Why your Phone hangs and What is the Solution to Fix it?

Why your Phone hangs alot

Today, mobile phones are very popular and important, and these cases have caused us to see the peak of this technology every day. These can be referred to as the growth of both software and hardware of this technology. It is natural that phones start to use after a while Regiment and be annoying to their consumer. In this article, you will find out Why your Phone hangs and What is the Solution to Fix it?

1. Overheating

Heat is one of the worst enemies of your mobile phone hardware. When a phone is exposed to internal heat (due to internal processing) or external, it causes its hardware to not work properly, and with its support, the operating system and software also cause them to become slow and problematic.

Solution: Try not to use thick guards or preferably thin guards. Do not expose your mobile phone to strong sun or very hot places, which in addition to problems such as hanging, can greatly damage the battery life of your mobile phone.

2. Malicious Programs

There are programs that can damage your phone and take a lot of work out of your phone. The malicious programs are mostly designed for spying, which can use a lot of resources. And when a lot of resources are used, mostly, like RAM, processor, it makes the phone hangs a lot. There is also the possibility of installing bugs on the phone too once you install a malicious app.

Solution: Use reputable and powerful antiviruses and try to constantly scan your mobile phone with antivirus to be aware of malicious programs. Keep your phone apps constantly up to date so that if they have bugs you can use the new and healthy version.

3. RAM

Mobile phones, like all computers, have RAM, which temporarily stores and then deletes open application information. When there are many applications running in the background of your phone, the phone’s RAM You have to keep the temporary information of these programs and it occupies its space, which is why the mobile phone starts to hang.

Solution: Constantly empty your phone’s RAM with RAM memory software and prevent it from being busy. In the new generation, Phones have such programs in the operating system itself, which is recommended from the system program itself. Avoid opening multiple applications in the background and if you have opened a lot of apps, close them and clear their cache.

4. Running out of Storage

When your phone’s cache is full, it is normal for the phone to start slowing down, which will not solve the problem by adding external memory. And your cache (internal) should always have free space, otherwise, You will face many delays.

Solution: Try to transfer your data to your personal computer or cloud storage from time to time and delete it from your phone to increase the free space inside the phone and avoid having unimportant information. Or, if your mobile phone has the ability to add additional storage, move your files to the SD card, but make sure to empty the internal storage.

5. Update Your Android Phone

Keep in mind that operating systems always have bugs that are fixed by the manufacturer over time and will be available to you through the updates. Sometimes your phone may be slow or hangs due to a bug in the operating system that keeps you preventing you from an update.

Solution: Make sure to update your Android Phone to the latest version, And if your android phone is not updating due to some kind of bug. Install Dr. Fone on PC, and try to update it from PC, this way you will find out the reason soon enough.

6. Turn off unwanted options

Turning off unused options on a mobile phone has a huge impact on performance and processing, for example when you do not need the Location, you do not need to keep it on. Or when you do not use the Wi-Fi network, there is no need for Wi-Fi to be turned on.

Solution: When you need them, enable them, or else why you are letting them use a lot of resources, which ends up slowing your phone.

7. Don’t root your Phone

When your mobile phone is rooted, it means that you have access to all the files of the phone, even the operating system files. Also, rooting your phone will prevent your device from being updated, and over time you will encounter problems such as slowing down the phone’s processing speed. Remember, if your phone has a warranty, rooting your phone will also cause losing the warranty.

Solution: First make sure not to run Android Apps which requires rooting unless you are ready to risk your phone. You can find the alternative of those apps without rooting, all you have to do is, find them.

8. Restart

Uptime means when the device is turned on when a device is used a lot, it is normal to slow down and slow down the processing. So, sometimes you can turn your phone off and on so you can increase the speed again.

Solution: Believe it or not, all day and all night you can not stay in a room, you have to go out for fresh air. Restarting your Phone or rebooting your Phone, mostly resolves the issue.

9. Mid-range Phone

Mid-range phones are always cheaper and lower quality than the flagship phones of a brand. With deceptive appearances, they convince customers to buy them, but most customers do not know that a mid-range phone is cheap due to its weakness. Hardware and low quality are always the best parts and the highest quality in a brand flagship phone because it is the flagships that compete in the market and are compared and tested by the public every day. This is also one of the main reasons Why your Phone hangs.

Solution: I am not saying every mid-range phone has this issue, but mostly a cheaper phone comes with an issue that is unknown to the user. If you have money, go and buy the models which are compared by the YouTubers, if not look for alternative mid-range phones where YouTubers are reviewing them.

10. Reset

One of the most important reasons for slowing down and hanging up the phone is not resetting the phone after a long time. If you have used your Phone for quite a lot of time (2 Years or Less) your Phone is not really responsive, reset your Phone.

Solution: I am only recommending resting your Phone when you are out of options. Otherwise, don’t hang upon it, if you are have reset your Phone, still it is not responsive. Go to a cellphone repairing shop and tell them the issue.

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These were my reasons and thoughts regarding Why your Phone hangs and What is the Solution to Fix it? I hope this article helped and let me know if any of them was helpful to fix the issue.


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