Ways the Internet Will Change in the Near Future

Ways the Internet Will Change in the Near Future

There is no doubt that the internet has changed the world in many ways.  From transforming the worlds of business and education to enhancing global communication, the internet has continued to thrive.  However, the internet is just getting started; there is much innovation that lies ahead.

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Here we will look into the ways the internet will change soon.  The following information will give you a glimpse into the probable near future for the web.

Constant Internet Connectivity

I am sure that most of us remember how far the internet has come from dial-up connections to Wi-Fi systems. Connectivity soon will be everlasting and won’t need any point of connection.   

In coming years, the reality of satellite internet will become a reality. When this happens, continuous web for all users will be implemented. This will put an end to all connectivity issues and eliminate bad connections due to weak signals.

Web-Based VR will Dominate Gaming

The year 2019, marks the year that users of virtual reality (VR) devices will be able to visit anywhere in the world, virtually. This will create a realistic experience that will allow for simulated travel anywhere, without leaving home.

It is for this reason that companies like Microsoft and Google have developed their own VR gadgets for their platforms. This will also impact the gaming console industry as the newest systems will start to feature their own VR technology.

Challenges Adapting to Rapid Change

The increasing rate of change will cause many businesses and individuals to struggle to keep up with the vast and rapid changes found in every sector.  The increase in computing power and machine learning will result in an increase in the rate of innovation.

This will seem extreme and excessive to many because of the unprecedented frequency of the change. Content marketing services will be in high demand to assist companies trying to navigate in the ever-changing medium.  

Increased Privacy Threats

With the vast advancements in platforms and services, internet users will have increased reasons to be concerned about their vital information being shared.  New apps and devices pop up every day that we incorporate into our everyday lives, thus making our privacy a severe issue.

Some analysts believe that social sites will even charge users a premium for added privacy protection.  

The Omnipresence of the IOT

Currently, people think of smart home devices when they think of the “Internet of Things.”  This technology allows mobile devices to control appliances, lighting, security, and other aspects of the home. Soon, the IOT technology will be included in new automobiles and any other items that can sustain the technology.


We are living in a world that is much different than it was just two decades ago. The internet has changed our lives dramatically. We must prepare for the new technological leaps and bounds that are on the horizon.  


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