How to check plagiarism of PDF file free online

How to check plagiarism of PDF file free online

Plagiarism checkers are very beneficial tools that enable you to protect your content. You can make sure that the content which you are writing is not duplicate to any other sources that are available online.

Plagiarism checkers are extremely useful for many people belonging to different fields of life. Be it students, teachers, or any other person who is associated with the job of writing. What makes people so conscious about plagiarism is that it is an unethical practice and one has to make sure that his textual content is not plagiarized with another source. The reputation of writers can be at stake due to plagiarism.

How to avoid plagiarism? 

If the plagiarism is such a vile activity, then how can we make sure that what we’re writing is absolutely plagiarism-free? Well, the rule of thumb is to write your work every time. There is just no point in using paraphrasing tools to avoid plagiarism. The reason is that these tools can alter the meaning of the sentences.

Therefore, it must be avoided as much as we can because the point of writing gets lost in this. To make sure that you’re not committing any literary theft. Try making the use of multiple online tools to check the plagiarism. You may have come across these tools once in a while. As everyone has to write something at some point in their lives. These plagiarism checker tools are extremely important and useful for bloggers, students, teachers, and businessmen.

Examples of plagiarism

There are a variety of types of plagiarism. One cannot specify that it is the only type of plagiarism and one should avoid it. Look below to know what these types are.

  1. You have copied someone else’s text without citation
  2. Using the images, videos and music without getting permission from them
  3. Copying data from different unauthorized sources i.e. websites
  4. Ideas which are stole from a verbal conversation (overhead someone say it)
  5. Paying someone else to write content on your behalf

Besides this, there can be direct, self, Mosaic, accidental, and outsourcing plagiarism. Be it of any type it must be avoided as it is an unethical norm.

How to check plagiarism of PDF file free online

Why should we use those tools?

There is a perception that we do not need to use these tools when we are being extra careful while writing and taking all the precautions. Well, you may have no idea but your idea can be written already. You might have not copied their work but it will you who would be considered as the one who plagiarised the content. This is where these tools come in handy.

So, it is always better to check for plagiarism beforehand. Below are the few of the websites that you can use to check the plagiarism-free of cost.

  • The SEO tools

There are multiple plagiarism checkers available online. The uniqueness about this website is that it gives you various plus points. For instance, the SEO tools have a great scoring, content tracking option, similarity report, and better support.


The online software that checks for plagiarism is available absolutely free for its users. It’s simple to use easy to access and has a lot of options available. This website has an option that you can copy, paste the content and upload it directly for an assessment. has the availability to get registered for users. By doing this you can get the option of 50 searches per day while the unregistered users can have only 1 search.

  • Plagium

Plagium is a great website for its users. The uniqueness of this is that it thoroughly checks the plagiarism from social media websites. It is one of the efficient and very fast tools. There are premium versions that are available as well. Users are advised to get this as a lot of options can be availed through that.

  • Unplug checker

Unplug checker is the real-time plagiarism checker website. This website offers the free services of up to 500 words. Users are not tied to any obligation. It has a free trial option for new users. You can check the plagiarism in your thesis and can look for duplicate content.   


Identification of duplicate content through your boss and website can be a work of seconds for The interface of the website is very simple. You can select the file in PDF or text format or just simply copy-paste the text and it will generate a report of plagiarism. It is a decent plagiarism checker that can be used on the go.

  • Dustball

Another unique and useful tool to check plagiarism is dustball. It has an option for a premium plan. Premium plan can give you three times more accurate results. Users are advised to get this plan. It can check for duplicate work in academic works as well as social media sites such as blogs and web pages.


Easybib is an easy go-to website for plagiarism checkers. It will give you an extra option of checking grammar in your text. The free trial can be used to check the plagiarism however after that you will have to buy their premium service.


This website offers a free assessment of your files and content and looks for plagiarism. However, services are available for patented versions which are paid. But gives a trial option which is absolutely free and can be used to analyze the services of this tool. If you’re satisfied with the results you can get yourself registered.

How to check plagiarism of PDF file free online


A plagiarism detected tool is the necessity of these times. It is necessary to maintain the authenticity of the written word. It certainly helps the people in various fields. The idea here is to provide the users who are looking for these types of services with the best available options. You can look for the best option and utilize these tools. We hope that you like this list of best available options for plagiarism checkers.

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