10 Ways to Protect Your Windows 10 System

In this article I want to show you 10 Ways to Protect Your Windows 10 System. One of the questions that may come for each of us, is how to enhance or how to protect our computer from virus.

10 Ways to Protect Windows 10 System

Windows is one of the most used tools in today’s world, most of everyday tasks are done by this tools, and each of us use it to do everydays tasks. Due to that I will show you how to protect your Windows against the hackers.

1#. Install The Latest Update

The most important step is to check automatic windows update. And install the recommended updates. In recommended files the security files will be installed, it will enhance security of your computer from unknown resources. Go to Start> Windows Update> Advanced Option> Automatically Download Updates

Windows update

2#. Create a Restore Point

If you have installed the latest Windows Update and there is no more update Available. It is recommended to create a restore point. Which is very functional tool in windows system. So, what is the benefit?. Thing one time your windows find some problem and not working well. Here you can use restore point to solve this problem. Go to Control Panel> System> System Protection> Create

Create a Restore Point

3#. Install Best Antivirus

When you decided to install antivirus. Be sure to install or buy it from valid company. Otherwise your computer might be in danger condition. And your computer security will be low situation. It is recommended to install and buy from popular and valid company’s or sites.

Use Best Antivirus

4#. Create Backup(Copy) of Important Files

Everyone has important files on their computer. Which can be personal and necessary. To secure your files, it is recommended that to send your files in external memory. And you can protect by giving password. Or send in iCloud storage if you have small size of information and files.

Take Copy Important files in External Memory

5#. Create Standard Account

If your computer is not personal, it is recommended to create one standard user with administrator account. If someone else want to use the computer and login with standard user. Your important files remain secure. The person with standard user can’t bring any changes to system. Go to Setting> Accounts> Family & Other people> Add someone else to this PC

Create a Personal Account

6#. Use Popular Browser

Using popular and valid browser can proof your computer protection. But never use or open unknown and unsecure sites or browser. It can cause harm your system. Your computer can be harm by virus. Always use valid and popular browser for your security like google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and more….

Use Popular Browser

7#. Do Not Use Cracked Software

As we know that, the computer needs updating to maintain security. Whether it’s operating system, antivirus, or other important software. The use of cracked software in most cases deprives the user from opportunity to update the program. If the publisher of the software become aware of cracked software. They can terminate services from the user. Also, sometime the crack files can harm your Windows protection.

Dont use crack software

8#. Unistall Unnecessary Programs

Check out your program list. If there is unnecessary software, uninstall it. Maybe there be a software which can be malicious and virus software. Due to security reason it is recommended to uninstall all idle, unnecessary and unknown software. Go to setting> Apps> Apps & features

Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

9#. Use Strong Password

Using easy and sample password can be imagined easily. The hacker can imagine and hack your account. And also don’t use one password for different account, because it can bring more risk for all accounts. Try to use Strong and different password for your different accounts. If you want to change your Computer password, go to Setting> Account> Sign-in option> Change


Use Strong Password

10#. Enable and Configure Firewall

As we know that firewall controls the flow of information between your computer and the internet. Firewall can protect and encrypt your information, the hackers can’t recognize or read your information. mostly, when you use internet it is very important to configure and enable your firewall network for more security reason. Go to Setting> Network & Internet> Windows Firewall

Firewall network and protection


It is important for all Windows users to protect their windows from hackers. Applying the above guides can help you to be protected from hackers and unknown user.

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