How to Get 20% Discount on Hostinger without Coupons?

Get 20% Discount on Hostinger

Apparently there are many web hosting provides available that you can purchase but are you sure about their services such as support system and security. In case you are 100% sure about using their hosting, but are you certain that their plan is cheaper compared to the other hosting providers. These are the certain questions that you must find out. You must watch YouTube videos, read articles about those hostings and then find the result whether it is a good reliable hosting or no.  In the end you can decide about purchasing or using that platform. Among those postings please keep in mind that you have to take a look at the hostinger plans too.

Apparently I have been using hostinger for the past one year, I am really satisfied with their support system.  I have a cloud hosting and and I have been managing more than 10 website on this platform. You may be thinking that this hosting is mostly common among the Indians, but I assure you even though I’m an Australian, still I am using this plan because it is reliable and also it is cheap and it is perfect for a small businesses. Still as I said earlier you need to do a complete research and then decide to purchase the plan or no. Do it with any hosting provider.

In case you are into using the hosting your plans, I have a very good news for you you can get even more discount on their plans. Believe it or not I saved around $96 just on the cloud hosting that I am using myself on Hostinger. So, what is the trick, in this Article you will Learn How to Get 20% Discount on Hostinger without Coupons.

Note: This is not a Sponsored post, in fact, from their good services, reliable hosting, and because it is cheap for small businesses, I am recommending it.

Get 20% Discount on Hostinger without Coupons

Hostinger is a web hosting provider which was founded in 2009 and ever since they have a good reputation on the hosting arena on the web. As of right now Hostinger is providing shared hosting, VPS and cloud hosting.

Note: If you using Hostinger for the first time, it’s going to provide you a free domain too.

Here are the steps to get 20% on Hostinger.

Step #1. Visit

Step #2. Open any hosting plan that you are looking for, for instance, I am looking to purchase a Cloud hosting of

Hosting Plans

Step #3. Once you are in the hosting plan that you are looking to purchase, don’t select any package yet. Just make sure, at the end of URL, you include the below texts.


For instance the original URL is but if you add the referral text, it will look like this.

Adding Referral Code

Step #4.  Now go ahead and select any plan that you are interested, in my case I will go with the cloud startup . You will see the difference between using a coupon code and these referral code.

Use this Referral code, you will a 20% discount (In Cloud Hosting on Startup Plan for 48 Months, you will pay $383.52).

Get 20% Discount on Hostinger

20% Discount

While using Coupons you will get up to $433 – $445.

Here are some of the coupons that I have found from Internet.

Get 20% Discount on Hostinger

Applied Hostinger Coupon

In case using the Referral code is a mass for you, you can use the following links.


I hope using this method you have secured a very good and reliable hosting for your website that you needed. In fact it is really good housing provided for the small businesses. Please keep in mind in case you are not comfortable with their Hosting Services, you can refund it within the 30 days time.

Watch it’s video on YouTube

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