How to Improve Your Microsoft Excel Skills

How to Improve Your Microsoft Excel Skills

Now, as I work full-time for one of the biggest marketing companies in the western hemisphere, I often pity those students that tend to procrastinate with their assignments. As a result, they find themselves faced with different penalties, additional work to do, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and mild depression (if they’re lucky enough). Back in the day, I also was piled with immense quantities of assignments, projects, and other college-related tasks I had to somehow combine with my part-job. There were moments when I was almost convinced there will be no chance for me to graduate from college. Sleepless nights, constant anxiety, and a sense of permanent tension were my companions. Back then, I was a perfectionist unable to imagine it was possible to pay for a research paper online and get it done flawlessly. We all strive for perfection, but sometimes, we just need to focus on our primary tasks and let professionals handle those that are secondary and less important. So, now I can say for sure there is nothing criminal or shameful in asking for and getting help. If you’re not a lazybones revelling in doing nothing and aspiring for nothing, getting your assignments done by someone more qualified or just less overburdened with work ushers in lots of opportunities for you. You may devote more time to polishing the skills you consider indispensable for your future job or start learning your major subjects harder.

Life is always about learning. This is the truth that is hard to compromise. Recently, I had to deal with the unpleasant consequences of my poor knowledge of Excel, which made me remember how important it was to improve our professional skills in a timely manner and become more efficient. Of course, when you get loaded with a huge amount of work or tons of urgent assignments, you tend to postpone your self-improvement until some other time. Still, as you may know, there will be no other time. Therefore, it’s necessary to react proactively to something that prevents us from being more successful. I also decided to be proactive and started asking my colleagues, who I used to consider my Excel-mentors, where they learned the subtleties of working with the annoying program. To my surprise, most of them noted they usually ask their more experienced friends or colleagues or just Google to get an answer to a specific question. I just confess I wasn’t content with such replies. Therefore, I found it more appropriate to seek more professional help. I came across some effective methods of learning Excel online which worked pretty well for me. In this article, I want to share the best online resources that can help you become a more efficient use of one of the most popular data analysis program.

Learning Excel for Free

Ask Microsoft

The word “free” sounds extremely mellifluous, don’t you think so? At first, I recommend you take a look at the training centre of Excel that can be found on Microsoft’s official website. If you’re adamant in your decision to master Excel, feel free to avail yourself a wide range of tutorials, videos, and guides on how to use Excel on different operating systems and Android devices. Those guides will provide not only extensive theoretical knowledge but also offer a bunch of exercises for you to polish and practice the acquired skills.

Based on your abilities and skills, you’ll be able to select the level you think corresponds to your Excel competency. Thus, beginners will learn how to create simple charts and graphs, whereas their advanced counterparts will be able to try their hand at analyzing worksheet date with the help of pivot tables and do other more complicated tasks.

Try the Spreadsheet Page

Users of all levels also seek help on John Walkenbach’s website, the renowned author of 65 books and countless online publications instructing users in the ways of Excel. Now you have a great chance to benefit from Walkenbach’s wisdom by visiting his Spreadsheet, where shares useful tips on how to get to know Excel better in a relatively short time.

Lots of my colleagues have already appreciated the helpfulness of the Spreadsheet Page. Most users also enjoy using the Excel Tips tab, the website section where the author gives recommendations on how to password-protect your worksheets, sort and filter your data, and provide deeper insight into other subtleties of working with Excel.

EdX Excel Courses

Those who are looking for something more formal can try improving their Excel skill with EdX. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to help users from all four corners of the world become more efficient Excel users. Any person may enrol and select a course that suits their needs and abilities best. If you desire to acquire a certificate confirming having undertaken EdX Excel training courses and improved your skills in this area, you may select the “Verified” course, which will cost you approximately 60 bucks. Still, if you’re willing to economize, pay attention to the pocket-friendly option, which allows you to undertake the necessary course for free.

Still, there are also courses that offer professional help in learning Excel. They go under the “Professional Education” section, and the tuition is non-optional here. So, if you would like to acquire business and data analysis skills and increase your job prospects, don’t hesitate to select paid courses from EdX.

Good luck!

So, now it’s time for you to decide where you’d like to learn Excel or continue improving your knowledge. Be determined, focused, and positive – then, you’ll be bound to excel in your field!


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