How to Change App icons on Samsung Galaxy Phones?

Change App icons on Samsung

The good thing about Android is that it is customizable even the apps. Icons that are available within your Samsung Galaxy phones are cool but sometimes the user experience gets bored with them because of using them a lot. Even though each manufacturer designs the icons of the apps to meet the necessary standards of their clients. Still, some users prefer to change app icons on Samsung Galaxy phones. There is various method that you can use to Change App icons on Samsung Galaxy Phones. The popular methods are using launchers which I do not recommend. Instead, you have to use the Galaxy store to get new icons or use the icons pack to get a new look for the icons.

1. Change App icons on Samsung using the Galaxy Themes Store

The easiest method that you can use to change app icons on Samsung is to use the Galaxy theme store. Galaxy theme store is similar to Google play store where designers are uploading and offering their own themes, wallpapers, icons, and always-on-display designs. You can find various range of themes that you can use to change the app icons on your Samsung Galaxy Phone. Please do keep in mind that you will find both paid and free themes, wallpapers, etc.

Note: If you don’t have a Samsung account, create it right away because without it you won’t be able to get a new theme from the Galaxy Store.

Steps to get a new theme from Galaxy Store:

  1. To get started, you have to access the themes on your Phone. For that hold your finger on your home screen> then select themes at the bottom. However, if you are comfortable using this method, open the settings app> and tap on the themes.
  2. Following that the Galaxy theme store will launch where at the bottom you have to tap on the icons. You will find different icons with different designs, colors, styles, etc. If you want to get the top icons based on ratings that people have used, select Top next to featured.
  3. If you found icons that you like, tap on them then tap on download> following that you have to Apply the icons to the entire android ecosystem.
  4. After a while, if you want to use the default Samsung icons, open the galaxy themes> tap on the hamburger menu at the right bottom corner> tap my stuff> tap on default to apply the changes.

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2. Change App icons on Samsung using the icons Pack

Unfortunately, if the Galaxy themes store has disappointed you, you can always have another option to change app icons on Samsung Galaxy phones. This time you have to use icon packs. Exactly what are icon packs, well, icon packs are apps that contain a collection of icons that were initially useful for third-party launchers that supported this feature. Icon packs were always available on Android, especially in the Google play store that you could have used at least not directly. However, with the recent updates of the On UI, Samsung has finally been allowed to support the icons pack directly.

As I said earlier that you can find different types of icon packs within the Google play store if you search, the good news is that these icon packs are regularly updated. Even though the icons pack contains a wide range of icons for different apps, the default icons of the phone will not be changed. That’s why icon packs were used in the launchers.

If you want to Change App icons on a Samsung galaxy phone using the icons pack, make sure that your Android must be running One UI 4.0 or later.

Steps to Change App icons on Samsung using icons pack:

  1. Download and install the theme park from the Galaxy Store.
  2. Launch the Google Play store and search for the icons pack. Choose an icon pack and download it on your phone.
  3. Launch the Theme Park that you downloaded from the Galaxy store> then tap on the icons at the bottom> following that tap on “create new”> select the icons to pack that you downloaded. Once it is added, under the Samsung icons pack, you will see third-party icon packs, select it.
  4. Wait for a preview of the icons to appear. If you want, you can change the icons of the programs separately so that the whole icon pack is not applied. To do this, tap on the top three dots and select Change icons to see the list of apps.
  5. On any app you tap, you can set a photo from the gallery as the app icon, in addition to changing the app icon to a different design. By selecting Reset, the icon design will return to the default state. By selecting the Edit icon, you can change the shape of the icon separately from the Shape section. In the Color section, it is possible to change the internal color of the icon and its frame.
  6. After customizing the icons individually, go back to the previous menu. If you want to change the shape and color of all icons at once, you can do this from the Shape and Color section.
  7. Finally, tap the Save option above and choose a name for it and install it by clicking the OK button. Click on the created set and select Apply.
  8. If you want to go back to the default mode, tap on the applied set from the same app and select Unapply.

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These are the official 2 methods that I use to change the icons on my Samsung galaxy phone. Let me know which one you prefer to use and finally tell me in the comment section if you know a better method to Change App icons on Samsung Galaxy phones.

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