How to Get More Storage on Any iOS Device With Resetting

How to Get More Storage on Any iOS Device With Resetting

In this article, I will show you how to get more storage on any iOS device without resetting. Many people face this kind of problem when buying an iPhone or an iOS device. You actually can free some space by moving files from iCloud or deleting some of your pictures or videos. But if you need all of them to be on your phone, you could free some space. There are many ways to get free capacity for your iOS device. You can reset your phone or delete the apps that you don’t use any more. You can buy a new iOS device with lots of capacity or you can buy Leef iBridge 3. Leef iBridge 3 is a very high tech flash that is used for more space. By Leef ibridge 3, You can move your photos in it directly from your iOS device and it also costs $49.99.

Many people suffer the problem of the storage when it comes to buying phones Phone. They all want one thing that is more capacity for their Phone but how they will get it. It is simple, just delete some of their phones and reset your pHone to get more capatcity.

How to get more storage without resetting iOS device

We got two way to get more capacity. One is the ordinary way that we can only get about 10MB space and the other one is the excellent one that we can get about 200MB space. Both of the ways are simple and free. The First way is not that better than the second one and you might not be able to do some of them because you will have to delete a bunch of oyur apps and photos. Now we are getting started by the first way, it is pretty simple and all of them are just suggestions. If you agree, just do it and if you don’t, just aviod that part and skip it.

Ordinary ways to get more capacity/space

  1. Delete unusual photos, video, and files from your device
  2. Delete unusual apps that you don’t use anymore
  3. Reset your phone (Backup your data)
  4. Avoid installing iOS update
  5. Go to Settings, General, Storage, iCloud Usage, Manage Storage to see which app is heavy. Just delete the app and reinstall it again.

Get more storage by Magic Phone Cleaner

You can get more storage by an app named (Magic Phone Cleaner). This app is the best app for cleaning your iOS device faster and quickly. It actually finds the junk files that you don’t need and then delete it. This app is free to download and super easy to use. Those individuals who own an older iPhone and are experiencing problems with your touch screen after updating to the new iOS software from Apple. This app which clears your cache files fixes this kind of problems. After 2 weeks of clearing the cache, every day eventually breathed new life into that old phone and you didn’t have to buy a new $700 iPhone or droid. If there are other iPhone users that have experienced similar problems after updating to the newest iOS, I suggest, you use magic phone cleaner.

Magic Phone Cleaner’s Feature:

  • Free to download on any device
  • Easy to use on iOS/Android
  • Compatible with any iOS device
  • Junk clean booster & optimizer
  • Easy to clean phone and speed up phone performance
  • RAM optimizer on only single tap remove useless files and fast CPU cooling
  • Follow the steps down below to get more storage for free

Before you download this app you need to be connected to the internet and just follow the steps down below.

Step #1. Open Appstore and then search magic Phone Cleaner. Install magic cleaner on your iOS device.

How to Get More Storage on Any iOS Device With Resetting

Install Magic Phone Cleaner

Step #2. Open the app and then tap clear cache with the junk icon. Wait for it to clear junk files and then tap done after that.

How to Get More Storage on Any iOS Device With Resetting

Delete Junk Files

Step #3. Tap boost memory to give your iOS device some free space. wait for it to be finished and then tap done after it gives you free space.

How to Get More Storage on Any iOS Device With Resetting

Moving Photos, Music & Movies

Step #4. Tap sort files button with the file icon on it. What it does, is managing your files without deleting them and it also deletes some junk also and the gives you some free space.

How to Get More Storage on Any iOS Device With Resetting

Tap Done


It is the best way to get more storage on any iOS device without resetting. Hope you guys have gotten something from this article. I will try my best to find out as many goods articles as you want. In addition, if you have any problem, suggestion or request you can say, just by commanding in the command section. Thanks for being with us and do not forget to subscribe and also, visit our website every day, because we post new articles every day.

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