How to Fast Backup Your Old/Scratched DVD to DVD with WinX DVD Copy Pro?

How to Fast Backup Your Old/Scratched DVD to DVD with WinX DVD Copy Pro?

In this article, I’m going to show you How to Fast Backup Your Old/Scratched DVD to DVD with WinX DVD Copy Pro. Take a look at your DVD collections on the shelf. Newly added ones in exquisite packages are very fresh. Well, don’t forget other ones which have been shelved for a quite long time. The old DVDs are probably under the dust. What’s worse, many small scratches are on the surface of discs for physical damages. DVD backup becomes an emergency to well keep contents of your precious DVDs, especially for some going out of print. It’s seemingly not a hard task to make a copy of intact DVDs. But, is there an available solution to copy an old/scratched DVD to a new blank DVD? Follow us to get the best DVD to DVD backup software to fulfil this task.

WinX DVD Copy Pro – the Perfect Way to Fast Backup Old/Scratched DVD to DVD

How to Fast Backup Your Old/Scratched DVD to DVD with WinX DVD Copy Pro?


WinX DVD Copy Pro concentrates all on offering an easy yet powerful solution to backup any DVD with the purpose of helping users store DVD contents more safely, later play on TVs/computers flawlessly, give a copy to families or friends as a gift and so on. How does WinX DVD Copy Pro work for you?

#1. Support a Wide Range of DVDs from Old/Scratched to New/Protected
WinX DVD Copy Pro is updated continuously to keep pace with changing copy protection technologies empowering users to bypass CSS, region codes, RCE, FBI Warnings, Disney DRM and other special schemes to backup copy-protected DVDs successfully and stable.

Sector-by-sector DVD copy feature makes WinX DVD Copy Pro easily read and fix broken/back sector and skip blank sector during backup. It can automatically detect Sony ARccOS bad sectors on DVDs and create a perfect copy.

#2. Backup DVD in 9 Modes – 1:1 Copy with Original Quality
WinX DVD Copy Pro allows users to copy DVDs in 9 modes. You can full backup DVD to DVD, to ISO or VIDEO_TS folder, backup DVD title by copying chapters, extracting video or audio only, mount ISO to a virtual drive or burn ISO to DVD.

#1:1 DVD copy with all menus, subtitles and languages can be easily achieved to keep everything well. You can flexibly backup one or more or all DVD titles, chapters in one title or only audio tracks. And, there is no quality loss of the resulting DVD copy.

#3. Deliver Ultimately Fast Speed and Use Lowest CPU
WinX DVD Copy Pro produces a high efficient DVD backup procedure. Our test tells that it only takes about 10 minutes to copy a feature movie DVD to a blank DVD disc at 1:1 ratio (affected by CPU and DVD drive). Averagely, the CPU usage is less than 1%. Other processes will not be influenced at all when you copy a DVD.

WinX DVD Copy Pro Tutorial – How to Fast Backup Old/Scratched DVD to DVD


  • Download and install WinX DVD Copy Pro (fully compatible with Windows 10 and lower).
  • A computer with multiple DVD drives.
  • A DVD you want to make a copy
  • A blank writable DVD disc including DVD-/+R (DL), DVD-+RW (DL), DVD RAM

Step #1. Load Source DVD and Select Target DVD.
Insert the DVD you want to make a copy and blank DVD disc into DVD drives.

Launch WinX DVD Copy Pro. On the left panel of WinX DVD Copy Pro window, select Clone DVD to DVD option from Full DVD Disc Backup section. Then, move to the right panel. Click Browse button to select source DVD. Next, in Target DVD burner field, select the drive which stores the blank DVD disc.

Step #2. Set Copy Options
In the middle section of the right panel, you can set copy options, to remove DVD copy protection, adjust sector reading and bad sector skipping rate. You can also define a new folder to save the temporary ISO file copied from source DVD which will be later burned to blank DVD.

Step #3. Run to Copy DVD to DVD
Click RUN button to start copying your old/scratched DVD to the new blank DVD disc.

How to Fast Backup Your Old/Scratched DVD to DVD with WinX DVD Copy Pro?


If there is only one DVD drive on your computer, please clone DVD to ISO at first. After the cloning process is finished, eject the DVD and insert blank DVD into DVD drive and then use DVD Burner option to burn ISO to this blank DVD.


No matter what kind of DVD you have, old, scratched, strictly encrypted, WinX DVD Copy Pro can give you a perfect solution to make an intact DVD copy. Apart from DVD to DVD, it offers more choices for you to clone a DVD in other formats to meet more storage needs. And now, you can get a free version of this great DVD copy software by taking part in the giveaway promotion to produce a new copy of your damaged or out-of-print DVDs.


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