Everything You Should Know About An Instagram Bot

Everything About Instagram Bot

If you are a smartphone user, then I am pretty sure you have an Instagram app on your phone with your account linked to it. Instagram has become one of the most popular apps recently and it is still managing to get more and more users every day. The concept behind Instagram is simple. You follow someone and you will be able to see when they post their videos and pictures. Your followers will be able to do the same. If your account is set to ‘Public’, then everybody can see what you post. In this competitive world, everything has to be a contest. Instagram is no different. Your popularity is based on the number of followers you have. More the number of people following you, the more popular you are. There are a lot of Instagram models and business entrepreneurs who earn a lot just through Instagram. Now that we know the basics of Instagram, let’s look at what exactly an Instagram bot is, how it works and why people use it.

Everything About Instagram Bot

Everything About Instagram Bot

What is an Instagram bot?

Instagram bots are codes created by other people that act like followers. They actively work all he the time get you as man followers as possible. These bots also have the ability to like pictures and videos and comment generic things on other profiles. Some bots have custom options like filters and sorting to help you fine -tune the bot according to your preferences. The fact that it’s a bot means that you don’t need to be active yourself on Instagram. If your only goal is to get as many followers as possible, then it’s absolutely possible for an Instagram bot to work even when your phone is locked. In fact, bots somewhat become necessary when you have a lot of followers and have to keep up with their posts, likes. and comments.

How does it work?

The first thing to note is that Instagram bots are just computer programs. You cannot expect them to do something that you haven’t already asked them to do. The three main factors involved that bots take into account are comments, likes and followers. Based on the user’s preference, a bot can run all three or just stick to one of the factors. The way most popular bots work is, once the user uploads a picture on Instagram, the bot associates the picture with every possible hashtag related to the pic. Not only that but the most popular and trending hashtags. This ensures that your profile gets as many traffic and engagement as possible from all the different places. With enough number of likes, your images could potentially get featured on different community pages. This entire process has the possibility of giving you a lot of followers.

Why People use the Instagram bot?

People use Instagram bots for quite a few reasons. Some do not have the time to comment and like every other feed on their app and some just want to increase the number of followers so their work gets noticed. Let’s take a look at a few general advantages of using Instagram bots.

The most obvious step involved in moving forward on Instagram is to gain as many followers as possible. By making all your online interactions automated, it becomes easier for your profile to draw attention. Instagram bots tend to visit as many profiles as possible related to the hashtags and other conditions set up by you. The bot then likes their random pics and leaves random comments. More often than not people are nice enough to take a look at your profile and follow you if they’re interested. By repeating this process every day, you can have enough followers for you to be recognized by all the big community hubs on Instagram.

Immediate feedback:
As soon as the bot starts working, you will immediately see yourself getting more and more followers. The results are usually immediate. The best part is, you are not even actively online on Instagram and yet you still get likes, comments and eventually a lot of followers at the end of the day. The instant result is one of the more satisfying things you could find on Instagram.

Real accounts, not fake:
Some people have this misconception that, by using Instagram bots, you get only fake accounts to follow you. This is not entirely true. You can buy followers, which involve fake accounts to follow you, but people do this just to see their follower number count as high as possible. However, by using Instagram bots for automatic engagements makes sure that the bot visits only real accounts. So, whatever followers you get are all real accounts.

Bots are fast and efficient:
Now that you know how a bot works, imagine doing everything by yourself manually. It will most definitely consume a lot of your time. What you can do in a couple of hours, a bot can do the exact same thing in a couple of minutes. Sure, your comments will have a more personal touch than the bot’s, but the amount of time a bot can save is absolutely worth it. Not only that, but they can run in the background as long as your phone has an internet connection and enough charge in its battery.

Virtual Socializing:
Most people neglect the fact that there are actual people following them and carry on using the bot to get more and more followers. As soon as you start getting new followers, you have enough opportunity to visit their profile, start a conversation with them and so many other things. You may even find a lot more people with the same interests. And if a profile seems shady or dirty, you can always manually unfollow that profile.

At the end of the day, it’s absolutely up to you to use Instagram bots or drop it altogether. You have to realize that Instagram is not always about getting more likes and followers. It’s also about exploring different profiles and meeting new people and see what they have to offer. Visit techinexpert.com for more information.


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