How to Connect Samsung Galaxy to TV?

connect samsung galaxy to TV

Do you  ever wished to watch your movies on HDTV from mobile or to see pictures in HD on HDTV or is there any time that you want to show a picture to friends or family then you feel that it looks small on your mobile? no matter here we are going to help you to watch your movies on HDTV and show it to your parents or friends HD pictures and that is here.How to Connect Samsung Galaxy to TV?

Why should you Connect Samsung Galaxy to TV?

  1. You want to show pictures of any vacation that you have been with your friends and you want to show them so how it is possible that all your friends look towards a small mobile.
  2. For remember you want to show your parents that how was your marriage party in that case also your all members of your family cannot look towards a small mobile.
  3. You don’t have any laptop but you have a big LED TV so that you can connect you Samsung Galaxy to TV and continue your presentation on TV.
  4. Especially when you are working on a news so you have a picture in your Galaxy and want to show it to the workers.
  5. Your friends are gathered at your home and want to see a movie and you have got a good movie in your mobile etc.

Connect Samsung Galaxy to TV

Follow the Steps under.

Note: Your mobile and your TV must be connected at the same wifi.

Step# 1.You all know that all Samsung mobile have an application by the name of ”Galaxy apps” so take your mobile and take steps to Galaxy apps and open it.

OpenGalaxy apps

Open Galaxy apps

Step# 2. Write on the search bar Samsung Smart View many results may come but choose one of them like under.

Select Samsung smart view

Select Samsung smart view

Step# 3. After that click on Install from the page for installing it on your mobile.

Install Samsunng Smart view on your mobile

Install Samsung Smart view on your mobile

Step# 4. Now you have the Application to Connect Samsung Galaxy to TV, after installing on your mobile search for the Samsung Smart View on your mobile and click on the application and open it.

Open Samsung Smart View

Open Samsung Smart View

Step# 5. Now connect your mobile to your TV but first you must search your TV name at the bottom of the page on your mobile and all the televisions connected to the wifi will appear there.

Select your TV name from list

Select your TV name from list

Step# 6. Now you are Connected to TV you want you can tap on the tabs and share different things by your mobile to TV.

Select videos and audios to play in TV

Select videos and audios to play in TV

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