How to Delete or Clear Android Keyboard History?

How to Clear Android Keyboard History

In this Article, I’m going to clear Android keyboard history or clear Android keyboard cache. What is keyboard history? And why should we clear it? Keyboard history is the searched words by your device keyboard for getting information. When you send messages, searching for something using your phone keyboard, all the words that you have searched or typed, will store in your device. When you type that word again, the console automatically suggests those words for you.

You can use that word for speeding up your typography. It is one of the best functionality that the latest smartphones have. But sometimes it causes a problem.

How to Delete Keyboard History on Android?

Maybe you search something penetralia words that don’t want to see others. For example, you have searched your emails, some passwords or anything and you don’t want them saw by someone. When I get your device, I may connect to the internet, and I want to search any website, email on that time the keyboard by default suggest the emails, passwords. And I can estimate from the suggest words that what can be your emails and passwords. That’s why you may need to clear that history from your device keyboard for the reason someone else should not see those things.

Android Keyboard Delete Key

The functionality you’re referring to is called a predictive keyboard. This technology allows your keyboard to learn how you talk so it may predict what you will say next. You can also teach it words that you say most often, so you don’t have to keep typing them. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways you can clear Android keyboard cache or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, S5 etc. If you have only a few words you want to delete, do the following:

Clear Android Keyboard History

It is not very difficult that you can’t do it. It is as simple as drinking water. To clear Android keyboard history or Android keyboard delete key, you may follow step by step guide to know how to clear Android keyboard history on any versions.

Step #1. Go to any Android device settings. You can find settings in the drawer of your apps. Right after clicking on settings, now see Language and Input then click on it. ¬†From this tab, you can do lots of tasks. Anyway, that’s not related to today’s article, go ahead.

Clear Android Keyboard History

General Tab

Step #2. Now select Samsung Keyboard, and this is the default keyboard of my device your device may be something else, so that is not the matter click on Samsung keyboard.

Delete Keyboard History on Android

Language and Input

Step #3. When you clicked on Samsung Keyboard, a new window will pop up. Select “Predictive text“.

Clear Android Keyboard Cache

Samsung Keyboard Settings

Step #4. Now scroll down until you see these two options “Clear server data“, “Clear Personal data“. The first option let you clear unknown collected data, and the second one allows you to clear all personalised language data collected to learn your writing style. If you want to remove, click on these two options.

android keyboard delete key

Predictive Text

Step #5. If you want to continue clearing personal data, you will lose everything that Samsung Keyboard has learned about writing style, including any new words you have saved. Right after clicking on “OK” button, all the cached words will be removed or erased.

Remove Android Keyboard History

Clear Personal Data


The cache is an area of your Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 smartphone that houses temporary applications or Internet files. By storing commonly accessed information in the cache, your phone can respond to requests faster. If for example, you have accessed a website for the first time, it will take a bit longer as compared to the second or the succeeding times you visit that site, because the website was not “cached” on your first access. After your early access to the site, your phone stores some of the relevant files of that site in the cache. So instead of downloading that file from the website again, your phone will access its cache the next time, saving you time and bandwidth.

This is how you can delete keyboard history on Android. If you’ve got a question on how to remove Android keyboard history, feel free to ask the matter down below this post. Thanks for being with us.


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  1. blankElliott j frost Reply

    Can you see key board memory. History. Like full sentences .conversations with one another ? My girl sais ive been talking to old girlfriends and calling me lier do to key board memory reall crazy shit ive neber talked about even of it where the case. The words. And key board memory would come back to convetsations enoug you say its proof. Frpm bit s of memory. Perdtve text would show sensetive convos .yeah it my old galaxy 7 but was also my bro s phone befer i gave it to her now words. In serch key baord memorey have her. Imsecure and mind racing over outlamdish shit ive never said or asspciated to any of whats freaken out

  2. blankKrishnan vaidyanathan Reply

    I have four Regional language keyboards, All the four have theoption to toggle to English. In some of these by mistake some misspelt words had gotten saved. (eg) abbbl instead of able,
    I want to delete such words. The other details about predictive test does not apply to me.
    Thanking you and awaiting your reply.

  3. blankKatalala Reply

    Hello guys… my samsung s5 doesn’t want to display text prediction on samsung keyboard..but it happen after I format the phone. In the input settings it doesn’t want to display the customize icon…what should I do?

  4. blankMahendra Reply

    On my xiomi Redmond note 4; I have switched to Gboard and disengaged use of predictive text.
    I wish to go back to predictive text writing.

  5. blankKara Reply

    I know this is an older article, but i hope i can get help.

    I have a galaxy j7 (virgin mobile), and i have been told there are two versions and mine is the 2015. My predictive text option does not expand. Only turns off and on. I would like my phone to stop recommending “pornhub” when i type in a url! (Young kid got ahold of my phone)

  6. blankwiliam Reply

    Hi guys please help i am using samsung tab3 and it always shows keypad results of calls i made i want to erase them but i cannot please help.

  7. blankLisa Mikkelsen Reply

    I’ve got an LG G3, and I’ve tried the instructions for my cell, since it’s an Android but it doesn’t offer the “clear cache”
    Any help is appreciated, thanks.

  8. blankGeorge Reply

    When I try to clear the personalized data it keeps giving me an error, even after restarting the phone I still get the error and cannot clear the data. This is bothersome because for some reason my Note 4 has forgotten all my learned words and despite despite turning predictive text off and on and having learn from messages etc. it will not retain any new words.

      1. blankMary Jones

        Clearing keyboard history on Android. In step 4 of that article you say to go to predictive text then clear server data. I used to be able to do this but now that choice is grayed out and it says “servers are currently busy try later” It has been this way for several days. Is there any way to get this choice to be active again. This is on a Samsung galaxy tablet.

  9. blankMary Jones Reply

    What if the clear server data choice is grayed out and says the servers are currently busy try later. I used to clear server data every so often but this message has been there for several days now and I can not clear. I have restarted and reset settings and still grayed out?

      1. blankMary Jones

        In step 4 you show 2 choices to highlight and clear. I can clear the personal data ok. But the clear server data choice is grayed out and will not let me choose it. The message under it says “servers are currently busy try later”. I used to be able to clear this but can not now. This is on a Samsung galaxy tablet.

  10. blankJoan Reply

    What l would like to know is if l can delete all my email history at once. My knowledge of my Samsung 4 is pretty limited.

  11. blankWikiGain Reply

    Yes you are right but sometimes, it is needed to be cleared, as I told in this article. Most of the time that’s very good.

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