5 Ways to keep your PC safe without using Antivirus

Keep your PC safe

Hackers try to steal information from users and organizations in any way and for different motives. It should always be noted that an accident happens once, and given the importance of information and its value, not paying attention to the issue of security is very dangerous. As you know, the more advanced the systems, the more dangerous they are. So, stay with us and find out the 5 Ways to keep your PC safe without using Antivirus.

How to Keep Your PC Safe?

It should be noted that the use of antivirus does not help much in preserving information. Because computer viruses are so advanced that intruders can do something by creating a fake digital signature and performing a series of code ambiguity techniques in the malicious file. The virus runs but it is not detected even by the strongest antiviruses. The reason for not finding and not recognizing the virus is because of the digital signature and the malicious file’s database in the antivirus. The hackers are creating a similar digital signature to the manufacturers, and they are adding their malicious database to the antivirus that this file is not malicious. Just like that, they are bypassing the antivirus security protocols.

1. Download the software from the manufacturer’s site

The first step to keep your pc safe is to not download software from unofficial sources and intermediaries. This is because many applications are commercial and many users will not be able to purchase a license to register the application. So the software is cracked. On the other hand, cracking the software is a big risk because you do not know who wrote the crack file and after execution, it is not clear what changes they may make to the system.

So you should download the software from official sources and try to buy the licenses as much as possible, otherwise using open source software is a wiser choice.

2. Use Sandbox

We suggest that you use a sandbox. So how does a sandbox work? It is a widely used tool to prevent malicious software activities and viruses from entering the system. This way, using a sandbox, provides an isolated environment for running the software and stores its information in the same framework, and blocking the malware and other stuff. If the executable file is malicious, it will not enter the system and our computer will be protected from malware.

3. Don’t click on any link and do not run the suspicious file

A very important point in preventing computer viruses that are rarely paid attention to is that many users in cyberspace may be looking for anything but unaware of which reliable source they are looking for. Each link and file may contain malware, like a cracked software.

For example, we are looking for a rare scanner called core impact, so this software is not free at all and it is not given to ordinary people. Apart from that, its license price is very high. It is mostly used in organizations and defense and military centers. So, after searching the internet, we will see that there are a series of sites that have posted a cracked version of it, But all of this is fake and using it at the cost of stealing your information. So we advise you to be careful in opening any link in cyberspace and executing any file.

4. Use the Latest Version of the Browser

Now you may think what is the role of the browser to keep your PC safe from malware, phishing, etc. Yes, but we must first use secure search tools. If we use an anonymous and malicious browser, our sessions may be tampered with and our information may be stolen while searching or purchasing online, which is referred to as session hijacking. Well, as we mentioned in the first case, the first step is to download the browser from official sites.

5. Update your Windows Regularly

Well, this is a very, very important discussion that if you do not follow, you may face potential dangers. As you know, Windows is provided and supported by Microsoft. And with the addition of any version and any feature to Windows, a series of security bugs may occur due to negligence in coding under the Windows kernel.

Well, in that case, Microsoft will release security packages called security updates. Since most users use cracked Windows, it is not possible to update Windows online and it may invalidate the cracked Windows. For this reason, we have to download the updates offline from the official website of Microsoft, through which you can download the latest security patches.

Enter the link above and search for the following phrase according to your version of Windows as well as Windows architecture (32-bit or 64-bit). For Windows 10, for example, search for Windows 10 Security Updates.

keep your PC safe

Download Windows Security Updates


I did my best to provide you the best methods to keep your PC safe without using Antivirus. Of course, the use of antivirus also contributes to security to some extent, but it will never be 100% reliable.

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