How to Hide Any App on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad/ iPod)

How to Hide Any App on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

In this article, I will show you how to hide any app on iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You won’t need a jailbroken device or any third party application to hide an app on iOS devices. The method of hiding an app on iOS devices isn’t much effective. But it will prevent people to know that you are hiding an app on your iPhone or iPad. The method that we are going to us eis 100% legal to use. 

How to Hide Any App on iOS Devices

We can’t really just hide an app on the iOS device without knowing how to code a program to do it for us or to know how to change the app’s code itself. We all also delete an app but it wouldn’t be called hiding. You can hide an app but not like hiding it is more like tricking people to think that there is no app on the iOS device. 

Simply we are going to use a website in order to hide any app on the iOS device. The website’s name is (iEmpty), it lets us make an app that is colored the same as the background and then we can put any app. You can put the colored app from the website to another page and then hide the apps that you want. It basically means that you are hiding the app behind the duplicate app that you have created from a website.

Important Note: I don’t know wheater the website is secure or not. but again. You must “Back up your iOS device” in case anything happens. We are not in charge of your iOS devices if it gets damaged while using the website. Follow the steps down below.

Step #1. Get the blank page on your iOS device and then take a screenshot of the blank page. To go to the blank page, press and hold on an app for a second. And then when the option to remove app appears, swipe left until you reach the blank page. And don’t press the home button until you don’t take a screenshot of the page because it will undo the blank page.

How to Hide Any App on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad/ iPod)
Take Screen Shot of The Blank Page

Step #2. Go to safari and then open the website (iEmpty). Once you are on the website, you see an option “Create Blank Icons”. Tap on it and it will take you to another page. Tap on “Add button” and then chose the image on the blank wallpaper from your iOS device. And then “Tap on Send the image” after that wait until the website reloads.

How to Hide Any App on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad/ iPod)
Add The Blank Image to The Website

Step #3. Once the website reloads, scroll down and “Tap 1 x 1 app icon”. It will take you to another page. Tap on “The share icon” and then “Add the icon to the home screen”. Go to home screen and then press hold the wallpaper icon and then drag it to the blank page. Release it and it will automatically place itself in the first row. The app icon will match as the background.

How to Hide Any App on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad/ iPod)
Add The Blank App in the Home Screen

Step #4. Now you can drag any app that you want. And move it to another page. When anyone tries to pass through the pages, they will see the blank page. And they would think that it is only a blank page but in fact, there is another page where you have hidden your personal apps. That isn’t a much effective way to prevent anyone to see your personal app on iOS devices but it will keep anyone quit puzzled. That is a very simple way to hide any app on iOS devices without jailbreak or any third party application.

How to Hide Any App on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad/ iPod)
Move The Apps a Page Further From The Blank Page And Then You Are Done


This article was all about “how to hide any app on iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch”. Hope you guys have gotten something from this article. I will try my best to find out as many goods articles as you want. In addition, if you have any problem, suggestion or request you can say, just by commenting in the comment section. Thanks for being with us and do not forget to subscribe and also, visit our website every day, because we post new articles every day.

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