How to Easily Capture Time Lapse Video on iPhone?

Capture Time Lapse Video

The iPhone camera is one of the best cameras which is comparable with the heavy equipment cameras that filmmakers are using. If you are a photographer or videographer, you must have known about a feature called time-lapse. This is a type of video which is taking multiple images of an object with a fixed interval time, and when we play it in the normal mode, it looks like a time-lapse. That is the focus of this article because you are going to learn how to easily capture time-lapse video on iPhone.

Capture Time Lapse Video on iPhone

  1. Open the camera app on your iPhone.
  2. You have to open the Time Lapse section on your iPhone. You can swipe right until you have access to the Time-Lapse Mode.
  3. Following the Time Lapse mode, you have to set the frame of your camera. If the camera is stable you won’t get an amazing time-lapse shot, that’s why it is recommended to use a tripod or use another tweak that makes the camera stable.
  4. The moment everything is set, tap on the red record button and wait until it captures.
  5. After you are satisfied with the shot, tap on the stop button to stop recording, so, congrats on capturing a Time lapse video using your iPhone.

Note: You can use the Time Lapse feature to capture shots both horizontally and vertically. But if you want to get more information into the shot use it horizontally.

Capture Time Lapse Video on iPhone

Capture Time Lapse Video on iPhone

Steps to Capture Hyper Lapse Video on iPhone

  1. Put your iPhone on the Gimble or a tripod, however, if you are sure that your hand will shake go for it.
  2. You have launched the camera app on your iPhone.
  3. Visit the Time Lapse mode which I explained in the previous step.
  4. Tap on the record button and move slowly towards that object that you want to capture in Hyper Lapse mode.
  5. Once the capturing of the video has been completed, tap on the stop button.

Important points to keep in mind about Time Lapse on iPhone:

  1. There is no time limit for capturing time-lapse videos on iPhone but iPhone will save them in 20-40 seconds video.
  2. You can not adjust the speed when capturing a time-lapse video with iPhone.
  3. You cannot adjust the frame rate on iPhone while capturing Time lapse video.
  4. The Time Lapse video on iPhone does not take a lot of storage.


This is how you can use your iPhone to capture time-lapse video. Furthermore, using your iPhone you don’t have to use any heavy equipment such as a camera, lens, etc, the only thing which is required is a gimble or a tripod. However, if your hands are sturdy, you don’t need either of those too.

Watch the video:

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