How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

In this article, I will show you how to hack any game on Android device without root. Games are some kind of entertainment the makes us busy for some time and once you are addicted you cannot leave it behind. The game is some kind of fun that you get it by playing the game. So many peoples are even earning money by playing this games, recording from their playing that how much they are expert in that and then after recording the video of themselves they post it on YouTube and make money. Without any dough.

we can say that pewdiepie’s channel grows just form the games that he played with. For those who are playing newly for someday the game is not interesting so they need to hack the game to make it interesting. This article is not for harming somebody authority or money, this article is only for education purposes.As my research, there is one app for Android only that almost can hack any games and the usage of it in the world is enormous like large YouTube channel subscribers.

The app that can Hack any game on Android device is Lucky Patcher. Some of you may do not know that what lucky Patcher is; Lucky Patcher is an Android app from which we can hack any games. Without having the ability to hack any game lucky Patcher can also block ads, remove system apps; bypass license verification and much more. I will also show you all how to hack games with lucky Patcher and for hacking games, you need to do some very easy steps.

Hack any game on Android device with Lucky Patcher

The hacking method with lucky Patcher is all the same for any other game. Sometime the game will be hacked and sometimes the game will be patched. Patched means that if you buy coin or gem in the game they will not cut your money or your money will not be spent. It needs some easy steps to hack games with lucky Patcher so without wasting any time let us towards the steps.

Lucky Patcher’s feature

  1. Free to download and use
  2. Available on any Android devices
  3. Free hacked games and apps
  4. Doesn’t need internet to hack a game

Step 1. Download lucky Patcher form the official website of the lucky Patcher, simply by browsing lucky Patcher, tap on the first website the pop-up and then tap on the download button.

How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

Download Lucky Patcher

Step 2. When it is complete downloading, tap to install it on your Android device. Open it and then you will see a whole bunches of games and apps find the game that you want to hack and then tap on it and a white layer will open with many options. Tap the third one named (open menu of patches) and then an option will pop up tap that. A half-black layer will pop up with many options tap the third one APK rebuilt.

How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

Open Menu of Patches

Step 3. Tap the third one named (Create Modified APK File). After taping it another layer with many options will pop up.

How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

Create Modified APK File

Step 4. Another layer will pop up and this time make sure tap the fourth one. Tap on rebuilding the app and then wait until the app is rebuilt again.

How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

Tap APK Rebuild

Step 5. Now make sure that the first and second tick mark is turned on. After that tap to rebuild the app.

How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

Rebuild app

Step 5. After finishing rebuilding itself, a layer will pop up. Tap on the (go to files) options and then it will take you to the files. Tap the white small layer written your games name. After that, a  layer will pop up. Go to the home page of your device and then uninstall the game that you want to hack then come back to lucky patches.

How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

Go to File

Step 6. Tap to the that you want to hack and then a layer will pop up then tap to the first one named install. Wait for the installation and then open the app and enjoy playing.

How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

Tap install

Now you will have unlimited keys and coins. You can also buy anything in the game for free and you can make an unlimited score and can be connected with the users of your social website.

How to Hack any Game on Android Device without Root

Unlimited Keys & Coins


It is the best way to hack any game on Android device without root. Hope you guys have got something from this article. I will try my best to find out as many goods articles as you want. Also if you have any problem, suggestion or request you can say just by commanding in the command section. Thanks for being with us and do not forget to subscribe. Also, visit our website every day because we post new articles every day.

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  1. blankSaba Sami Reply

    Not worked. D2 jeeto trivia app is protected and it needs device branded mini games are found within app. How to hack them please find a cheat for this app

  2. blankSaba Sami Reply

    The games that I want to hack are branded mini games but it is not app it is found within app and that app hacks only on rooted devices and my device is not rooted so please help me I need cheat in these games.

  3. blankEmmanuel Blaise Reply

    Please help me am using itel s16 and my phone is not rooted my lucky patcher is not working at all i have try many ways.

    1. blankCumali Ekiz Reply

      Pool stars 3 d online multiplayer game Is there a mod in this game? How to earn gold and money without three? how to hack in this game pool stars 3 d online multiplayer game how to make coins and cahs please help thanks

  4. blankZaltan ibile Reply

    Please everyone am looking for HACKED version of hiketop (the app for instagram followers increase)

    Help me out with the download of the app link please. Thanks

  5. blankShaik Siddique Reply

    Farhad jafari sir how r u
    My device galaxy m30 I have download in gardenscapes mod apk game playing to more days but 1 notice send him in garden developer next time you cheat in a game this remove in your device so can u help me sir plz I’m a won hack in a gardenscapes a game plz how to passable….

    1. blankGamer mac Reply

      Bro you can’t because some’s security is very high especially online games.
      You hack with game guardian using scripts but you might get ban. Hope you understand.

  6. blanklucky patcher download Reply

    Lucky Patcher is a tool mainly used to remove advertising from apps or to unlock in-app purchases and other restricted features.

      1. blankIgnas Kiaulenas

        Hello. I have downloade the lucky patcher.. but im not sure if its the same app you are talking about. Cause the options are a litle different. Or its a new update.

  7. blankChocolate cakes Reply

    Tried to hack my game card party,after I did and installed the new one from LP I couldn’t link it to my Facebook. Did I do it wrongly.

  8. blankCleanty Feelingz Reply

    This app is magnificent
    But it doesn’t work on all apps
    Like N. O. V. A legacy, gunship helicopter, warship battle, etc. Can’t mention all but please make a great update for new version

  9. blankNATASHA Reply

    Tough times come and go and certainly are phases in life at certain points desperate measures are our only resort and we take the. finding a trustworthy infiltrator can be a lifeline and i sure used one to save my business, relationship and sanity. If you require the services of an E-C council certified expert you can talk to Garry on – theesyfer at g m a i l co m You will be glad you did. For the purpose of getting him comfortable with working with you it is advisable you point this out, it saves you a lot of back and forts while ensuring you aren’t just some child playing around. cheers, i hope this gets someone out there some relief.

  10. blankLuna Reply

    Im trying to patch Hollywood life and I’ve been using lucky patcher for all my games, but once I press install it says I need root installer and it won’t work on my phone.

  11. blankgoerge Reply

    i know you need a rooted android device plus a game killer app but these things dont work on all device and all games. the easiest and fastest means is just allowing a proffessional to do it for you. i tried and failed but later contacted travis to hack for me and he did a perfect job within minutes. he is a trustworthy hacker you can contct him via mtravis039@gmailcom ….

  12. blankSANDEEP Reply


  13. blankBraeden Tolley Reply

    so I have used it on a couple apps like monster legends and another app called gift cards for steam, I followed all of the steps but when I rebuild it some of the patch patterns say they failed, also how do I fix that, and when I ignore it and finish installing the app it acts the same way it did before

  14. blankDk Reply

    In my research I had found that lucky patcher is not for online games like it will not useful for pubg,8ball pool and other online games

  15. blankVikky kumar Reply

    Sir please tell me how to hack mpl no 1 earning app it is a online game upper article is very good &useful but mpl game
    How can I hack this game and my other problems is that lucky patcher app is not installing in my phone.
    Sir please you also give the information about hack the mpl game sir 10 k people waiting you sir please

  16. blankSARANSH Reply

    BRO I want to hack lord mobile it fuck me up so many time …. I wast my money and time now I need your help to kick everyone ass

  17. blankAkbar Mirza Reply

    I was looking for a working method to hack Traffic Racer and Clash of Clans this method worked on Traffic Racer but didn’t on Clash of Clans, whatever, that for this awesome method.

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