How to Install Memu with all Versions on Windows 10?

How to install Memu and versions?

In this article, I am going to show you how to install Memu with all versions on windows 10. Now I am creating my articles on PC without using android mobile. Because Memu made by work easy. Right now I am taking all of my snapshots on PC, playing all android games on PC, playing mobile games with the Keyboard, and much more.  Memu, which is a powerful android emulator, is an open source, at a time, run more than you can imagine emulators. The Memu website says it comes with a Lollipop operating system, but no it isn’t lollipop it is jellybean. Here in this article, I will show how to install android KitKat and Lollipop and run them at the same time. It works perfectly then Virtual Machines because it isn’t too heavy, runs smoothly in any type OS with low Memory Ram or High Memory Ram. So let’s get started.

Memu Features

  1. High Performance then Blue stacks
  2. It has full capability.
  3. It has Multiple Emulators
  4. Best experience of Playing Games.

Download Memu Application

So Before to get started, you should download this Memu Application for PC, It open Source software and free to download from the link below.

Install Memu Emulator on PC

Step #1. After downloading the Memu Setup, launch it.

Step #2. Select your language and press install to install. after that setup process will start and it will take about 1 minute.

How to install Memu on PC?


Step #3. After setup Process, you will have two option, launch it or click Finish. Right now I am clicking launch to launch.

How to install Memu on PC?

Setup Finished

Here take a look, when it launch how it looks.

How to Install Memu with all Versions on Windows 10?


Congratulations, you have successfully installed android jellybean, in order to confirm it open settings-about table click 3 times back to back and jellybean logo will appear.

How to launch Android KitKat in Memu?

Since Memu has released Memu Android 4.4 RC1, you have more choices of Android 4.2, 4.4 and 5.1, your favorite app/game most likely works well at least with one of these three. So what you need is to install Memu which we already did. Click here to download the Memu-Kitkat-rc1.

Step #1. Close Memu if that is open.

Step #2. Open Memu KitKat rc1 , and install it. it will unzip the files, after unzipping it will install it.

How to install Memu and versions?


Now You can see while Creating a new Emulator I have Emulator 4.4 which means Android KitKat 4.4.

How to install Memu and versions?

Creating New Emulator

How to launch Android Lollipop in Memu?

It is also the same as Android Kitkat, click here to download the android lollipop for Memu. After downloading click and install that.

Step #1. Open the setup and install it, it’s language is Chinese, don’t worry about it.

How to install Memu and versions?


Step #2. When that staff is complete you will be asked to give permission to aboard update, click Yes, after some seconds press enter and the installation will be complete.

How to install Memu and versions?


Notes: When memu launch, you will see its language is Chinese . How to solve it later I will tell you.

How to install Memu and versions?


Here it is the error which is saying to reboot the PC to solve the Error, but unfortunately it’won’t’ solve the error.

How to install Memu and versions?


How to solve the Error?

It is too easy to solve the error, again reinstall the android KitKat and it will do the Job. Here You can see I have another version of android while creating a new emulator.

How to install Memu and versions?


Watch out all of Android at a time when I started three of them.

How to install Memu and versions?

View of Androids


It was all about, how to install Memu with all versions on Windows 10. I hope you have learned this article, and I hope you will ask your questions, give us your suggestions, opinion about what articles we have to write. If you faced any problem tell us below by comment, Feel free to tell us. we’re waiting for your suggestion.


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  1. blankMuhammad Naufal Fadhillah Reply

    I want to download Memu Kitkat, but the google drive link is dead. Do you have any backup ? I need to use it for testing apps development

  2. blankH Bartley Reply

    I’m so frustrated…
    I run Mobile Strike with Memu worked great until the power board went bad on my HP Envy x360 when I got it back from HP Memu loads up I click on the app shows main cover of Mobile Strike then all black just sound… Memu percentage left is low I think I can’t remember what is was before but its 36 now… I uninstalled Memu and reloaded the newest version still same…

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