How to Do Basic Arithmetic Calculations in Microsoft Excel 2016

How to Do Basic Arithmetic Calculations in Microsoft Excel 2016

In this article, you are going to learn that how to do basic arithmetic calculations in your Excel workbook. As you all know that arithmetic calculation made the basis of mathematical calculations. Which we learned them in first class in school. And we use them always in our life. Now in Microsoft Excel is also important, we always need to them in each mathematical calculations in Excel workbook. In Microsoft Excel, we can do these calculations in two ways, the First way we can use the symbols of these basics arithmetic calculations, and on the second way, we can use the formulas for them. Must of the mathematical equations and calculations have their formulas in Microsoft Excel but some of them don’t have. Because using the symbols are easier for that.

  • Addition ( + ) 
  • Subtraction ( – )
  • Multiplication ( * )
  • Division ( / )

Use Symbols to Do Basic Arithmetic Calculations

Step 1: Here at first, we need to write a list from those students which they passed their exams. We write their names and subjects which they had given the exams and their mark. Or you can make a list of goods which you want to buy them from the market. When you wrote them after shopping you should write the price of each good beside them. Here you can use these symbols and calculate easily.

How to Do Basic Arithmetic Calculations in Microsoft Excel 2016

Here you wrote the prices then beside of them type = price + price+price+…, type the equation symbol then each price and click Enter. On the top of your worksheet, you can see the formula. But about the subtraction of these goods, I subtract the price of one laptop from the total prices. And because from each good we bought 3, when we calculate all prices then we multiply them to 3. Now we can divide them on 10 because our total goods are 10.

Use Formulas to Do Basic Arithmetic Calculation in Excel Workbook

Step 2. Through to this option, we use their specific formulas to add and find the average of them. Here also at first, you should write some numbers. To make you project batter design your tables and use the colors. Here we have a table of student names, this table contains those students which they have passed their exams. And here we have the results from the exams. At first, I calculate all their marks, then I will find the average of the marks. To calculate the collection of their marks, we use this formula. =sum (select all the marks) then Enter. Or you can just click beside the numbers then click directly on the SUM Option and Enter.

How to Do Basic Arithmetic Calculations in Microsoft Excel 2016

To apply this formula for others also just click on the total number and take with your mouse from the corner of the selected cell and pull it down. When you change the mark the result will change automatically.

How to Do Basic Arithmetic Calculations in Microsoft Excel 2016

Now Calculate the average of these marks. Here to calculate the average of the marks, click on a cell and divide total marks on 3 because you want to find the average of the mark of three subjects. To this operation easily, type =average(number 1,number 2…) then Enter. And again to apply this operation to others, click and take from the corner of the cell and pull down.

How to Do Basic Arithmetic Calculations in Microsoft Excel 2016


Mathematical calculations are easy to be solved in Microsoft Excel. And how to do basic arithmetic calculations in Microsoft Excel. Here I explained just a little of them which were the basic. And in the next articles again we will talk about them. These all are the basic arithmetic calculation in mathematics, we talked that how to do directly these operations and how to use formulas to do these operations. You understood that how to edit the formulas easily and how to apply the operation on others directly without writing the formulas again. To learn about others mathematical calculation follow us.


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