Choose Text Box and Add Date & Time in Microsoft Word 2016

Choose Text Box {Text Group} in Microsoft Word 2016

In this article, I am going to show you how to choose Text Box and add Date or time in Microsoft office word 2016. Choosing Text Box in your document helps you. To Insert some vital information about a specific part of your report. By inserting this information, you can focus on that part of your document. Adding these kinds of Text boxes often used in a newspaper or magazines. For getting attention on important news. The position of the Text box can be everywhere, and you can put it according to the need of your document. Then insert your essential message within the Box. Here First, you can use some ready Text boxes, or you can draw a new one in your document. Then save that one in Text Box Gallery. Now at first, I am explaining choosing Text box later Adding date or time.

#1. Choose Text Box – the Ready Boxes

First of all, to a select Text box, we are going to Insert tab on Text group. Through this group, we have seven options which are depended on your Text in your documents. I will explain each of them, but now in Textboxes, we have some ready ones that have the deferent design for deferent positions in your documents. To select them, click on them and determine the location and sizes? Then insert your text.

Choose Text Box {Text Group} in Microsoft Word 2016

Ready Tex Box

 #2. Draw a Text Box Anywhere in Your Word Document

Here in this step, you don’t have to use the Text box, which is already created by Microsoft Company. But you can make and draw your Text box according to the size of your extra information. And it’s a great way to bring your favourite Text box anywhere of your document that you want. To create a new Text box go to Text box and select the second option and draw it anywhere of your document, then write your information.

Choose Text Box {Text Group} in Microsoft Word 2016

Draw a New Tex Box

#3. Add Date or Time In Your Word Document

Adding date or time in your document helps you to determine the specific time of creating that document. It may help you to save time creating the document. To the current time and date of creating your document just click on Date and Time. Then select Format of showing your date and time and your language than the type of your date according to your location. If you want to update the location just tick mark the update and click OK.

Choose Text Box {Text Group} in Microsoft Word 2016

Add Date & Time


Inserting a Text box helps you to focus on a specific and important point of your document. Through to Text box, you can write and share a short message for your self or for those who use your documents. Adding time and date helps you to give a date for a part of your document if it’s a historical document. Not just historical documents but in every kind of document, you can use date or time that you need. Here I explained how to insert a Text box or add date and time in your documents. Thanks for being with us.


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