How to Fix Android Play Store No Internet Connection Without Factory Reset

How to Fix Android Play Store No Internet Connection Without Factory Reset

In this article, I will show you how to fix Android play store no internet connection free without factory reset. Many People have the problem with their Android phone’s play store. They cannot download any app and game because there is an error popping up when they open play store. They have full internet connection but again there is an error coming named (No internet connection). There might be many reasons that the play store is giving that error. There might be a problem with the setting or with the wrong hosting and VPN Administration.

If you want to fix your play store error so you follow the steps down below and do the method step by step without missing any of them. There might be any reason that your play store may not work so I will give all the solutions to solve this problem. Please try every solution for them and if that doesn’t work for you so try another one.

Fix Android play store no internet connection free without factory reset

Play store is a permanent app that is on any Android device form which you can download any app and game that people made. Without Play store, your Android phone would be nothing, it would be worthless. You can download any app that you want from play stores like Facebook, Snap-chat, Instagram and many more. Many people even throw their Andriod device because of this problem. I will tell you all the solutions to fix Android play store no internet connection free without factory reset. Just follow the steps.

Regular solutions

  1. Fix your Android device date and time by going to the setting and the date and time. Set the date and time of your device to your own country’s time.
  2. Change your phones DNS Networks by going to setting and WiFi.
  3. Factory Reset your Phone from setting.
  4. Enable any disabled app by going to the disabled section.

This was the most common and regular problem that you might have on your device if this help you so please share this article. Sometimes there might be another or bigger problem that you solve it just by this common methods. For solving that you need to use Es-Files.

Fix Android play store no internet connection with Esfiles

This might be the main problem for many of you because sometimes you can accept a host file that can harm your device or you can call it by this name., Hosting any virus on your device. I will show you how to clean that virus or that host file but it might take some time and some internet. Actually, we are fixing Android device play store “no internet connection” with Esfiles. Es-file is an app that you can find in ‘play store’. Now that your play store doesn’t work. You can download the APK mode from the google. Es-file is like i-file on the iOS device, You can find the files for you apps or games on your Andriod device.

To fix Android play store “no internet connection”Just follow the steps down below to fix Android device play store “no internet connection”.

Step #1. Download Es-files from the google or any other browser on your device. Click Download Es-files. Just download the APK mode for it. After downloading it then install it on your device and also make sure that you had downloaded the correct version of it.

Download Es-File

Step #2. Open Es-files and then tap the icon that is shown in the picture down below to take you to the device category.

Tap on SDcard

Step #3. When you are in device category, find a file named (ETC). Actually, it is a file of hosts that many hosts can harm your device so just tap the ETC file.

Open Android File

Step #4. You can see a file named (Hosts). Delete it and then drag of the Es-file. Or Tap edit and then delete all the text in it and then tap Save.

How to Fix Android Play Store "No Internet Connection"/ Without Factory Reset

Delete Host file

Step #5. Now open your Andriod device’s Play store and then there must not be any problem without errors. Or just for confirmation download a game or an app from Playstore.

Fix Android play store no internet connection

Play store Fixed


It is the best and securest way to fix Android play store no internet connection free without factory reset. Hope you people have gotten something from this article. I will try my best to find out as many goods articles as you want. In addition, if you have any problem, suggestion or request you can say just by commanding in the command section. Thanks for being with us and do not forget to subscribe. Also, visit our website every day because we post new articles every day.

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