Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1

In this article, I’m going to show you top 10 free jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1 that you should know after Jailbreaking your device. Tweaks are the methods that you can use them to customize your device according to your wish. Now jailbreak becomes a common thing among the smartphone users. The majority of the people jailbreak their devices to have full access to the device and customize and use it in the that they want.That’s all possible when your device is jailbroken. If you want to jailbreak your device, check the links down below.

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10 JailBreak Tweaks compatible for iOS 10 -10.1.1

First, what you need is jailbreak your device. If you don’t know how to jailbreak, use the link above. Once you’ve jailbroken your device, you need to know some tweaks in order to use the jailbreak device. Otherwise, there is no need of jailbreaking the device. These are some common tweaks that you can use them after you jailbreak your device, so currently for the new iOS 10 jailbreak their are some tweaks that have been tested and compatible to work with iOS 10, 10.1, 10.1.1.

#1. Icon Renamer

Icon renamer does just that lets you rename the applications on your device. Press and hold on any application and the renamer bar will appear, just type the word you want yourself. Click “Apply“.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1

icon Renamer

#2. Power Tap

The “Power Tap” brings some functionality to your power down menu so you can go ahead and click on the icon then you get an option to slide to reboot, spring and save mode.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1

Power Tap

#3. Zeppelin

This tool is really amazing and I love this one very much. By installing this tweak, you will be able to change your sim card name to the icon or even a text. For example, you can rename your sim card name to your own company name or your own name.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1


#4. AppColorClose

This tweak allows you to to to customize your device when you go to edit mode of the apps to move or delete it then the (x) on the top corner get the same color as the app. Like the shot below.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1


#5. BounceNotify8

So this tweak is going to allow you to have a bouncing effect notification on your apps that are on the dock. When you have a notification on the app that is in the dock then it will apply a bouncing effect to make it cool and more interesting.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1


#6. Cask

This tweak is for slide effects, It allows you to select a slide down or up effect for the slide in settings then it apply the effect on the list and make it cooler. So it works on iOS 10 also if want to give a try.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1


#7. ClearDock

So cleandock is also one of those free tweaks for iOS 10 that allow you to clear dock on your devices. It gives your home screen very clean look. Just clean the dock to make your home screen more simple.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1


#8. Cylinder

This tool will allow you to have various kind of animation while you are swapping through the device pages. There are hundreds of animation that you can use them.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1


#9. GlowBadge

This tweak allows you have a glow on your app that has notification on it. When you have a notification on apps on your home screen, it appears aglow with the color your select around the icon of the app. It works for floder also if you wanted.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1


#10. NoSlowAnimations

This tweaks also for the iOS 10 jailbreak that allows you to omit the slow animation when you open an app, folder or settings. By this, you can boost up your devices.

Top 10 Free JailBreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1



So it was all about, top 10 free jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 10 -10.1.1. I hope, you enjoyed this article. If you have any question regarding this post just feel free to share it via the comment section below. Thanks for being with us.

Credit: The credit of this article goes to iDeviceHelp.

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