How to Hack Subway Surfer on iOS 10.3.3 without Jailbreak

Subway Surfer Hack

In this article, I am going to show you how to Hack Subway Surfer on iOS 10.3.3 without jailbreak. Subway Surfers is an endless running mobile game. A character that runs over railway track until the end of the game. Besides running, the character collects coin from the track. Subway Surfer has been a very popular game since 2013 and it has over 500 million downloaders today. For adult and children’s it is been a very interesting game cause of it every one of them wants to hack the game.

This mattered also work’s for Android. For Hack Subway Surfer on iOS 10.3.3, you need to do some easy step and download some app that may damage your device. It needs some step to Hack Subway Surfer and for that, you must have a browser and an internet connection. These two things you must have to hack Subway Surfer. Before hacking the Subway Surfer you must know that it may slow down your device a little bit.

Hack Subway Surfer on iOS 10.3.3 without Jailbreak

Downloading the Tutuapp

For hacking the game you must download the Tutuapp. Tutuapp is an app that has many useful features, for example, Snapchat Pro, Hacked Games and paid app free. Tutuapp has been a very popular app for awhile and had many downloaders and followers on the internet and many other places. You can also download Tutuapp on Android but most of the features are different from the iOS devices.

Step #1. Open a browser that you want for example Safari Browser, Google or any other.

Subway Surfer Hack

Safari browser

Step #2. Search and a new page will appear.

Subway Surfer Hack


Step #3. When the page is open click on the regular version on the corner side of the website. You can download the VIP version but it costs money and it works more clearly than the regular one. You can download it for Android. Tutuapp is completely free for Android and it does not have VIP version.

Subway Surfer Hack

Regular version

Step #4. Click the download button surrounded with a half-green rectangle. You can also download the app on Android by this mattered.

Subway Surfer Hack

Download Now

Step #5. The download application will pop up after clicking the download button. When the download application appears, simply click install to install the app on the device.

Subway Surfer Hack

Install Tutuapp

Solving the untrusted app

The untrusted application appears when you want to open the app. It is because the app that we have downloaded is not supported by the apple company. It is also for more security. When an app with not supported by Apple company is being installed on your device so the device security will not let the app be opened on the device. You can only solve the problem by entering your self in the whole device management. From the Device management, you can manage the unsupported or untrusted app.

Step #1. Tap on your device setting.

Subway Surfer Hack


Step #2. After opening setting, you will see an application by the name of general, tap on it.

Subway Surfer Hack


Step #3. After opening the application scroll down until you, see the device manager or management. The device management is for managing the untrusted apps and not allowing them to open.

Subway Surfer Hack

Device Management

Step #4. Tap on the first application if it is your first untrusted app. If it is not your first untrusted so find the app by its icon simply taping on each of them until you don’t find out.

Subway Surfer Hack

Taping on trust

Step #5. After opening the untrusted application. Tap on the trust button and an application will appear, click the trust button and the app will be trusted and you will not face any problem with the trusting verification.

Subway Surfer Hack

Trust Button

Hack Subway Surfer From Tutuapp

You need to download Subway Surfer from the Tutuapp. For downloading it you need to do some easy steps.

Step #1. Open the Tutuapp and an application will appear before starting and click allow if you click disallow the app may not work for you. Tap on the search icon at the top of the app.

Subway Surfer Hack

Search Icon

Step #2. Search Subway way surfer and many apps will appear. you must find out which one the best for you to use.

Hack Subway Surfer

Searching subway surfer

Step #3. After searching Subway Surfer. You will see two Subway Surfers app. The first one is the original one and the second one is the hacked one that is by the name of (Subway Surfers Infinite Coin). Click on the get button with green color and the app will start downloading.

Hack Subway Surfer

Get Button

Step #4. Tap back to come to the home page of the app and tap on management or manage. The app management is for managing and also for downloaded or downloading apps. There, you will see the app downloading.

Hack Subway Surfer


Step #5. After downloading Subway Surfer, the install button will automatically appear and the app will start installing on your device if you tap on install. You must not turn off your device otherwise it will not be downloaded but whenever you open the Tutuapp the Subway Surfer app will start downloading but this time the app will not automatically Start downloading. After the download finish beside the subway surfer install button will pop up with a yellow color. You can not open the app cause of the untrusted application. Do the same mattered that I have said before in this article. After that, you are ready to play the game with the infinite coin and keys.

Hack Subway Surfer

Subway Surfer Installation


It is a very simple and easy way to hack Subway Surfer on iOS 10.3.3 without jailbreak. I hope you guys have gotten something from this article and I will try my best to find out as many hacked apps as you want. You can say which game I should hack simply just by commanding in the command section and say which game you want me to hack for you on iOS and Andriod for free. Thanks for being with us.

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    Hacking games, hacking applications with the ios operating system is very difficult. Because their security is very good. They avoid invasive viruses. Through research on forums. People just let me download it on” tutuappplus “, it’s for both ios and Android. Really very well done.

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