How to take Screenshot of Android Recovery Mode

Take screenshot on Android Recovery Mode

Today’s article is “Taking Screenshot while recovery mod Android”. Did you know how to take a screenshot while in recovery mode. There isn’t an option for taking a screenshot. Did you know you can do it by some toolkit via PC? If no, then no need to worry, in this article we’ll show you how to take screenshot of Android Recovery mode.

Today we are here with one of the essential tricks you’ve been always searching for. This trick can help you to take a screenshot while recovery mod. We’ve been always researching for such kind of tricks. We’ve faced the same situation, while we were trying to take a screenshot on recovery mode, we used to take a screenshot with other devices. When I researched on the internet I found this amazing trick, Even in recovery mode. I really confused how could it be possible, but it worked correctly. And now I thought it would be better to share it with you. Let’s Jump to guide.

Take Screenshot of Android Recovery Mode

This is a bit simple and straight, you have to do it all with your PC, just by running a tool from your PC. This method “Tools” can help you to take a screenshot. So, Follow our Steps.

Step #1. Now boot your Device in recovery mode and plug USB and connect it to Your phone

Step #2. You need to download a file Recovery Screenshot capture toolkit and unzip it or extract it.

Step #3. After Extracting done open it, and search for “RUNrs.bat” open it.

ScreenShot While Recovery

Step #4. You’ll see a command and then Select” option 1 to make configuration settings.

ScreenShot While Recovery

Step #5. Now mention your device screen width and height in order that google your device’s screen size and fill the appropriate value.

ScreenShot While Recovery

Step #6. The Process will start. It will start taking the screenshot of recovery mode, you can get it from your File Manager.

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Step #7. As you can see in toolkit a new folder appeared by the name of “Pixel_formats” where you’ll see some screenshot captured from recovery mod, now you need to select best-fit screenshots of your device and note the file name.

ScreenShot While Recovery

Step #8. Now after that, you need to select 1 option from this Tools and enter the file name you’ve noticed before.

Screenshot of Android Recovery Mode

Step #9. You have succeeded. Now you can do whatever you what in recovery mod. As Custom ROM and Wipe data etc., just select the option 3 to take a screenshot

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So the article was about, how to take screenshot of Android recovery mode. We hope you’ve got something from this article, if you like our article, Please share it with your friends, and retain, visit our website every day, because we publish new articles.

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