How to Know if Your Smartphone is Hacked?

How to Know if Your Smartphone is Hacked?

In this tutorial, I will show you how to know if Your Smartphone is hacked. Nowadays Smartphone is an important part of our life. In different places we use smartphones to call someone, searching data, receive calls, taking videos, pictures, and more things. But we should not forget, to protect our smartphones from hackers. We can install antivirus and uninstall malicious apps from smartphones, to be protected from hackers.

Really it is Possible to Hack Smartphone?

It is a big question for all smartphone users that it is possible to hack smartphones or no? I can say that yes! It is possible. The hackers use different ways to access or hack your Smartphone. But one thing you should remember that protecting your smartphone can prevent hackers to access your Smartphone, like installing supported applications, installing antivirus, and using a private internet connection.

How the Hackers Can Access to Smartphone?

There are different ways, the hackers can access to a smartphone. Using spy software, fake websites, sending messages, sending unknown notifications, and making fake Wi-Fi Networks.

1#. Spy Software

Spy software can steal your necessary information, sometimes we download and install unknown applications from unknown websites and use it without any attention. But we don’t know, maybe that software or application is spy software. Try to install the supported applications on smartphones to be protected from hackers.

2#. Public Networks

Using public networks or Wi-Fi networks is not recommended. Using a public Wi-Fi network can harm your smartphone. The hackers can make fake public Wi-Fi networks, spy from your smartphone, and steal initial information.

3#. Spy Website

Try to use or open the websites which are supported by Google. If google warning you from any website, don’t try to open or use those kinds of websites. All of them can be fake websites. They can easily hack your phone and access your smartphone and steal your important information.

How to Know if Your Smartphone is Hacked?

Tell me now, did you ask yourself any time? That how to know if my Smartphone is hacked? Asking this question can help you to search and find ways, and getting information about, how to hack smartphones, and finally how to know if your smartphone is hacked by hackers. Some point shows you; your smartphone is hacked by hackers.

1#. Unwanted Messages and Notification

Sometimes, we get notification and messages from any apps and sites, encourage us to visit and open the messages and notification. We should know that maybe our smartphone is hacked, or someone else tries to hack our Smartphone. Don’t open the messages and notification, which is not a formal message.

2#. Your Smartphone is Working Slowly

Sometimes, our smartphone is working slowly and not working properly. Here we should check the hide apps running in the background. Maybe your Smartphone loss charges easily. Some hacker tries to make busy your smartphone and attack your device.

3#. Apps on Smartphone not Working Properly

Sometimes, we use some apps to do our job, but it is not working properly. (Unfortunately, it’s Stopped) When you receive these messages in time of running the apps, try to uninstall unnecessary apps, and take care of your smartphone from hackers.

4#. Smartphone Battery Drains More Quickly

The one sign, which shows that the smartphone is hacked, is when your battery comes down immediately, the percentage of the battery comes down quickly. Occasionally, the smartphone becomes too heat, it also can be the one sign, that maybe, the smartphone is hacked by someone.

How to know Who Hacked our Smartphone?

First of all, check your hidden apps running in the background try to close or uninstall all the apps which are unknown. All the numbers which are doubtful or all the social account which you have contact or called try to recognize and check all. If you don’t find any information, you need a person whose job is cybersecurity. They can help you to find the causes and can protect your smartphone from hackers. You can also follow the instructions below that what to do if our Smartphone is hacked.

If Your Smartphone is Hacked, What to do?

If your smartphone is hacked, do this work.

  1. try to change all your password fast, as soon as possible
  2. Try to delete all apps which you think, that is Spy software.
  3. Tell all your friends, if you receive any kind of unwanted messages, that are from hackers, not me.
  4. Try to not enable your hotspot Wi-Fi in a public place, the hackers can use your hotspot and access to your Smartphone.
  5. You must install the security application on your device. Install secure and powerful antivirus on your Smartphone to protect your phone from hackers.
  6. Restore your Smartphone, when your Smartphone is not working properly if you felled your smartphone is hacked.

What to do if your smartphone is hacked


Try to protect your Smartphone from hackers, with secure antivirus. Never connect your Smartphone to the internet, before installing antivirus on your Smartphone. After that, you can use safely internet connection without feeling any danger from malicious applications and software.

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