Safety Tips at Online Dating Sites

Safety Tips at Online Dating Sites

These days, no one can be surprised by online dating sites. Both young and old people are registered there, hoping to find their companion for life. Very often, on such sites, married men communicate with young ladies in search of pleasant adventures on a couple of times, as well as all sorts of scammers and swindlers. And it’s very bad when you learn the bitter truth about your failed “half” by spending a certain amount of time and money for correspondence. However, this is not a reason not to use online dating sites in order to find your life partner. You just need to use this tool properly.

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Safety Tips at Online Dating Sites

Fake accounts

Some people just write a few false statements in their profile, while others upload stolen photos or even appear to be a completely different person. Another motive appears here. For example, the creator of a profile wants to look more attractive than he really is, or he just likes the attention that he receives through a fake account.


The term “fraud” means deception. Fraudsters are marital swindlers of our time, who swear in love with the intention to get money. They are often found abroad. The standard option is to ask for money for the flight, to meet in person, or to resolve an emergency.


Spammers send ads to lure people to other websites or applications. They promise a closer acquaintance, more photos, an adult webcam session, and the like with the goal of attracting seemingly better or safer offers. They want to transfer users to another site in order to finally agree.

How to Recognize a Fraudster?

Typical Profiles

Many platform scammers typically use stolen photos of attractive white men or women for dating. Fraudsters often use photos of nurses, doctors, models or fashion designers. They create typical profiles, introducing them a beautiful Russian, Latina, or Thai.

Strange Speech in the Process of Communication

Often, fraudsters use machine translation to communicate and use similar phrases. Here are some examples of phrases that fraudsters often use on dating platforms:

I am a believing man / believing woman
I’m looking for an honest man
I’m looking for a serious girl
I am an honest man / honest woman
I am so lucky to meet you

Personal Meetings are Impossible

Your interlocutor finds new excuses all the time. The meeting cannot take place, or your dates are always canceled at the last minute. It’s time to pay attention to whether there are other suspicious signs in his / her behavior, and carefully read our tips on how to get acquainted.

Be realistic

Are you flooded with love stories? The photo shows a very attractive person, and does his or her story seems too beautiful to be true? Is everything going too fast, like in a dream? Maybe you received the first message before uploading your profile photo? Does the profile seem believable? If an attractive 20-year-old girl is looking for a man of any age, and appearance does not matter, the profile should be regarded with suspicion.

How to Protect Yourself?

Continue to communicate anonymously as you want, do not let the other person rush you into anything, let everything go at a speed that is comfortable for you. Do not share the information you prefer to keep to yourself.

Safety Tips at Online Dating Sites
Safety Tips at Online Dating Sites

Do not give your phone number and other contact information (Skype, Whatsapp, email, home address, place of work) to strangers. Never send money to strangers. Especially those who you only recently met on the Internet. Use the “Report” function in the profile of the interlocutor.

Can we Trust Anyone Afterwards?

If you are looking for a relationship, you need to be open to new things. Too much distrust can prevent you from falling in love, but pessimistic people are usually less attractive. Please carefully read our tips on how to get acquainted.

Not every request comes from a fraudster, rather the opposite. We show in real time how rare such cases are.You can get acquainted with the beautiful Ukrainian brides by clicking on the link. The site is quite reliable and relevant. You only need to use such sites correctly, so as not to inflict mental harm on yourself.


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