Top 5 Free Image Hosting sites to Share Pictures

Top 5 Free Image Hosting sites to Share Pictures

I remembered when I was 11 years old, I had just learned what is Facebook and how to create an account. Through those years I learned how to upload images on the internet. One day for studies school I visited a friend’s home and he was looking to back up the images of his computer for a clean installation. So we had no external drive and we did not understand what is cloud storage, I told him to upload it to Facebook and we did. After performing a clean installation of Windows 7, we went and downloaded those images from Facebook and find out that the quality of the images has been lost significantly. While writing this article I remembered those sweet memories so, that’s why I have collected the Top 5 Free Image Hosting sites to Share Pictures

Top 5 Free Image Hosting sites to Share Pictures

There are many cloud storage services and other image hosting websites that you can use to back up your images. However, based on my experience, I have personally used them to find out their limitations and advantages. I hope it will give you the same satisfaction that they have provided to me.

1. Imgur

When it comes to hosting images image sites, the first site that comes to mind is called Why? because this is a platform where you can upload images without signing up, although you can sign up. If you don’t sign up, your image will post anonymously, and people who have the link will be able to view it. If you send images using social media, the quality and the resolution of the image will be reduced but using Imgur you can send high-resolution without fear of losing quality.

Imgur is very popular among Reddit users which indicates that Imgur has its own community.

Keep in mind the following point before using Imgur:

  1. You can upload High-Quality images without signing up.
  2. The images which are uploaded without an account will only be accessible through the link.
  3. The maximum Gif size is 200 MB.
  4. The maximum size for PNG, JPG, and other formats size is 20 MB.
  5. PNG images will be converted to JPG automatically if their size exceeds 5 MB.
  6. You have the ability to upload 50 images per IP and per hour.

2. Flickr

Flickr is one of the oldest photo-sharing platforms. In addition to publishing your images, Flickr offers comprehensive Photo editing tools. The platform is very easy to use since you can arrange your Photos into albums and folders. Using Flickr’s API, you can integrate it with other social media websites to back up or share with others. For instance, you can integrate Flickr with Dropbox for backing up your images. I don’t think you will require another platform to back up your files since Flickr gives 1 TB of Free storage (Soon this plan may change). Flickr has a premium plan too where you can get rid of ads, get advanced stats on your images, and more. As of today, they have three plans Monthly ($8.49/month), 2 Year Plan ($5.99/month), and Annual Plan ($6.67/month). Each of these Plans describes unlimited storage, you will have to use it to know for sure.

3. ImgBB

ImgBB is another image hosting provider where you can upload JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, WEBP, HEIC, and PDF. The maximum image size is 32 MB however if you purchase one of their plans, it will increase to 64 MB. The good thing about ImgBB is that the website is not tempering with your images such as compressing. Just like Imgur, you can upload images without signing up and share them with others. Just keep in mind that using the ImgBB, you can adjust the timing to auto-delete the image or you can choose the don’t autodelete. The time for Autodelete starts 5 Minutes all the to 6 months. This website has also three plans Monthly ($12.99), Annual ($7.99), and 3 years ($3.99).

4. Google Photos

Like all Google apps, Google Photos is also free to use where you can get 15 GB of free storage for photo sharing. You can configure Google Photos to backup automatically your Photos on Android, and iOS. Do keep in mind that it means it can host images and videos easily. Using Google Photos you can easily categorize your images by time, place, people, etc. Do keep in mind that it has editing features just like Flickr and it is the default app on Pixel Phones. Sharing your images with others and integration across different websites are some important features.

Unlike some other image hosting sites, you can manually delete the images, which means they won’t disappear any time soon. Please keep in mind that Google Photos is a very handy feature for backup since it can store, organize, sync across devices, and share it with others, and most of all you can lock them.

5. Photobucket

You will get 2 GB of free storage when you sign up for Photobucket but you can purchase either of them to get a boost in storage. Although, you can boost the free storage to 10 GB by downloading the Photobucket mobile app. Also, their plans are divided into two categories monthly and yearly. The basic yearly plan costs $65 per year with 25 GB of storage.  The maximum limitation on this platform is on GIF images because 800 Frames and less than 5 MB, other than that you can upload any type of image. The reason Photobucket made the list is that in addition to letting users host image files for free, it also lets them order a printed version for a reasonable cost.


500x, and Postimage is another image hosting site that you can use but I have not tested them. Also, Let me in the comment section what apps and websites you are using to host images.

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