Five applications for Android which can help students with their homework

Five applications for Android which can help students with their homework

There are lots of apps that aim to help you to deal with your home assignments these days. Some of them are simple reminders, other ones – substantial helpers. They are all compatible with Android. Unless you study a technical major and need to complete a specific assignment, you can seek android homework help to get it done in a perfect manner. Except for this case, the list regarding the most critical programs that you can run on Android devices and that will help you with your tasks has been waiting for you down below. Let’s have a look!


It all starts with self-discipline, which means that no matter how many tasks you have to complete, you have to be self-organized. Needless to say, procrastination is your enemy, and postponing your assignment will not solve the problem. The MyHomework app is a straightforward tool that helps you to keep track of your homework. Importantly enough, this program has been in existence for approximately 11 years, which, in turn, gave it numerous credits as the best app for academicians. Simple as that, it is always with you on your phone. It checks your performance, records your tasks, and by various algorithms helps you to stick to the schedule and remain lucrative outside the academia. Not to mention one feature that I am so excited about – a synchronization with your Facebook account, which simply means that your teachers, professors, and other instructors can edit your homework schedule, meaning they can add tasks, change the deadlines, and whatsoever. Isn’t that cool? I am sure that some of you at least once forgot to write down the homework and forget about it. Now you don’t have to worry about it because you will receive tasks in your planner directly from your educators.


Let’s be honest, math is not a cup of tea for a plethora of graduates, and those tasks are a real pain in the neck. I mean, you know basic things, but your knowledge is far from perfect, and you don’t want to get stuck in those calculations, examples, et cetera. Using the Photomath, you ensure leaving the problems with solving complicated and time-consuming examples in the past. As to the app per se, it is a technological calculator that tends to solve pretty complex problems. It works in a way you take a photo of the example, upload it to Photomath, and voila – you get a step-by-step solution. Not only will you just write down an answer, but also you will be able to see the entire process of actions, how it turned out; that may well enrich your overall knowledge of math. The application is entirely free and is prone to work without a network connection. Furthermore, if a specific task has a couple of variants of a solution, the tool will depict all of them with separate explanations.


Have you ever struggled with memorizing the material, learning new topics, or advancing your knowledge regarding a particular field? It’s all because you can’t gather all the information in one place and examine your knowledge. And here comes Quizlet. The app assembles the material and gives you to learn it in a short format. Meaning the tool is a set of cards that are separated in blocks depending on themes and subjects. Indeed, you can construct your own cards or modules, editing them, and sharing with others. The way the app works is hugely efficient in learning languages, terms and definitions, humanities, vocabulary, and history. Not to mention that the learning process the utensil provides you with activates a long-term memory, which, in turn, aims to replenish your vocabulary, to learn the rules of grammar, and so on. The app possesses three options to choose, free and two paid. To say less, the free one will absolutely satisfy your needs. 

Google Drive

Even though the app doesn’t help you with a specific subject precisely by solving the tasks, it is still a vital helper to have all your documents in one place. The Drive is free for the first 15 GB, which is, to be honest, for academic purposes is more than enough. It is very comfy to have all of your documents, projects, and presentations under one account so that you can arrange them by folders and make files easy-to-access. Besides, if you let the offline access, you will be able to reach your data without the network connection and edit it. If you have to complete some corporate homework, share access with your colleagues, and work on it live. Also, you don’t have to worry about the backup, in case your laptop crashes or the handwritten text is missed. Simply, synch it with your devices and open wherever and whenever you want.

Thesaurus Synonyms

Imagine that you have to write a paper and prefer to do it in a “do not disturb” mode. You are inclined to turn the Internet off and start working on your essay. Thesaurus Dictionary of Synonyms gives you a lot of word suggestions offline. Enlarge your vocabulary with the help of this outstanding tool that is easy-to-use and has an appealing interface. Additionally, you can bookmark the words you haven’t heard about, yet you adore them and want to save for further use. The app is completely free and widely considered a significant step towards a polished, impeccable, and unprecedented writing.

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