5 Secret codes When buying a Samsung Galaxy Phone

5 Samsung Secret codes

Think of the secret codes as the shortcut when you using your windows computer. Well, you can’t find these secret codes within the manual instruction of phones that’s why it is important to learn some of them. There are a lot, more than 100 secret codes but I prefer these 5 secret codes for users who are purchasing a new or used Samsung Galaxy Phone. Furthermore, each company’s smartphone has a different secret code, so these codes will not be helpful in iPhone, Xiaomi, One Plus, Nothing, etc phones.

1. Hardware Test

When purchasing a new or used Samsung Galaxy Smartphone you must check the hardware. Sometimes everything looks perfect from the outside but whenever you are testing them you will not you will notice it has issues. Specifically, hardware which is not always visible to the eye, so, it is better to view it from the software of that smartphone. In order to test the hardware status of your Samsung Galaxy Phone, open the dial or Phone app then insert #*0#*. After entering the mentioned code, a new window will open where you can check everything from camera, Bluetooth, display, WiFi, Sim Slot, etc. Please, keep in mind that this code only works on Samsung Smartphones, if you are a Xiaomi smartphone user, you have to enter *#*#6484#*#*.

2. Check the IMEI Number

IMEI number is the secret code that is used to register your phone. You can check the IMEI number from settings too. But sometimes when buying a phone, you must check the IMEI number on the box and the IMEI number within the phone are the same. You can also enter the IMEI number on IMEI.info, to check if the phone is real or not. The code to show the IMEI number on the Samsung Galaxy Phone is *#06#.

3. SysDump

A system dump is the place where the operating system’s useless files are located for instance cache is a good example. If you are running out of storage, your speed on your phone has decreased, perhaps deleting those dumped files will increase your chances. Enter the *#9900# code to show the dump location. If you don’t know anything about it, it is advised not to manipulate it.

4. Get Phone Camera Details

You may not know your Samsung Galaxy phone’s camera details. The bad thing is that this information is not even listed within the settings app. Either you can get this info from the box of the phone or find its detail online. But by entering #39991539#* code on the phone app, you will get every information about your phone’s camera.

5. Find Manufacture date of the Phone

Finding the manufacturing date of the phone is important, why? because Samsung is only supporting four to five years of Android updates. After that, they will stop updating or providing updates for your phone. If you purchase an old phone, the next year, you may not receive any more updates. Based on that, checking the manufacturing date of the phone is very important. To check the manufacturing date, enter *#369*12580# on the phone app. This is a sample of the manufacturing date which is displayed similarly to 20221216. The two digits from the right indicate the day, the 2 middle digits indicate the month and the last 4 digits represent the year.

Other secret codes:

Here is a small PDF filled with Samsung Secret Codes that may help you on your journey.


I am hoping that these Secret codes of Samsung Galaxy Phones will help you get to understand a phone better While purchasing. Let me know what other method you use to purchase a new or used Smartphone in the comment section.

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