily the function select the category then search.

How to Make and Use Functions in Microsoft Excel 2016

Insert Function

Use Function and Calculate your Days

In this step, I am going to make an example and use the function to show that how they can be used. Here I have a table of some electronic devices which I bought them. I wrote the quantity of each device and the price per device. Then I wrote the total prices, as you see there is also the Ordered date and Received date of devices. But the function which I want to use that is used to calculate the total days between the ordered date and received date. I want to know that how long I received the devices.

How to Make and Use Functions in Microsoft Excel 2016


Now click on the cell below the total days, and go to Function Library. Then click on the Date & Time option to find your function. Here you want to calculate the days that you had waited for devices, then you need to select DAYS.

How to Make and Use Functions in Microsoft Excel 2016

Function “Days”

Here click on this function and open the new window.

On the new window you have two cells, in the first cell select the End date and in the second cell select the start date. then directly on that window, you can see that how many days you have waited for the devices. Then click OK to get the result on the cell.

How to Make and Use Functions in Microsoft Excel 2016

Now we got the result and we can easily apply this function on all of them. Here also we can use the function sum to calculate the total days of every device.

Just click on the cell and find the function from the library. Here it works directly just select the bottom cell and click on AutoSum function then click Enter.

How to Make and Use Functions in Microsoft Excel 2016

Total Days


Functions are the best way to calculate your data in your worksheets and it has done your task easy and quickly. Here we have different functions for different worksheets just find and use them.

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  1. blankJamesfaina Reply

    In the Editing group on the Home tab, locate and select the arrow next to the AutoSum command and then choose the desired function from the drop-down menu. In our example, we ll select Sum .

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