How to Setup Auto Reply in Gmail?

How to Setup Auto reply in Gmail?

Setting up an auto-reply in Gmail is really helpful if you are receiving a lot of emails regarding the same thing. It may guest post rules or a document that has to be sent to your visitors on your website and etc. The auto-reply is not working on every email unless it meets certain requirements that you have set earlier. Such as Specifi person, or specific keyword is mentioned within the email. So, in this post, you will learn How to Auto Reply in Gmail?

1. Enable & Create Templates for Auto-Reply in Gmail

Gmail has tons of built-in features that are mostly disabled for a basic user, If you want them you have to configure it from the settings. So, Auto Reply can not be done without creating a template first. So, click on the gear icon and choose All Settings.

Access Gmail All Settings

Go to the Advanced tab, and enable the Template which is turned off by default.

Enable Template in Gmail

After that save the changes and move to the next step.

Create a Template for Auto Reply in Gmail

After enabling the template inside Gmail, you have to create a template specifically for your need. Suppose I am creating an auto-reply for the guest post for my website, which you have to create based on your need. To create a new template, click on the compose, right the content of the email, and then click on the three dots. After that, click on the Templates> Save as Template> Save as a New Template.

Create A New Template

After creating the Template, Name your Template and save it.

Name the Template

Setup Auto Reply in Gmail

The template has been created, however, right now we need to create the conditions in which the template should be sent automatically. To do that click on the search options.

Search options

Mention the criteria for the Auto Reply, you can type the Name, subject, or any other fields. Once You are done, click create a filter.

Auto Reply in Gmail

Create a Filter

After you click the create a filter, on the next page, check the Send template box, then choose the template you just created.

Auto Reply in Gmail

Send template as an Auto Reply

Once you checked the Template click create the filter.

Auto Reply in Gmail

Create the Filter

One last step is Remaining, and that is about allowing the filter from the Gmail Settings. To do it, click on the Gmail Settings> Go to the Filters and blocked addresses> and check the box of matches.

Auto Reply in Gmail

Enable the Matches.jpg


This is How you can enable the Auto Reply in Gmail without any problem. I hope this article have helped you, and if you have any question let me know in the comments.




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