macOS Mojave: What Introduced Features We Liked The Most?

macOS Mojave 14 Most Like Features

In this article, I’m going to introduce the most liked features of macOS Mojave. Not so long ago, happened what many Mac users have been waiting for – Apple has delivered its new OS for Mac devices. It surprised us with many innovations and breathtaking features. No wonder it is considered the best macOS ever released by this company. It came with numerous improvements that make users’ work with Mac even more enjoyable and productive.

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The latest update is available for Macs released in the middle of 2012 and later, and Mac Pro models released in 2012 and 2010. If your system is compatible, be sure to update to the new macOS because it is a blast! But first, it will be a good idea to learn a bit more about what it holds for you.

What did we like most about the new OS? In this post, we are going to tell you about the adjustments that we loved about macOS Mojave!

macOS Mojave Most Liked Features

  1. Dark Mode – now you can switch your whole desktop to a Dark Mode. This feature doesn’t just look cool; it even works in Xcode, which makes it a new challenge for developers worldwide.
  2. Stacks – when you have to work with many files on your Mac, the desktop gets cluttered quite soon and, let’s be honest, it literally kills productivity. Apple took care of that by allowing users to group their files into smart stacks based on the file’s characteristics.
  3. Check what applications were recently used from the Dock – it is quite convenient, although it only shows up to three apps. You can enable or disable this option depending on your preferences.
  4. FaceTime group calls – finally, we received an update that we all have been waiting for. From now on, you can add up to 32 people to your conversations on FaceTime. And what is more, this feature is available on all Apple’s devices.
  5. Safari Favicons – this feature allows users to switch between tabs in the browser and quickly identify them. It saves us lots of time and makes Safari more productive than ever.
  6. iOS Apps – we all have almost put up with the fact that Mac and iOS apps are different and now, the new OS brings some of the most popular applications from iOS to your Mac! Isn’t it great?
  7. Continuity Camera – this features instantly brings the photos you shoot on iPad or iPhone to a big screen. You can benefit from it when working with documents or sending emails that have to contain pictures.
  8. Take screenshots smarter – now, you can capture or record not only the whole screen but also separate windows or portions.
  9. Improved security – new OS seems to be much more effective in terms of users’ safety. It detects any apps or features that may try to access your private data and immediately alerts you about a threat.
  10. Change your wallpaper – Apple has added a smart desktop feature that changes the wallpaper depending on the time to protect your eyes.
  11. Find saved passwords – now you can ask Siri to remind you of the passwords that you forgot.
  12. Use Emojis in Mail –many users were looking forward to seeing Emojis available in the Mail application, and now they are finally here! With this feature, you can spice up your emails with emotions.
  13. Keep up with the trends – with the new OS, Apple has significantly improved the work of Apple News. Now, it can synchronize with your iOS devices, so you can quickly access the sources you are following from your iPhone.
  14. Finder – the company didn’t forget to make some improvements in the Finder as well. They’ve made adjustments in the work of the Quick Look, making it smarter and more convenient. Also, developers added a new feature called Gallery View that shows you all the basic data on your media files and enables preview.


These features were liked by Mac users so what features you liked the most and let us know via the comment section down below.


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